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Yaegers current transformation rate was 5%.

Increasing this by 50% would mean 55%.

At 5%, her Adams apple had shrunken and her skin became whiter.

Who the hell knew what would happen to her body if her transformation rate was more than half!

Perhaps that thing down there would completely vanish, or maybe she would gain two large lumps of flesh on her chest.

Yaeger trembled all over at the mere thought.

“Sister System, could you change the price For instance, making me lose 0.1% of my handsomeness.”

‘Its merely deleveling a purple equipment.

You actually want me to pay such a large price Thats such a giant pitfall! Yaeger complained to herself.


Oh, she was ignored again.

“You really cant change the price”


Deleveling a weapon requires a large amount of energy.” The systems voice finally responded again.

‘You liar! You only used 0.005% of the worlds power when you changed me into a girl.

How much power would it possibly take to delevel a piece of equipment Hmph, you clearly want to set a pitfall for me! Sister System, youve changed!

“I think that this [Berserk Thunder] bow is alright, so I dont want to delevel it!” Yaeger was no fool.

She wouldnt possibly sell her male body for the sake of a purple equipment.

That was her foundation.

More importantly, increasing her transformation rate by 50% would result in a transformation rate of 55%, leaving only nine more times that she could use her transformation before it became permanent!

Nine more transformations after that would result in her male body disappearing forever.

She wouldnt have any more hope of becoming a man again after that! What a cruel ending that would be.

“This is a one-time-only chance,” said the system.

“No!”I would never! Yaeger adamantly refused.

‘Even if this upgraded purple bow isnt as good, Ill just open an orange equipment box and find a new weapon, she thought to herself.

The system no longer spoke anymore.

“Princess, were you talking to someone just now” Yunuen asked since she saw that Princess was no longer speaking.

“I was just chatting with the system,” Yaeger stated casually.

‘She can even chat with the system, as expected of Princess! Yunuens eyes were shining and filled with worship as she looked at Princess.

Yaeger equipped [Purple Sky Crossbow – Berserk Thunder] and watched her basic stats change yet again.

Her Strength increased from 114 to 124.

Her Dexterity increased from 164 to 184.

On the surface, her combat strength seemed to improve, but her actual combat strength had become weaker.

“Its such a pity about that paralysis effect.” Yaeger sighed lightly and then swiftly adjusted her mood as she looked at Yunuen.

“Yunuen, are you interested in learning how to craft potions”


“Im asking you if youre interested in being an apothecary.

Its really profitable,” Yaeger explained.

[Saint Demon World]s early stage had four sub-classes: apothecary, blacksmith, enchanter, and jeweler.

Each sub-class could rank up from level 1 to level 9.

There were also separate rankings above level 9, but that wouldnt have anything to do with the early stage of the game.

“Yes!” Yunuen immediately nodded energetically like a woodpecker when she heard that there was money to be earned.

She was from a really poor family, so of course it would be great if she could earn money so that her parents could have a better life.

“It will be a lot of hard work,” Yaeger told her.

“Im not afraid of hard work!” Yunuen answered seriously.

“Okay, since youre so sincere, Ill do everything I can to help you become an outstanding apothecary.”

At this moment, Yaeger appeared like a kind teacher with a gentle expression.

But if only Rakshasa had been here at this moment, she would have likely immediately turned and run if she saw Yaeger with such an expression.

“Yeah! Princess, Ill work hard!” Yunuen clenched her tiny fists and bit her lips.

“Before that, you should change your equipment to improve your stats.”

Yaeger took out three blue equipment boxes and gave them to Yunuen.

Originally, Yaeger had wanted to give them equally to the other girls based on need, but who knew that Rakshasa and the others would have such excellent luck as to be kidnapped

“Princess, this, this, this is all for me!” Yunuen had an expression of disbelief as she looked at the blue equipment boxes floating in midair.

“Yes, open them all and put the equipment on.

It will be really useful for you to become an outstanding apothecary.”

If Yaeger opened the boxes, the equipment would all have excellent attributes, but at least 70-80% of the equipment would be for rangers.

“Princess, I truly dont know how to thank you…” Yunuen was moved to the point where tears clouded her vision.

“Just help make potions for me in the future.” Yaeger smiled slightly.

As for how many potions Only the heavens knew.

“I will do my very best to make potions!” Yunuen was all excited.

As expected, the equipment wasnt very good since the boxes werent opened by a lucksack.

Still, Yunuens basic stats improved quite a bit after putting on the three blue equipment.

“Now then, Ill take you to learn the sub-class.” Yaeger turned around and stepped forward with her beautiful legs, leading the way towards Trade Street.

Yunuen followed closely.

Apothecaries were a highly profitable sub-class during both the early and late stages of the game.

In the early stage, all sorts of special potions were really easy to sell.

However, Yaegers primary objective in having Yunuen learn potions wasnt to earn money, but rather to make the [Berserk Potion].

The effect of drinking this potion was that you would lose half of your HP and increase your attack power by 25%.

The effect would last for 3 minutes.

Yaeger wasnt very interested in the attack buff.

She cared more about the side effect of losing half your HP.

This was because her [Chaos God Ring]s strongest effect could only be activated when she had lower than 50% HP.

Yaeger was no *********, so she couldnt exactly let herself get hit on purpose on the time just in order to activate the special effect.

That was why the [Berserk Potion] was absolutely necessary for her.

However, the [Berserk Potion] was a high-level potion that could only be crafted by an apothecary at level 7 or above.

The required resources were also precious and rare and difficult to obtain.

The primary goal now was to train Yunuen up to a level 7 apothecary.

The resources for the potion werent that urgent now.

The two of them instantly attracted much attention by walking down Crystal Street.

The great majority of people were looking at Yaeger.

These peoples eyes contained attraction and love, but even more of them had dislike.

It seemed quite contradictory.

“Yunuen, the next few hours might be rather hard…” Yaeger said as she walked.

However, a shout came from in front before she could finish her sentence.

“Peasants up ahead, hurry and get out of the way! Dont block this princess path!”

Yaeger glanced up to see a two-meter tall Blackblade Cougar charging over with a young woman sitting on top.


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