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“Princess, we will meet again!”

Hearing someone calling out to her, Yaeger turned around to look behind and saw [Orc] walking towards this side with an aloof and insufferably arrogant expression.

Behind him, a brawny warrior followed.

“Why, if this isnt the fool… Oh no, I mean, did you call me out for something”

Yaeger was a little puzzled.

This guy ran away like a dog before, battered and exhausted.

Now he looked confident and was walking energetically.

What happened to him that made such a drastic change

Then Yaegers gaze shifted slightly and her eyes fell on the warrior behind [Orc].

Was the level 10 NPC warrior his source of confidence

The players also noticed [Orc]s arrival, and they immediately became furious.

They hated the middlemen to the extreme.

However, when they saw the level 10 NPC warrior, their collective fury immediately shrank back.

No wonder this guy dared to come back.

It turned out that he had somebody to rely on!

“Does that guy want to show off his power to Princess” someone whispered.

“Isnt he crazy Doesnt he know about Princess blasting away the NPCs” “He knows nothing about it, otherwise, how could he strut over with such a provocative appearance” “Hehe, that stupid walking style of his is ‌comical!!” “He thought ‌he looked handsome that way.”

Someone sneered.

“Princess, Im also going to set up a stall here from now on.” [Orc] came to Yaegers stall, crossed his hands over his chest, and declared in high spirits.

“If you want to set up a stall, then just set up a stall.

Why ask me Do you want me to charge you for maintenance” Yaegers eyebrows knitted.

She didnt prohibit others from setting up a stall here.

Hearing this, [Orc] looked dumbfounded.

This script was not right.

You must not let others set up a stall here if you want to monopolize this business, right

Originally, he wanted to use the power of the NPC to force Yaeger to divide the territory into half.

Unexpectedly, the other party had no intention of occupying the territory at all, which made him a little embarrassed.

However, businessmen had thick skins.

With a cough, [Orc] said: “You have no problem with setting up a stall next to you, right”

Yaeger knew that this was the best place to set up a stall.

The flow of people was large enough, and it was a place where players must pass.

“Whatever.” Yaeger waved her hand impatiently, Asking for my advice on everything, dont you have any self-assertion

Seeing the other party making a gesture to drive away stray dogs, [Orc] immediately felt angry, but he did not show it.

The most important quality to conduct business was amiability as it makes one rich.

Since the other party gave up her territory, it was no big deal for him to bear it.

Thinking of this, [Orc] set up a stall next to Yaeger.

Many players felt sad that this guy didnt go against Princess.

Otherwise, he would know what ultimate cruelty was!

[Orc] didnt know that he had escaped a gruesome fate.

He happily took out the green equipment he had and placed them on the stall carefully.

After a while, [Tilapia] also returned to the square with a level 10 NPC.

He set up a stall next to Yaeger.

Now only the two of them had equipment for sale.

Some players couldnt help but come to watch and scold them fiercely: “You sons of b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲e̲s̲, doesnt your conscience hurt!”

[Orc] and [Tilapia] had already negotiated the price of the equipment to avoid extreme competition by undercutting and selling equipment to make these players cough up more money.

“The minimum is 80,000, and the maximum is 120,000.

Why dont you go rob the bank instead!”

Looking at such a high price, everyone immediately felt that Princess was as noble and kind as an angel!

These two black merchants had no conscience at all!

They could only scold as they were afraid to take action against [Tilapia] and [Orc].

Those two level 10 NPC warriors were not pushovers.

Seeing these players gnashing their teeth and wishing to kill them, but they had no way to do it, [Tilapia] and [Orc] almost simultaneously smiled with irony.

In their eyes, the players in Newbie Village 101 were all fishes waiting to be slaughtered!

Rakshasa, Nangong Lin and Yaeger were sitting on the picnic cloth and drinking tea leisurely, showing that they were indifferent to the suffering of the world around them.

Most of the players gave up and stopped hurling abuse at the two profiteers.

They had wasted too much time, and it was time to upgrade.

Otherwise, they would lag behind other newbie villages too much.

A group of people walked out of the city mightily, looking full of momentum.

Rakshasa glanced at these players and kept a second of silence for them in her heart.

It wont take long for these players who had unlimited expectations for the game to experience what true deception and cruelty was!

Back into reality, outside of the game.

The topic of a beautiful girl making millions in seconds had become very popular, and‌, there was a video that had been spreading wildly.

That was the video of Yaeger single-handedly defeating 30 NPCs.

When players saw this one-sided battle, they wondered whether they were playing the same game.

Some Ranger players even felt that their profession was a fake.

Princess was playing the real Ranger job!

A lot of things were still unknown, or unrevealed to the public, ‌and the gullible audience was full of longing to rush to change to the Ranger job.

They thought ‌after entering the game, they could trash NPCs like Princess and sweep away the other players!

Jinling building, Chengjiang Block, China.


watched the video of Princess wiping the floor with the NPCs alone without blinking.

His eyes had turned bloodshot.

He had watched this video a dozen times.

Since being killed by Princess, S.K.Y.

had not entered the game, but had been paying attention to her every move on the Internet.

“Just as I expected, 【Purple Sky Crossbow】 is a Ranger Artifact!”

S.K.Y.s Job was a warrior and tank on top of that.

He obviously couldnt use bow and arrows, but they could be used by other members of the team or even used to exchange beneficial gears.

At present, some people in the forum had offered 10 million RMB to buy this purple bow.

However, S.K.Y.

scoffed at this.

In his opinion, 【Purple Sky Crossbow】 was worth at least 50 million!

Of course, that only referred to the value at the beginning of the game.

With such a bow, one could definitely elevate a team to the extreme and then occupy an immense advantage in the game!

This advantage was likely to last for a long time!

In short, getting the 【Purple Sky Crossbow】 meant having a perfect start!


slowly clenched his fists and his face gradually showed a depraved…no, it was a firmly business-looking smile.

“Princess, what you own now will soon be ours, Limitless Guilds!”


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