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“To ask for 500,000 RMB per 10 minutes, do you think you are some kind of pop idol!” “WTF, it seems to be another trick to rob money!” “Yeah! One night of doing whatever we want with the average celebrity doesnt even cost 3 million these days!” “Tsk tsk, its just to carry leveling up service, but the charges are so exaggerated.

Princess is really black-hearted and terrible!” “Charging so much for a leveling service, arent you afraid of choking yourself to death with money!” “Not even a fool will be fooled.” “Its hard to say, wasnt that bamboo rat brother cheated twice in a row” “Hmph, thats just an idiot.

I dont think she can pull off this business!”

In the Resurrection Square, some players gathered around and whispered in a heavy tone, but they hushed their voices, as if they were afraid of being heard by someone.

Many players smiled bitterly and shook their heads.

This black-hearted Princess had really become addicted to scamming.

How could someone be fooled with such prices!

Money didnt grow on trees.

In the forum, many players were angry.

The turmoil in the forum had risen once more, and many players with anonymous nicks were angry with Princess.

There would be no one looking for Princess to buy a leveling service.

But as a matter of fact, the nouveau riches of Newbie Village 101 were quite interested.

Five hundred thousand per ten minutes looked very expensive, but it was a party with two beautiful level 10 girls who had purple equipment.

Not to mention visually attractive, they could sweep through the mobs as though a gale sweeping dead leaves.

It was much too efficient!

Yet ordinary players ignored one thing.

Time cost.

Everyones time value was different.

If the value of one hours work was equal to 30 units for an ordinary person, then eight hours work a day was only worth 240 units.

However, for the wealthy class, it may fluctuate more than 240 units per second.

The gap between the two could be said to be a world of difference.

Half a million was an enormous sum for ordinary players.

However, Yaeger was originally targeting the rich-class players by setting up at such prices.

These people would not bend down to pick it up even if they saw 100 RMB on the ground, because the action of bending down was worth over 100 RMB.

However, as long as they felt that the price was worth it, they would not hesitate to pay for it.

Level 5 was a turning point, and leveling up would become a lot more difficult.

With Yaeger leading the team, it could definitely shorten a lot of time.

Its tempting for those people who wanted to get stronger in the least amount of time.

Areas outside the city.


also saw the message that Yaeger sent out and the corners of his mouth immediately curled upward: “Princess, you are courting your own death!”

After the first failure, S.K.Y.

had already planned everything.

No, he had already launched the second plan to slaughter these sisters.

The only problem now was the time required to level up.


had a large team to serve himself, whether it was intelligence collection or team leveling, they were much better than ordinary players.

At this moment, there were more than a dozen staff members in the outside world who were constantly collecting game information from the Internet and improving the database.

From the massive intelligence, S.K.Y.

found key information in order to defeat Princess.

As long as their teams level increases, he could activate the ultimate plan to kill Princess and Rakshasa, and put their purple equipment in his pocket!

Unexpectedly, Princess handed over the butchers knife to him personally.

It was like a dream!

“You two will return to the city and join Princess party!” S.K.Y.

ordered the two players.

“Yes!” They replied, ‌then turned around and ran into the city.

Nangong Lin was a little depressed.

She thought ‌Princess was organizing a party for her, but she didnt think ‌it would be a business in the end.

But on second thought, Princess took others to level up for five hundred thousand per ten minutes, but she took me for free.

Doesnt it just mean that I have a certain place in Princesss heart!

Soon, she was beaming with joy and happiness.

On the other side, Yaeger and Rakshasa were checking the blue skill book.

Equippable Skill: [Basic Swordsmanship] Grade: Blue Level 5 Attribute: None Level Restriction: 10 Skill: None

Description: This is the knowledge of swordsmanship handed down from ancient times.

After equipping it, ordinary people can immediately understand the basics of swordsmanship, saving ten years of effort.

This book can only be used once and will disappear automatically after use.


“Ss! This is a one-time skill book!” Yaeger was very disappointed when she saw that it had no skills, but after reading the description, she immediately sucked a mouthful of cold air.

Rakshasa tilted her head slightly, showing that she could not see what was so powerful about this skill book.

At the same time, inside one of the rooms in Broken Leaf Church.

Kahn was waiting there for his turn to be healed, but the crisp sound of something breaking within his body suddenly transmitted outwards, yet no one took notice of it.

Immediately afterwards, an astonishing amount of energy instantly filled his four limbs and bones, constantly transforming this tattered body!


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