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Upon hearing that wondrous, no, that demonically terrifying voice, S.K.Y.

trembled all over, as if an icicle had viciously stabbed his tailbone and stirred inside him, giving him a sour pain that made even his soul shiver.


stiffly turned around and saw that beautiful girl as he expected, who was smiling professionally at him.

However, her eyes didnt contain any trace of a smile at all, and instead made him feel an extreme chill.

Vast Skys face was pale white and his lips trembled while his legs seemed like they were playing the guitar.

He had deep mental trauma regarding Yaeger.

It wasnt much when he couldnt see her, but whenever he saw her incredibly beautiful face, the panic in his heart would flare up like a stampede of 10,000 horses, to the point where his heart almost exploded.

“Do the two of you not want to live a long life” Yaeger stepped forward with her slender legs.

As she walked over, she raised her solidly clenched right fist.

“Have you ever seen a fist as large as a pot Yep, Ill soon let you witness what thats like.”

The players who still hadnt logged out in time yet all smiled when they heard this.

Yaeger had such slender arms and legs, so how was she supposed to have a fist as large as a pot However, they then recalled how Yaeger had empty-handedly smashed an NPC, which instantly caused their smiles to recede.

Her fist was capable of smashing a person flat!

The power of her fist was likely the same as if a bulldozer landed on top of you and then steamrolled over your body! Even just thinking about it was terrifying! It was especially more so for the players who played with 100% pain.

“P, Princess, good evening, what brings you here Dont listen to them making stuff up, Im a well-known and forthright esports player, so how could I possibly summon other players to deal with you Thats slander! So… please dont come over!”


was terrified and despairing.

It was as if the fear of being dominated by the [Ancient Celestial Sword Formation] had popped up in his heart again.

Vast Sky had mental trauma regarding Yaeger.

Naturally, S.K.Y.

did as well.

Yaeger responded to S.K.Y.

with a punch.


Yaegers solid gauntlet left an icy sensation as it smashed into S.K.Y.s face.

The powerful impact even distorted his face as he flew into the air and started spinning at high speed like a top would.

Finally, he crashed into the wall with a tremendous sound.

The players who were slow to log off looked over and saw S.K.Y.

embedded into the wall in the shape of the character 大.

He was bleeding furiously from his lower half, as if his blood was being squeezed out of him.

Vast Sky instantly felt numb in his head when he saw this.

He hurriedly opened his interface and tried to log out of the game.

Even though he knew that doing this in front of Yaeger was meaningless, he still attempted it.

It was only common for humans to want to try their luck in moments of extreme danger.

The instinct to try and survive would overwhelm ones logic.

What if Princess decided to be magnanimous Or, what if Princess wanted to kill someone else instead and ignored him, allowing him to escape successfully

“Let me give you a trip to the sky.” A fist suddenly appeared under Vast Skys chin as he heard Princess sonorous yet terrifying voice.


The powerful impact almost caused his head to snap off.

Vast Sky shot up towards the sky with the speed of a bullet.

He crashed into the solid ceiling and made a sound similar to a watermelon breaking apart as his head bloomed with blood.

He then immediately fell down to the ground as his body twitched all over like a headless chicken would.

At this moment, all other players present had logged off successfully.

Yaeger was the only player remaining in the adventurers guild.

The NPCs present all had expressions of fear from seeing her kill two players.

They were afraid that this demon king would kill them as well.

Yaeger retracted her fist and gently exhaled.

She instantly felt like her mood had improved significantly.

Earlier, the system had ignored her, and she was unable to find any method to restore her male body.

That made Yaeger feel really helpless and pitiful.

As she returned to the city to clear her mind, she accidentally saw on the forums that someone was sending out invitations to attack her, so she came to the adventurers guild.

As expected, she saw S.K.Y., that b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ who didnt know what was good for him.

As for Vast Sky, she didnt remember him at all, but since Vast Sky was S.K.Y.s loyal dog, then she figured she might as well kill him too.

It wasnt like she would worry about this.

In the outside world.


suddenly opened his eyes as he pitifully screamed.


His in-game death just now made him feel as if he had jumped off from a 100-story building horizontally and flattened himself into a pancake.

That terror was basically indescribable.

That pain was as if he had experienced it in real life and had it carved deep into his memories.

Just recalling it brought him indescribable fear.

“Hah… Hah… this blackhearted Princess, how could she! Ill absolutely never let her go!” S.K.Y.

had a pale expression as he gritted his teeth.

“In a few days, Ill make you learn what cruelty really is!”


then glanced at his game device and immediately felt afraid.

“Ill spare you for the time being!”

He really didnt dare to log on right now.

No, in fact, S.K.Y.

would no longer log on at all as long as Princess was still in Newbie Village 101.

Who knew if the blackhearted Princess would guard the Resurrection Plaza and kill him repeatedly until he returned to level 0!

“Its finally quiet here.” Yaeger found a random chair to sit on.

All other players in Broken Leaf City had currently logged off.

She felt as if she had reserved the entire place to herself, which was pretty fun.

Now, she really had lived up to her nickname of being a demon king.

“Ill temporarily set aside the matter of becoming a girl.” Yaeger shook her head and suppressed her feelings of despair, sadness, and pity.

She then opened up her interface and checked her items so that she could organize what she had gained recently.

She had gained two Divine Equipment from her Newbie Pack, [Chaos Roulette], [Chaos God Ring], along with a purple equipment, [Windchaser Boots].

She had obtained six [Lucky Tickets] from the Divine Equipment ranking.

She had obtained a blue random equipment box from the equipment ranking.

She had obtained a blue random equipment box from killing the Mutated Wind Wolf.

She had obtained a purple skill book [Advanced Sword Skill] from killing the Storm Wolf, along with a purple random equipment box.

That box had given her the purple equipment [Purple Sky Crossbow].

She had obtained a trash reward ticket from becoming ranked.

That trash reward ticket had given her a purple random equipment box, which was the equivalent of getting another free chance at opening a box.

Giving the protagonist NPC Kahn a beating had given her a blue skill book [Basic Swordsmanship], and activated the quest [Rising Swordsman].

Killing the Wind Wolf King had given her an orange random equipment box, five blue random equipment boxes (she gave three away), one spin of the [Saint Demon Roulette], and a large number of high-level potions.

Being rank #1 in contribution for killing the Wind Wolf King had awarded her with a purple random equipment box and a random luxury gift bag.

“Im now really rich.

When I go to the main city during the day, I can open the blue and purple equipment boxes first.

Ill decide based on the situation if I should open the orange one or not.

Ill keep the tickets, as they might be useful if theres a dangerous situation.”

Kahns quest wouldnt start for another month.

There was still plenty of time, so she would set that aside for the time being.

In that case, next would be thinking of a way to undo her transformation… “Sigh, Im back to where I started!”

Yaeger clutched her head as she felt a piercing headache.

Just what was she supposed to do if she couldnt cancel this transformation!

In the outside world, at the clock towers plaza.

Sachiel Luo disguised herself and slipped out secretly.

Currently, four goons who reeked of alcohol were chuckling as they approached her.

“You might die if I hit you with my mage staff…” She waved her hand, but then discovered that there was no mage staff in her hand.

Only then did she recall that this was the real world, and that she had no strength here!

Sachiel immediately panicked.

She could only use the tactic known as screaming: “Help me!”


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