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“No!” S.K.Y.

took an arrow to the knee and screamed pitifully.

Right after that, he vanished in a flash of white light just like the other players.

“Ding! Your red-name status has become blackish-red.”

Yaeger arched her eyebrow.

What the hell was blackish-red!

She didnt check her new red-name status as she looked at the empty space in front of her.

The previously large group of players that were here seemed like they had never been here at all.

However, all the equipment and items that they dropped proved that they had once existed.

“Looks like your deaths wont be in vain,” Yaeger commented with a smirk.

She had allowed these players to fatten and grow precisely in order to weaken the Wind Wolf Kings HP and mana, as well as use up the Wind Wolf Kings special [Berserk] ability.

This special ability would activate when the Wind Wolf Kings HP was lower than 50%.

The Wind Wolf King would receive a buff of 150% increased attack speed, critical hit damage, 100% attack damage, and would last for two seconds.

Additionally, there was a 100% chance of triggering a tornado attack.

Basically, the activation of this ability would destroy an entire party.

Luckily, this abilitys cooldown was a lengthy 15 minutes.

Originally, Yaeger didnt intend on raising the pig players, since the pigs would be a significant threat to her if they grew too much.

According to her original plan, Yaeger would hide and develop herself for a few days before activating the final quest and letting the players slowly grind down the Wolf Kings HP while she used her invisibility technique to hide on the battlefield and land the killing blow at the final moment.

However, plans wouldnt be able to keep up with changes.

After the incident with Wenzel, she had now completely given up on keeping a low profile.

She would be notorious to the end.

The casual players on the city wall and outside the city gate all had eyes popping out and chins hitting the ground, as if they didnt dare to believe what they were seeing.

Princess was actually slaughtering her allies in front of a major enemy and openly trying to steal the kill!

Was this really something that a human would do

The NPCs had pale expressions.

Some of them had been injured by arrows, but they didnt dare to say anything as they held in their anger.

All of them were really stunned and scared.

The Wind Wolf King was rather confused.

‘Is this human actually my ally Otherwise, why would she kill her own kind Shes a complete traitor to humanity!

Just as the Wind Wolf King was feeling confusion, it felt like something crashed into its body, causing it intense pain.

Right after that, its body rose into the air and flew backwards at the speed of a bullet.

At this moment, the Wind Wolf King finally realized why this happened.

A human had sent it flying with a blow!

It also realized at this time that the beautiful human who killed her own kind definitely hadnt come here to help it.

‘They want to have my wondrous and beautiful body to themselves!

Rakshasa immediately chased the Wolf King after succeeding with her attack.

Her [Scarlet Heavenly Sword] sent hot waves of fire spewing forth.

On the other side, Yaegers body had a red glow as she held the [Purple Sky Crossbow] and instantly sent out three [Multi Shots].

A rain of arrows passed by Rakshasas side.

Since they were good friends and allies, [Bloodthirsty Rage] had no effect on her, so Yaeger wasnt worried at all that she would accidentally kill Rakshasa with friendly fire.

The Wind Wolf King was unable to dodge as it had been sent flying through the air.

Its body was just like a target as countless energy arrows struck its body.

It instantly cried in pain as a green mist swirled around its body.

It was evident that it had been poisoned.

The paralysis effect didnt actually activate.

Even though Yaeger was capable of activating this special effect at an almost 100% rate, an opponent with high thunder resistance would reduce the effect and proc chance of paralysis.

Apparently the Wind Wolf King had high thunder resistance.

Rakshasas attacks didnt stop, either.

She viciously slashed into the Wind Wolf Kings body with her [Scarlet Heavenly Sword] engulfed with flames and several times larger .

The Wind Wolf King was sent flying several dozen meters by the two girls wave of attacks.

The players who were lucky enough to still be alive discovered that the girls seemed to be intentionally moving the battlefield farther away from here.

At this moment, white lights flashed in the resurrection plaza as some of the killed players all revived simultaneously and logged back in.

Their expressions then all flickered as they discovered that their levels had been reduced.

Some of them even found out that not only had they lost a large amount of experience, but they had also even lost some equipment and items.

Only then did everyone discover that the penalty for death in this game was really harsh!

“Princess, I swear that Ill never let you go!” Someone angrily roared, and this seemed to cause a chain reaction as others echoed the same thing.

Outside the game, some players were sweating profusely with pale expressions.

They had just experienced death, making it difficult for them to calm down.

It was likely that they wouldnt log back in again for the time being.


logged back on with a vicious expression.

His eyes were bloodshot and had a dark and icy light to them.

“Princess, youre so wild! You forced me to do this!” S.K.Y.

originally hadnt intended on using his final technique.

However, Princess had gone far too overboard.

She actually dared to kill people like a maniac and openly steal the kill!


glanced towards the lords residence as his expression darkened even further.

In the real world, everyone watching was astonished by Yaegers grandstanding actions.

This black-hearted princess wasnt acting logically at all!

Someone organized everything that Yaeger had done since the server was opened.

That person then inhaled a cold breath as he felt his head going numb and a chill running down his spine.

Yaeger had sold equipment, scammed players, slaughtered, showed off her purple bow, hammered NPCs, and helped grind levels.

None of these seemed connected, but when connecting them to the final quest, he then discovered – everything that Princess had done was for the sake of this one fight.

Her goal was the worlds first boss kill!

In order to achieve this objective, she had even schemed to use every single player in the entire Newbie Village, and she would even kill them all after taking advantage of them!

Her heart was truly as black as ink!

Outside Broken Leaf City, Yaeger and her party were getting ever farther from the city as they fought.

They were now several hundred meters away.

The Wind Wolf King was really feeling a headache.

After growing to be so big, this was its first time meeting such a frightening human.

Not only was her attack speed scarily fast, every one of her attacks was even poisoned.

This poison also kept increasing as it furiously chipped away at its HP.

This was the Wind Wolf Kings first time to ever feel fear.

That was why it did something unsuitable to its status of being king – all sorts of dodging and counter-attacking wretchedly.

Although some might see this as being cowardly, it would be fine as long as it wasnt hit and succeeded in its counterattacks!

It was now time for Yaeger to have a headache.

It became more and more difficult for her attacks to land.

It became difficult to stack her poison, and the more time that passed, the greater of a disadvantage it would be for her party.

Thus, Yaeger decided to change her attacking style.

She put away her bow and took out her sword.

[Sword Manipulation]!

The sword in her hand shot out at the urging of her mind.

The Wind Wolf King suddenly sensed danger when a sword flashed right at him at an astonishing speed! The Wind Wolf King widened its eyes and explosively used all of its strength, actually managing to twist itself in midair and forcefully dodge the attack.

However, that sword was really miraculous.

It was actually capable of changing its course in midair and stab towards the Wind Wolf King again!

The Wind Wolf King felt like it was going insane, as it had never seen such a strange attack before!

There was a piercing sound as the flying sword penetrated its body, causing an arc of red blood to spurt as it flew back towards its master.

At this moment, Yaeger had already drawn her bow and shot out an uncountable number of energy arrows.

The pitiful Wind Wolf King became a target yet again.

Rakshasa attacked with full force, unleashing a barrage of attacks together with Yaeger.

The two other girls not far in the distance felt like the wind was rather chilly as they witnessed the explosions.

Nangong Lin: “I think Im a bit unnecessary.” Yunuen Lin: “Im thinking the same thing.”


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