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The fighting here was fierce, but a group of players had gathered in another location.

They were on their way to attack Princess for revenge.

However, when they were only halfway there, they saw arrows raining upon them from everywhere.

All of them instantly changed expressions and started running away.

Only now did these people remember that the red-named status Princess already had more than 30,000-40,000 damage against ordinary players.

Even the slightest shockwave from her attacks could easily destroy them.

These people were angry and afraid after realizing that they couldnt get close.

All they could do was watch the big battle from a distance as they all silently rooted for the Wind Wolf King.

At this moment, countless spectators joined the B website Livestream and almost crashed the potato server.

“Am I hallucinating I think I just saw Princess sword flying.” “I think I saw that as well.” “You guys probably m̲a̲s̲t̲u̲r̲b̲a̲t̲e̲d̲ too much.” “Hahahahaha!” “By the way, Princess and Rakshasa are so ridiculous!” “Yeah, that Wind Wolf King seemed so amazing earlier, but now hes getting beaten like a dead dog.” “Im even beginning to pity him.” “Hahaha, those casuals dared to think about troubling Princess, what a joke!” “Princess can deal with them while fighting the Wind Wolf King, shes so strong!” “I think she probably dragged the Wind Wolf King away so far in order to prevent the randoms from ambushing her.

Its an open environment with good vision, after all.” “I agree!” “I wanna ask, why didnt Princess wait for the players to almost finish killing the Wind Wolf King before attacking Wouldnt that be much easier” “Who knows Maybe theres some reward for doing the most DPS.”

Various comments flew across the screen.

Right now, nobody was able to approach Yaegers party where they were battling.

It was obvious how poor an experience it would be to watch a livestream that was shot from several hundred meters away.

Even so, everyone still stared at the livestream without looking away.

They kept chatting in a lively manner.


Rakshasa and Yaeger simultaneously used their swords to slice in a dominating manner.

They actually managed to beat the Wind Wolf King back into the ground when it had jumped high up into the air, which smashed a huge crater that sent dust flying everywhere.

Nangong Lin had a stunned expression.

Why was the difference between them so big even though they were all level 10!

Yunuen Lin paused for a moment before immediately casting [Cleanse] on Yaeger and Rakshasa to dispel their debuffs.

Compared to Nangong, Yunuen seemed to be more useful.

“Im also useful!” Nangong shouted as she shot some attacks into the dust.

“A 1% activation rate is truly scarily low.” Yaeger gently landed on the ground and glanced at the sword in her hand.

Earlier, she and Rakshasha had both used [Sword Manipulation] several times, but as things stood, even two lucky goddesses like themselves were unable to activate the [One-hit kill] effect.

If that effect was really so easy to activate, then Yaeger would have become undefeatable already.

She would be able to kill any enemy once every thirty seconds with a flying sword, after all.

“It seems that my luck stat still isnt enough,” Yaeger whispered softly to herself.

She seemed to be having it really easy.

Due to the successive attacks from earlier, she and Rakshasa had already attacked the Wind Wolf King so much that it was on the verge of death.

The two girls were also quite injured due to the Wind Wolf Kings [Thorns] ability, but this was actually a good thing.

Both of them were really ridiculous existences when they had low HP, after all.

The following battles conclusion was foregone.

The Wind Wolf King felt really aggrieved.

If it wasnt for the ants draining too much of its HP and mana earlier, it would never be put into such a bad situation.

Magic Beasts were just like humans.

Energy was required to activate abilities.

The pitiful Wind Wolf King never expected that Broken Leaf City would have ridiculous existences like Yaeger and Rakshasa.

The Wind Wolf King had it too easy for the first battles, causing its current pitiful situation.

It laid in a dirt pit as it twitched all over and felt a chill in its heart.

It even wanted to cry.

When it came to take revenge, it had seemed so mighty with such a powerful aura.

But now, it seemed like a dead dog.

