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“Should I use it or not” Yaeger muttered to herself while feeling really conflicted inside.

Although one days worth of lifespan wasnt much, what would she do if she drew some hidden attribute that really made her suffer

“But, the problem now is that Ill have even less chance of becoming a man again if I dont use this.

After consideration, Yaeger decided to take a gamble.

It was just one days worth of lifespan, so she could afford it.

Yaeger silently activated the roulette.

The next instant, she entered a white dimension.

The [Chaos Roulette] floated upwards from her body and glowed a blinding dark red in midair.

Right after that, it suddenly transformed into a gigantic black roulette that seemed like it could support the entire sky while emanating a terrifying pressure.

“Why does it seem a lot larger than last time Its aura is also out of the ordinary.

Even though it still cant compare to the [Saint Demon Roulette] at all, its far stronger than the [Great Destiny Roulette].

It seems that this [Chaos Roulette] is higher-level for drawing prizes than the [Great Destiny Roulette].”

Yaeger glanced at the Roulette and saw that it was covered with rare items.

Of course, there were also some items which were obviously worse, such as blue skill books and purple equipment boxes.

Theoretically, Yaeger wouldnt have any fate connected to those items, so she wasnt worried at all that she would draw them and waste this chance.

“Begin.” Yaeger pressed a button in the void, causing the black roulette to slowly turn.

After ten or so seconds, the roulette reached its maximum speed.

“I hope that I can draw an item that can cancel the transformation or this skill.”

Yaeger watched the roulette turn at maximum speed for ten or so seconds before it gradually slowed.

She clenched her fists and her eyes were filled with hope as the roulette stopped.

‘My 666 luck stat, explode with luck for me!


The roulette stopped completely as its blood-red needle landed on an item.

[Purple level up book].

“What the hell!”

Yaeger couldnt help but shout when she saw the items name.

No matter how she thought about it, this item obviously had nothing to do with her real life skill.

The black roulette trembled slightly as a pink ball of light suddenly appeared in its center.

The pink ball then instantly teleported to Yaegers location.

“Again!” Yaeger didnt even glance at the book as she instead looked at the black roulette again.

She extended her slender white finger and was about to press the button in the void.

At this moment, she suddenly widened her eyes as her pupils contracted rapidly.

A wondrous power inside her body welled up and then swiftly left her body, making her feel like something had been drained from her, leaving only a feeling of utter emptiness.

“Ding! How long you will exist for has been shortened by 168 hours.”

The systems voice suddenly spoke up.

Yaeger paused in surprise for a moment upon hearing this announcement.

She then immediately thought of something as she felt her head going numb and chills run down her spine.

She trembled all over as if she had just been rescued from an icy lake.

“C, come back.” She waved her hand.

The gigantic black roulette instantly flashed and swiftly became small as it returned to Yaegers hand.

She looked closer and saw a small notice on the roulettes status which read: “Note: every draw will cost several times more than the previous one.

Usage record: 1 day lifespan paid for the first draw.

7 days of lifespan paid for the second draw.”

“This is such a pitfall! Its truly blackhearted on the inside!”

Yaeger obviously knew by now that Litzy was such a pitfall of a person!

Yaegers entire body trembled violently as she forcefully gripped the [Chaos Roulette].

She almost broke her teeth with how hard she gnashed them as anger swiftly rose up inside her.

“Im going to throw you away!” Yaeger acted like she was going to throw away the [Chaos Roulette], but then suddenly thought about its ridiculous effect and slowly retracted her hand.

“Hmph, if it wasnt for you being Divine Equipment, Id definitely throw you away!”

Only by saying this did the anger in her heart slowly dissipate.

Upon thinking things over more carefully, Litzy had explained quite clearly to her from the beginning that drawing things would require such a price.

Yaeger had also accepted it back then.

It was her own fault for having such bad luck to draw the [Feather of Calamity], a one in ten thousand chance, on the very first try.

“Ive fallen into a pitfall because of her, yet I still have to thank her.

Just what is all this” Yaeger didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Forget it, forget it, Ill never use this roulette again even if Im getting beaten to death!”

She paid one day of lifespan with the first draw, and seven days of lifespan for the second draw.

It seemed likely that she would have to pay 49 days of lifespan on the third draw!

If the rate kept multiplying by seven, then she would be more than half dead after just a few more draws.

Who could possibly afford such a rate!

Yaeger put on the [Chaos Roulette] and then glanced at the [Purple level-up book] floating in front of her.

She clicked on it and immediately saw its information.

Item book: [Purple level-up book].

Number of times that it can be used: 3.

Description: this book can randomly level up a purple equipment.

Each equipment can only be leveled up one time.

This book will automatically disappear after it is used three times.

“I obtained such a piece of trash at the price of seven days of my life” Yaeger covered her forehead with a depressed expression.

Where was her so-called godly gacha luck!

Or, was this roulette far too different… right, it must be a problem with the roulette!

“Sigh, at least its better than nothing.” Yaeger gently shook her head as she put away the item book.

Purple equipment typically had two different ways by which they could be leveled up.

The first way was to use a rare item book, and the second way was to strengthen it through forging.

This item book she obtained was really rare and could even level up purple equipment.

For most people, this book would be considered priceless.

But for Yaeger, this book wasnt much at all, since she could obtain excellent equipment as long as she had equipment boxes to open.

Leveling her equipment wasnt that important to her.

“Right, the [Windchaser Boots] can be strengthened.

Ill strengthen those first when its time.”

After saying that out loud to herself, Yaeger suddenly recalled that she hadnt resolved the issue of her transformation.

She instantly felt a headache.

While Yaeger was feeling her headache, Nangong Lin was also feeling a headache at the same time.

“Milady, Miss Sachiel disappeared thirty minutes ago.”

Nangong Lin was about to go to sleep when she suddenly heard Snowy say this with a serious expression.

“What!” Nangong immediately jumped out of bed with an extremely nervous expression.

She felt like her vision was going dark, followed by a spell of dizziness.

“She then appeared safe and sound at Divine Luo Hotel,” Snowy continued.

“You should say complete sentences! Do you want to scare me to death!” Nangong angrily smacked Snowys chest.

“According to the hotel managers report, Miss Sachiel got a hotel room together with someone.”

“Ptui!” Nangong almost spat up blood upon hearing this.


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