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There were countless pairs of eyes and observers eyeing at Newbie Village 101.

After all, the development here had been completely abnormal.

The most high-level players in other newbie villages were now only at level 7, but in the Newbie Village 101, there were currently over twenty level 9 players even after excluding two abnormal closed beta players which were [Princess] and [Rakshasa]!

There were not only just a few players on level 6 or 7.

Someone did some investigation and found that the main accelerant of this situation was [Princess].

This person was like a great devil king to the world.

What she did was simply inexplicable, and she did as she pleased.

If Princess did so many things just to make money, they wouldnt believe it.

Is it really worth wasting so much energy for mere tens of thousands Princess wont be so poor, will she Hmph, she must have some other ulterior motive for doing this! But what are her real intentions I cant see through it at all! Some onlookers were puzzled.

(Yaeger: Im really sorry, Im just so dirt poor!)

Xina was also paying attention to Newbie Village 101.

She was assigned to Newbie Village 32 and could only follow Princess development through the forum.

If I want to contact Princess, ‌I have to wait until I enter the main city.

Many players from other newbie villages were now particularly envious of Newbie Village 101, which was initially regarded as purgatory on earth, but now it was a paradise.

The reason being so Because the players there were already ahead compared to the rest of the world.

Because there were countless high-level monsters ready for grinding.

Because it had a bigshot with Purple equipment to take you on a ride for power leveling.

It cost a lot, but it was worth it!

If this was just an ordinary game, then most people would not have entertained such an idea.

However, this game had an incredible magical charm to it, which deeply attracted everyone and made them indulge in it.

They could not extricate themselves from the allure of the game, no matter what.

According to Xinas observation, Newbie Village 101 differed greatly from other newbie villages.

It was not due to the difference in levels, but the law and order.

Yes, in reality, its like there was no semblance to “law and order” there.

Players did whatever they wanted, but the NPCs didnt exercise any control over them.

This was something that other newbie villages didnt have.

It could be said that players there has a very high degree of freedom.

There were almost zero constraints.

Xina just went through the forum for 30 minutes and saw countless complaints.

Now the high level players in Newbie Village 101 behaved like bullies.

They occupied territories, collected so-called “maintenance fees”, committed extortion and blackmail, and not to mention committing all sorts of crimes.

Had it not been for the games anti-harassment mechanism, these people would have targeted those good-looking men and women.

In addition, there were many groups in the village that used the party distribution system to scam their teammates of equipment and items.

Many people couldnt help but miss the time when Princess was the overlord because she had an obvious purpose: to scam money.

As long as you dont offend her, you dont have to worry about her.

But now, hehe…

These high-level players not only cheated people of their money but also bullied and humiliated people.

“Freedom without restraint is not freedom at all.

The humans who are debased with primal urges, who prey on hopes of others are nothing but demons.” Xina quit browsing the forum and muttered to herself.

There was no absolute freedom in this world.

Yaeger didnt know the situation in the forum, and she was too lazy to deal with it.

“Nangong Lin, pull the aggro.” “Nangong Lin, pull…” “Nangong Lin…”

“…” At this moment, they were happily leveling up.

Princess is definitely training me.

Princess is definitely training me.

Princess is definitely training me!

Nangong Lin hypnotized herself, while drinking tons of potions as she pulled the aggro of monsters.

After Yunuen rose to level 10, Yaeger still didnt stop.

She wanted to upgrade the other partys support skills and purification skills to level 5 to add another layer of insurance for the next battle.

Time flies by when you were having fun and now it was time to say goodbye again… yeah, right.

The mouths of Nangong Lin and Yunuen had the aroma of potions.

It felt extremely uncomfortable whenever they opened it.

The two of them seemed to have been broken.

They laid on the grass completely motionless with pale expressions on their faces.

Their eyes were dull, their mouths just barely foaming.

At this moment, they were both chanting in their hearts: Princess is a devil…

When Rakshasa saw such a familiar scene, she immediately broke into a cold sweat.

She was also abused like this by Yaeger back then… No; she was trained.

It had been over two hours since they came out.

The sun was about to set and the sunset was very particularly charming.

However, it was just that Nangong Lin and Yunuen were not in the mood to look at the scenery at all.

They just wanted to go offline and get some sleep.

After this period of training, Nangong Lin and Yunuen had become familiar with their respective jobs, and their strength had greatly improved.

They were undoubtedly qualified as Yaegers aid now.

After a brief rest, they returned to the Broken Leaf City.

As soon as they arrived at the Resurrection Square, the chaos here immediately stopped and there was silence all around.

Only then did everyone remember that there was a queen in Newbie Village 101!

Disobedience ‌led to death.

Provoking her would ‌lead to death.

She was the order here, the sky here.

Yaeger didnt care about the reactions of these people.

She took Rakshasa and the others back to the stall.

She made tea and chatted with the rest of the guildmates like there was nobody else there.

It was obviously out of place.

The people in the Resurrection Square which were like stagnant water came back to life, but their movement became very timid.

It was as if they were afraid of disturbing the God of Slaughter.

“Im glad that youve made significant progress.” Princess poured tea for Nangong Lin and Yunuen.

The two were flattered for a while and immediately felt that the hard work before was worthwhile!

Princess is praising us!

Just when they wanted to say something.

A voice came from nowhere: “Princess.”

Yaeger looked up and saw a man with a handsome face.

He looked about 26 to 27 years old and 180 cm tall.

He had a sturdy body with a pair of sharp eyes like that of unsheathed swords.

He approached their place.

His steps were steady and strong.

His aura was very extraordinary, giving people a strange sense of oppression.

Yaeger felt that this guy was a bit familiar, but she couldnt remember where she had seen him.

She couldnt help saying, “Hey Handsome, who are you”


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