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Rakshasa: Princess, what does a one-time skill book mean

Seeing this message, Yaeger came back to her senses: “The so-called one-time skill book refers to the skill book that will automatically disappear after being equipped, and will not occupy the skill bar.”

Hearing this, Rakshasa was shocked.

Didnt that mean an extra skill with no cost

Its amazing!

“However, such skill books are not very useful.

Just like chicken ribs, they are tasteless to eat, but a pity to discard.”

Rakshasa: Is this skill book the same

“Of course not.

This skill book, just like those martial arts masters passing on their skills at the end of their lives, can make a person without foundation become an expert at once.”

“Moreover, there are no side effects,” Yaeger added.

Rakshasa: It sounds great.

Lets equip it to see the effect!

She was very excited, because this was something that could strengthen herself.

Only by becoming stronger could she stay with Princess!

Yaeger nodded, and Rakshasa could not wait to equip [Basic Swordsmanship].

Yaeger also equipped the skill book.

Numerous insights and experiences flooded into their minds.

After a few seconds, they opened their eyes wide at the same time.

There seemed to be electric lights flashing in their eyes, as if sword beams were shooting out.

It gave a very sharp feeling, just like a wonderful moment of the sword being taken out of its sheath.

Yaeger drew out her sword and held the hilt with both hands.

The energy in her body burst out, which was instantly injected into the sword, and then she made a powerful swing.

With one swing, the sword flashed by in a smooth arc that glowed bright like a sliver of the silver moon.

Everyone was shocked, thinking ‌Princess was going to kill again.

However, they only breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Princess attack land in the distance.

But the next moment, the pupils of these people shrank in horror.

Thats because they saw that the thick wall in the distance was cut like a tofu by the silver sword light, making a huge slit!

Someone suddenly remembered something and shouted: “Isnt this the secret sword technique of that NPC swordsman!”

“Sky Moon Slash!” “Yeah, it seemed to be called that.

How can Princess use it” “God knows, this person is very evil!”

Before they recovered from their shock, Yaegers figure turned into a stream of light.

She drew a beautiful arc in the air and swung the sword swiftly.

Then everyone saw that a shock wave blasted the ground and formed a deep crater.

The debris splashed everywhere!

“Flame Slash!” “No, it has no flames, but it looks like that secret sword technique of that NPC swordsman!” “F̲u̲c̲k̲, she can copy the moves shes seen before.

Is it possible that Princess has Sharingan!” “I dont think so.

I suspect its a skill book.” Someone said.

“No way, Princess ‌got a skill book!” “I have never seen what a skill book looks like.” “Hehe, its not just you.

I have been rummaging through the forum for so long, but I still havent seen even one of the skill books.” “Princess has moved again!” someone exclaimed.

In one swift smooth motion, Yaeger stretched out her left hand, and her sword-wielding right hand grasped at the hilt of the sheathed sword, she immediately took one step forward with her left foot and the ground cratered in.

There was a flicker in her eye, and then she drew her sword and struck out in one smooth arching motion.

It was a perfect iai sword draw.

A burst of air blew up.

Following closely, a sharp energy ray fired from Yaegers sword.

It crashed into the wall with extreme speed and even carved a hole around the size of a bowl.

Everyone watching the scene was silent, their jaw almost fell off.

Her sword is like a cannon!

They screamed in their minds.

Yaegers practice… No, her skill display was not over yet.

Everyone watched in awe as Yaeger danced and flitted about in a mesmerizing whirlwind, as if she was the sword incarnate.

Deep cuts appeared on the ground with her every movement and the area turned into a royal mess by the time her sword dance was over.

Yaeger, who stood there, gave others the impression of a lotus flower, growing in the middle of a muddy pond, yet remained pure and inviolable.

Nangong Lin was in rapture.

She had never seen such a woman of unmatched beauty.

Rakshasas eyes were shining, and her heart stirred.

She also wanted to perform a sword dance to completely absorb the experience and knowledge in her mind.

At this moment, Yaeger turned around and nodded to her.

Raksasha leaped out in happiness.

Her [Scarlet Heavenly Sword] instantly caused heat wave and flame to rise.

Then people saw the image of a Goddess of War descending.

The fighting style of Rakshasa and Yaeger was completely different.

The latter was agile and fast, showing elegance.

However, the former was ferocious and unique.

An enormous explosion.

The surrounding area becomes a mess.

The guards in the distance felt that something was wrong here and ran over immediately.

Before they were halfway there, they turned around decisively and ran away.

Because these guards caught sight of Yaegers figure from a distance.

Now they were extremely scared of Yaeger and dare not easily offend her.

Rakshasa returned to Yaegers side excitedly.

Everyone, including Nangong Lin, had witnessed Raksashas power for the first time.

They all shuddered with no exception.

It turned out ‌there was more than one abnormal player in Newbie Village 101!

Nangong Lin bit her cherry lips hard.

She suddenly felt a great desire for power at this moment.

Do not assume that just because she looked like she had everything in the material world, she had nothing she wanted

“If I had power fifteen years ago, then my sister wouldnt…” Nangong Lins eyes suddenly lost focus as she muttered to herself.

Rakshasa: Princess, I think Ive become very powerful now!

“Thats natural.” Yaeger smiled indifferently.

That blue skill book was not earth shattering, and its value was not very high, but it filled up the shortcomings of her and Rakshasa.

Both of them had [Advanced Sword Skill], but they didnt have the slightest foundation in swordsmanship and couldnt use its maximum power.

Now that they had made up for this shortcoming after practicing it, their strength had once again reached a new level.

The skills that Yaeger showed just now were just the basics of swordsmanship: chop, stab, and slash.

The degree of freedom in this game was very high.

As long as you were willing to learn, you could create your own exclusive skills.

Of course, this process would take a lot of time.

Like Rakshasa and Yaeger, those who rely on skill books to omit ten years of hard practise at a time were few and far in between.

After all, skill books were hard to come by.

“In this way, my shortcomings in melee combat have been made up.” Yaeger was at the peak of happiness.

Although the Ranger was an all-purpose job, capable of both long and short-range combat, but there were a few who chose to fight close-range.

Two figures rushed to the Resurrection Square around this time.

“The suckers, oh thats not right, I mean the God is here,” When Yaeger saw two of them running toward her from the corner of her eyes, her pretty face immediately put on a professional smile.


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