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“Wow! It really feels just like being in the real world!” “Before I entered, I really didnt believe a game could achieve this level of realism!” “Its ‌awesome.

I can even smell some foul odor in the air…” “I didnt believe it when others said how amazing this game was.

Unexpected, its ‌beyond imagination!”

The new players who had just entered the game exclaimed in astonishment at this fantasy world.

“F̲u̲c̲k̲! This is Newbie Village 101!” Suddenly, someone exclaimed.

After hearing this, many peoples expressions changed.

They quickly opened the game interface and saw the words [Newbie Village 101].

Their expression turned bitter suddenly.

In the whole Linhnan server, who doesnt know that there was a demon king in Newbie Village 101!

Thinking of being fleeced by this vile creature‌, everyone couldnt help but shudder.

“Mom, I want to change my Newbie Village!” A player felt like crying, but no tears came out.

Naturally, other players also felt the same way.

Now, who didnt know that Newbie Village 101 was a hell on earth Small animals may even maim them when they venture outside.

Princess caused all of this!

Whats even more outrageous was that so far, no player here was above level 1!

Yes, this was all Princess fault!

The more senior players were very anxious to see so many new players entering the server and the Newbie Village 101.

God knew if these new players would rush to frantically buy “tickets” to escape the newbie village, that was the so-called 【Green and White are Perfect】 set!

Some people couldnt wait to pick up a set of equipment suitable for their job and pay for it.

It could even be said that they were not willing to be bogged down by anything.

If they didnt buy it now, they wouldnt know if this black-hearted Princess would double the prices again‌!

There were now nearly a thousand newbies coming, and the competition would undoubtedly become more intense.

For a moment, 10 or so players were outdoing one another to buy the set.

It seemed as if they were sticking out their heads to let Princess slaughter them…

And after being “slaughtered”, they also walked out wearing smiles on their faces.

Nangong Lin held her forehead, expressing that she couldnt understand the psychological condition of these people at all.

However, when she saw that the number of sets for sale were decreasing rapidly, she also became a little anxious.

“Princess, I want to…”

“No, you dont have to.” Yaeger knew that she wanted to buy equipment, so she quickly gave her some.

Nangong Lin was her benefactor.

It was nothing to give her some equipment.

When Rakshasa saw this, her little mouth immediately pouted, showing her dissatisfaction: Its mine.

Its all mine, dont give her…

Rakshasa was not interested in the junk Princess had given out.

She just thought she should be the only one doted on by Princess.

How could she give it to Nangong Lin!

Humph! This temptress! I hate her!

Nangong Lin stared at the equipment blankly, feeling touched for no reason.

She had received a lot of gifts since she was a child, and almost all of them were ‌precious, but she had never felt like this.

She only received some low-level equipment today, yet it filled her heart with such intense feelings.

Right at this moment, Nangong Lins eyes turned moist and her expression showed that she was moved.

If it wasnt because she was holding the equipment in her hands, she would have embraced Yaeger and kissed her twice.

The corners of Yaegers eyes twitched slightly, and she didnt expect that Nangong Lin would be so excited.

Wasnt it just some low-level equipment

Rakshasa pouted in dissatisfaction.

This temptress acting skills are ‌wicked!

Seeing Yaeger handing over a bunch of equipment to Nangong Lin, many players were jealous and filled with hatred.

Why am I not a beautiful woman Then at least someone would have handed me equipment!

An eagle-eyed player noticed that there was a level 7 bow in Nangong Lins pile of equipment and he immediately exclaimed: “F̲u̲c̲k̲! The bow ‌she gave just now is a level 7 bow.

How biased of Princess!”

Hearing that, everyone focused on that bow.

At present, the highest level of green equipment on the Linhnan forum was level 6.

Unexpectedly, all the green equipment that Yaeger took out to give was level 7!

“Hiss! This [Sunset Bow] is ‌amazing.

It can be used at least until a player reaches level 10!”

After scrutinizing the attributes of [Sunset Bow], someone immediately sucked in his breath in shock.

Before the existence of blue-tiered equipment, this bow could be regarded as the best in the Linhnan server, at least the best of Rangers!

The Black Hearted Princess [Purple Sky Crossbow] was ‌beyond the standard, and thus the absurdity of its existence had been thrown aside in the minds of everyone.

Who would compare that kind of artifact with ordinary equipment!

The new players couldnt help but gather around when they saw this area so lively.

It turned out that there was equipment for sale on the stall and a few nouveau riche walked over without even thinking about it and paid for the goods with ease and confidence.

68,800 RMB was definitely not a small amount for the average person, but for those second-generation nouveau riches, it was just the pocket money of one or two days which could be spent anytime.

Seeing the real nouveau riche players make a move, those still hesitant players clenched their teeth and finally bought the sets despite their weeping hearts.

There were few sets left on the stall.

If they didnt buy it, they didnt know when and how they would get out of this newbie village!

Yaegers stall was emptied again.

“Princess, thats anti-competitive behavior! You have to obey the rules!”

[Tilapia] and [Orc] came over with their bodyguards.

Their faces were full of anger and their eyes were red.

It was not the color caused by anger, but ‌jealousy!

“Oh, you guys have complaints” Yaeger was just about to share money with Rakshasa.

However, she saw these two guys bring people to make trouble and her expression changed.

The air seemed to condense into ice at this moment.


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