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“Im going to kill him!” Nangong Lin instantly felt vicious killing intent swelling up inside her heart.

She absolutely wouldnt allow her Sachiel to be taken by a pig, otherwise she wouldnt do right by…

“It was a girl who got the hotel room together with Miss Sachiel,” Snowy continued.

“…Snowy, do you want a beating” Nangong tilted her head as her eyelids and body twitched.

“Milady, youre the one whos too hasty,” Snowy chuckled.

“A girl, a girl who has a good enough relationship to get a hotel room with Sachiel, is there such a person” Nangong inquired.


“Sachiel secretly slipped out to go get a hotel room with a girl.

My Sachiel is learning bad things!” Nangong bit her lips with an icy expression in her eyes.

“That girl must be a bad influence on Sachiel! I absolutely wont let them be together! Snowy, were going back to the inner city!”

Nangong swiftly put on her clothes and shoes and went downstairs to get on the van.

She rapidly went to catch… no, beat the yuri couple.

Inside the game, Yaeger was feeling really depressed as she went to the plains by herself.

She took out her [Purple Sky Crossbow] and started a rampage against the Wind Wolves.

She used up all her energy before logging off.

Knock knock knock!

She heard the sound of knocking right when she opened her eyes.

“Who is it” “Princess, its me.” Sachiels voice came from outside.

“Wait a moment.

Ill open the door.”

Yaeger opened the door to see Sachiel, who had changed into a white dress.

“Did you need something” Yaeger suddenly felt somewhat tired.

She didnt know if this was because of paying her lifespan or some other reason.

At any rate, she was quite sleepy now.

“It, its nothing.

I just wanted to chat with you.

Am I bothering you” Sachiel waved her hand.

“Lets chat for a while then.” Yaeger invited Sachiel in since her sleepiness wasnt that bad yet.

The two of them sat down on the sofa.

“Princess, can I enter your guild after I reach the main server” Sachiel took the direct approach.

She wasnt the type who liked to beat around the bush.

“Sure,” Yaeger replied casually.

Even if she didnt say anything, Nangong Lin would make Sachiel join.

Nangong was the one who managed the guild.

The guild leader Yaeger was only a leader in name.

“Thats great!” Sachiel clenched her fist with an excited expression.

“What level are you right now” Yaeger asked.

Currently, it was now impossible to play the game together with Sachiel while being a man.

Thus, Yaeger decided to give Sachiel some compensation, such as a game walkthrough.

“Level 9.” Sachiels eyes shone as she looked at Yaeger.

‘Princess is truly so beautiful.

Theres also a nice fragrance on her body.

Sachiel could tell that this was Yaegers body scent, rather than any beauty products.

This body scent was purely natural.

It wasnt a scent created artificially by a beauty product.

The scent made her feel really refreshed and comfortable.

Level 9… Yaeger lightly arched her eyebrow.

Sachiel was playing by herself, yet she reached level 9 so quickly.

She definitely wasnt an ordinary person.

Currently, there were less than ten level 10 players in the whole world.

There were lots of level 9 players, but a majority of them had been artificially boosted there by Yaeger, so they didnt count.

Not to mention, she had also killed quite a number of them back down to level 8.

Sachiel was naturally quite skilled since she had reached level 9 so quickly despite playing by herself.

Skill also included luck.

“What job class are you playing” Yaeger recalled that Sachiel played a mage in her past life, a violent melee combat mage.

Could it be the same in this life

“Im playing as a mage.

Right, Princess, my mage is really strange.

All of the equipment Ive obtained focuses on increasing my Strength stat,” Sachiel commented.

As expected.

Yaeger smiled.

“Its fine.

There are many different ways to play as a mage.

Its also quite fun to engage in melee combat.”

Normal mages were indeed quite weak with physical attacks.

However, there were some pay-to-win players who might cause strange things to happen to their job class due to their bloodline.

For instance, Sachiels melee mage was a type of mutation.

Her bloodline was definitely something really ridiculous.

“Is that so I thought that it was a game bug,” Sachiel said with a contemplative expression.

“What bloodline does your game character have” Yaeger asked out of curiosity.

“The highest-level vampire bloodline.”

“You played the gacha before entering the game” Yaegers expression changed slightly.

The highest-level vampire bloodline wasnt simple at all.

Vampires were an extremely powerful race in [Saint Demon World].

Sachiel was obviously a pay-to-win player who was also quite lucky since she had drawn the highest-level vampire bloodline.

“Yep, I managed to draw it just by spending 2,000,000.” Sachiel spoke as if she had simply spent two dollars to buy some spicy potato chips.

Yaeger felt some slight sourness in her heart when she compared herself.

Yaeger had been a beta tester who took advantage of everything she could while also working her hardest to make preparations in order to get 10,000,000.

Yet, Sachiel had spent 2,000,000 before she even officially entered the game.

Pay-to-win players truly had such an overwhelming advantage!

“Haha, youre really so lucky.

Lets talk about something else.

I can tell you where to obtain some precious and rare equipment for mages.” Yaeger instantly changed the topic.

If they continued on this topic, she was certain that she would be injured by the dominating aura of money.

“Really Thats great!” Sachiel just happened to be worried about her equipment not being good enough when Yaeger gave her this information.

How considerate! If only that man could also be so considerate!

“Theres a well to the north of Broken Leaf City.

Send ten fireballs into it, and a blue random equipment box will float up after ten seconds.

Also in Broken Leaf City…”

These equipment could only be obtained by a mages magic spells, which was why Yaeger couldnt obtain a single one of them in Newbie Village 101.

Since she couldnt obtain them, she didnt want others benefiting for free, so she had already made modifications to those locations, such as artificially sealing the well.

Sachiels eyes really lit up.

Princess was so amazing and actually knew so much!

She kept staring at Yaegers incredible beauty while memorizing how to obtain the equipment.

Time passed by quietly.

20 minutes soon passed.

“Were heading to Jade City tomorrow at nine in the morning.

If you can reach level 10 before nine oclock, then you can come together with us.”

“Yes, Ill do my best, now…” Sachiel was interrupted by someone kicking open the door.

“Sachiel, I dont agree to you two being together!”


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