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Kahns backstory was exactly as Yaeger had earlier guessed.

He was rescued when he was about to jump off the cliff and finally recovered.

It could be said that this was Yaegers first time encountering such a good-for-nothing protagonist.

It had been more than ten years since his engagement was canceled but he had only reached level 10 by now.

Did your protagonists halo get snatched away by the dog

Even if the tale of the woman who broke off her engagement with you didnt turn into a saga, shes at least still a myth.If youre not going to work smart with your connections, youll never get ahead in life.

“Princess, to tell you the truth, Im very eager to gain more strength now, and I wish I could become invincible one day, but I know that its just a pipe dream.” Kahn suddenly interrupted her thoughts.

“Even if I have internalized the inheritances power, it is still far from what I would expect to be.

However, there is a place that may make me stronger quickly, but it is too dangerous for me to get there alone.

I am afraid that I alone cannot reach it.”

After a pause, Kahn lowered his head even further: “So, my friend Princess, can you lend me your strength and guide me to that place so we can partake the fortunes together! This is the request of my life!”

There was no doubt that [Empress Leviathans Treasury] was Kahns cheat and there must be amazing secrets inside.

Yaeger looked at the quest options.

The restrictions were lifted and she could already make a choice.

Yaeger chose to accept Kahns quest without even thinking about it.

“No problem.

Where can I find you in a months time”

Upon hearing this, Kahn went wild with joy and his eyes were moistened.

Next, Kahn mentioned that the agreed rendezvous point was at [Splitting Mirror Lake].

This was a huge lake in the Jade Empire.

Thousands of years ago, the Jade Empire and the Leviathan Empire fought a battle that decided the fate of the nation here.

It was known as “Splitting Mirror War”.

In the end, the Jade Empire triumphed and the Leviathan Empire was swept into the dust of history annals.

[The Tomb of Leviathan] discovered by Kahn was the tomb of the first Empress of Leviathan.

One month later, as long as the party was specially prepared for it, they could challenge it.

Considering that it may be very dangerous inside, Kahn decided to use this month to improve his strength.

“My friend, I will be waiting for you at the [Morrison Tavern] in [Jade City].” Kahn stood up and said goodbye to Yaeger.

He couldnt wait to become stronger and didnt want to delay for even a second.

After all, he lost too much time.

“Okay.” Yaeger nodded.

Jade City was the imperial capital of the Jade Empire and one of the main cities of mankind.

Broken Leaf City was a small town in the Jade Empire.

Most players would enter Jade City after level 10.

Looking at Kahns leaving figure, Yaeger narrowed her eyes slightly.

Her cherry lips curled slightly, but there was no sound.

Then, Yaeger looked at Rakshasa, the other party met her eyes and immediately smiled.

Yaeger stretched out her hand and gently stroked her head: “After a month, I might give you a big surprise.”

Rakshasa squinted happily and sent a message: What surprise

“I wont tell you now.” Yaeger smiled indifferently.

This surprise could be big or small.

For the time being, it was better not to disclose any information to avoid disappointment if the plan fails.

As for now, let Rakshasa look forward to it.

After [Wings of Freedom] got the [Empress Leviathans Treasury], a list of treasures came out and one of them was enough to drive people crazy.

That was the [Holy Spirit Drug] that could be brought back to reality!

Healing all kinds of diseases, repairing broken limbs, replenishing life against the natural order, restoring the body and so on were some of the miracles that the [Holy Spirit Drug] could perform.

That was to say, as long as Yaeger got this medicine and brought it back to reality for Rakshasa to take, she could recover to become a normal person!

Rakshasa: Then I will look forward to it!

She smiled happily, completely unaware that what Yaeger brought to her might be a gift of regeneration.

Nangong Lin watched Yaeger and Rakshasa interact so intimately with envy and hatred.

Yunuens eyes gleamed and she was also extremely envious.

At the same time, Kahn stepped into the teleportation array, took another look at the direction Yaeger was in, and immediately retracted his gaze.

After the teleportation array emitted a burst of white light, he disappeared.

Although it was late, his adventure had finally officially begun!

In the wild area, a level 8 warrior player used [Total Annihilation] against a group of wild boars.


Bright red liquid splashed everywhere.

He actually finished off a bunch of wild boars instantly!

Not only the player was shocked, but his party members were as well.

“I… have I already broken through the human limit” The warrior player looked at the sword in his hand and felt as if there was an infinite power surging out of his body.

“I dont think thats possible.” A player found that the level displayed by the corpses was not quite right.

“These wild boars seem to suddenly regress to level 1.”

As soon as the voice fell, everyone looked at it at the same time, and sure enough, they saw that the corpses all showed up as level 1, and the wild boars running around were also level 1.

They were stunned for a moment and finally knew the reason: The curse was lifted.

Gradually, the level of monsters in each area changed.

The “strengthening curse” done by Yaeger and Rakshasa to the monsters was obviously constantly being lifted.

“Its almost time.

If you have something to deal with, you can all go offline.

We will meet here at 9:00 P.M.” Yaeger said suddenly.

She had been counting the time so she naturally knew what had changed outside the city.

The level of the monster that was grinded up by the two of them had a time limit of up to 24 hours.

Now the batch that was grinded up earliest had been reset.

Moreover, it was difficult to grind on a large scale.

Its all because other players couldnt rack up quick kills like Yaeger and Rakshasa.

Even players who had a higher level than them couldnt do this, because beyond level 10, the system would not match the corresponding level.

It was impossible to come back to scam newbies after exceeding level 10.

Rakshasa: Im hungry so Im going offline for a meal.

Ill see you later, Princess.

“I have something to deal with so Im also going offline.

See you at nine.” Although Nangong Lin didnt want to be separated from Yaeger.

She hadnt had the time to deal with things in reality and she hadnt discovered any new information about [Princess] in reality.

“Its getting dark.

Im going offline to return home for dinner.

See you later, Princess.” Yunuen reluctantly said.

“Well, Im going offline too.” Yaeger opened the interface.

The four people went offline tacitly at the same time and the Resurrection Square quickly became lively.

It felt as if the light of freedom had dispelled the darkness, dazzling brightly.


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