Nobody would be able to handle such a contrast between expectations and reality.

Yaeger was about to give the Wind Wolf King a swift death in order to avoid problems down the road.

When she thought about how she would likely obtain something she had always dreamed about, she couldnt help but feel excited even though she had lived twice already.

But at this moment, Nangong Lin suddenly spoke up.

“Princess, many beast carts are coming this way!”

Turning around, it really was that more than 20 beast carts were heading here from Broken Leaf City.

They were speeding here and causing dust to be kicked up everywhere.

“They really dont know whats good for them.” Yaeger furrowed her eyebrows slightly when she saw that they were the NPCs beast carts.

She swiftly changed her sword for her bow and used [Multi Shot].

A rainstorm of arrows shot out at an incredibly quick speed and soon hit the beast carts.

However, the strange thing was that it seemed as if the beast carts absorbed the arrows, which all soon disappeared.

“Oh, an enchantment” Yaeger was somewhat surprised before she realized something.

“It seems that theyve made preparations against my [Purple Sky Crossbow].”

Rakshasa asked, “Princess, are these people here to kill steal”

“Yes, but not only are they trying to steal the Wind Wolf King kill, but they also want to kill you and me.” Yaeger smiled calmly, as if she didnt even care about these uninvited visitors who were soon arriving.

Upon seeing all this, she could already guess that someone had bribed the city lord to deal with her.

As someone who had reincarnated and had excellent knowledge of 300 game guides, Yaeger naturally knew that City Lord Hades was really greedy.

As long as you gave Hades enough money, he would use his city lord authority to gather the NPCs to attack Yaeger.


The twentyish beast carts speedily arrived, kicking up a dust storm.

Two hundred level 10 NPCs and four hundred players disembarked from the beast carts.

They swiftly spread out and surrounded Yaegers party.

They then took out their weapons to wait for that person to give the command to kill these girls in front of them.

“Princess, you never expected this, did you” S.K.Y.

walked out from the crowd with a vicious smile on his face.

Yaeger wasnt particularly surprised that S.K.Y.

would appear here.


was the person who wanted to eliminate her the most out of everyone in Newbie Village.

He was also the only one who felt like he had the power to do so.

But, he wanted to kill her by only bringing a few hundred people What a ridiculous joke.

She couldnt help but smile icily.

“Criminal Princess, youve angered my brother several times, so you can only compensate with your death now!” The pudgy Hades stomach protruded as he walked forward and loudly shouted.

The next moment, all the NPCs took out their weapons.

Most of them were mages, while some were rangers.

Although these people didnt want to face Yaeger, the city lords command held absolute authority.

They were forced to come to fight her.

“Princess, its time for you to die!” S.K.Y.

was so excited that his facial expression distorted.

Now, not only could he kill Princess and obtain her purple equipment, even that near-death Wind Wolf King not far away would be his as well!

He wasnt going to be humble about accepting the worlds first boss kill!

The players and NPCs were all long-ranged attackers.

They surrounded Yaeger on all four sides, with the formation of one NPC partying with two players.

If necessary, the NPC would block arrows for the player so that the temporary ability wouldnt take effect.

Even if Princess was incredibly quick, it still wouldnt be possible for her to attack all directions.

As long as attacks on one side went through with overwhelming force, he was certain that Princess would either die or be seriously injured!

This was the battle formation that S.K.Y.s team came up with after careful calculations.

This was all for the sake of dealing with Princess!

“I think that you dont know how to spell the word death.” Yaeger had an icy expression.

She clearly could have obtained the power with just a little bit more, yet these people had to come at the last minute to get in her way.

They really had death wishes!

Right after she said that, Yaeger already changed her bow for her sword and raised it up straight while holding the hilt with all five fingers.


wanted to say something, but Yaeger suddenly let go and allowed the sword to drop.

This was followed by her cherry lips saying, “Ancient Celestial Sword Formation!”


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