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Whether they like it or not, nobody dared to oppose Princess!

Everyone was speechless for a while.

It was akin to someone holding a knife against their neck and asking if they would accept it

Could you refuse it

“Silence implies consent.

Very good.

Youve all made the correct choice.” Finding that the silence on the scene a little awkward, Yaeger smiled and put the bow away.

“Im not interested in bullying the weak.

However, if someone harbors ulterior motives or wants to rob me, then dont blame me for being merciless.”

Yaeger said those words while walking away.

“One more thing, I want to clarify that I have no interest in controlling the newbie village, nor do I wish to form any team.

Everyone can play their own game and not interfere with each other.” “If you want to continue supporting my business, you are very welcome.”

After Yaeger finished speaking, she returned to the stall.

Rakshasa quickly walked over and held her hand: Youve worked hard, Princess!

At this moment, Nangong Lin also walked over.

Her eyes were gleaming and her facial expression was like that of someone in love: “Princess, can I take a picture with you and shake hands!”

Whats with that love-struck expression of yours!

Yaegers eyes twitched slightly.

Could it be that this person is having some thoughts about meWhen she ‌hates me so much in reality.Oh, I almost forgot that I am in a girls avatar now.

This person likes girls…

Yaeger finally understood what was wrong with Nangong Lin.

She took a fancy to me this time!

To be more precise, Nangong Lin liked him as Princess.

This was where Yaeger felt a headache.

He was a man in reality!

God knew whether Nangong Lin would go all around Cathay looking for Princess in real life!

Given the financial and physical resources of the Nangong family, it was easy to find and locate someone in Cathay, provided that this person really existed in the world.

Thats right, she definitely couldnt find Princess in the real world, but she could discover Yaeger based on some clues.

If that happened, then it was ‌likely that she would pester and annoy Yaeger to no end just to ask about Princess.

Where am I going to conjure up a princess from!

Yaeger panicked when she thought of the possibility that Nangong Lin might launch a crowdsourced information hunt in reality.

Princess was now a figure known to players all over the world, and there were countless people looking for her.

However, the person who could most likely find her was definitely Nangong Lin!

All because the Nancheng Department Store belonged to the Nangong family!

In fact, Nangong Lin had already sent a message to her subordinates when Yaeger threatened all the other players.

Snowy was on her way to Nancheng Department Store.

“You can only shake hands.” Yaeger thought for a while before reaching out her hand.

Although she didnt like Nangong Lin much, the other party helped her very much last night.

Naturally, a small request like this was trivial‌.

If Wenzel had successfully captured Yaeger and sold him to Sister Red last night, she was afraid that she would be already enjoying the rich ladies Three Essentials Set.

To die was better than to continue living at that point.

How could he be as carefree as he was now

Nangong Lin held Yaegers hand excitedly.

She felt as if her body had become light as a feather, as if she was in a dreamland.

Ah, Princesss hands are so soft, tender, smooth, and comfortable!

Seeing Nangong Lins face filled with such rapture, Rakshasas heart suddenly erupted with a sense of crisis: She is definitely a vixen!

How could she still not be aware that this person wanted to snatch Princess away from her!

Nangong Lin suddenly shuddered and her eyes shifted.

She saw Rakshasa glaring at her fiercely.

This woman is a formidable opponent!1

The glares of the two collided, crackled and rattled as if two lightning bolts clashed.

A fierce fight took place between their eyes while the players were feeling relieved.

They thought ‌Princess would extort them or demand protection fees regularly.

Should they surrender and give up the money, or would they be extorted

Unexpectedly, she had no interest in such things!

The princess was ‌noble and upright.

She had no desire and made no demand….

As if anyone would believe that!

This guy made crazy money just by selling equipment and props, so how could she care about such a measly amount of money!

A new post with over a million views appeared on the forum.

《Shocking news! The worlds most beautiful girl did these in-game and earned millions in seconds!》

Such an exaggerated title just described a very common thing— Yaeger made over 2 million by only selling green-tier equipment.

No, it was not ordinary at all, OK!

Many people were very disdainful when they saw the content of the post.

It was nothing over 2 million in-game credits.

Whats great about that However, they suddenly remembered that the in-game credits here were exchangeable to RMB in the real world!

For a moment, the entire forum exploded.

One could make money just by playing games! Moreover, so much money on top of that .

How was this possible!

For ordinary people, 2 million RMB was definitely not a small number.

Even the elite with a monthly salary of 30,000 to 50,000 RMB needs to save for several years without eating or drinking lavishly to save more than 2 million RMB.2

It didnt take long for this post to spread through the online world like a virus.

Many people who were watching from the sidelines, or those who were not interested in the game, were attracted by the content of this post.

Their eyes were burning with passion and their hearts were itching to enter the game right away and make money.

With the spread of this post, the number of people online in 《Saint Demon World》 continued to soar.

In the game.

[Orc] raised his head high, held his hands behind, and walked toward the Resurrection Square arrogantly.

Behind him was a level 10 NPC.

This NPC was a male, about 30 years old.

He was well-built and wore some fine equipment.

He had a sword hung at his waist.

On his rough face, a pair of gray-brown eyes occasionally flashed with a sharp light.

“There is such a reliable NPC in the city to protect me.

Now I am not afraid of anyone!” In the eyes of [Orc], Princess was just bullying the player with her skills.

Once she encountered a powerful NPC, she would be trampled to the ground!3

“Hmph, she better not mess with me.” [Orc] looked back at the NPC he hired, the more he looked, the more pleased he felt.

After all, he was hired from the Adventurer Guild with a high price of 100,000 credits a day.

It could be said that his strength was absolutely beyond words!

Princess was no match at all!

However, when he stepped into the Resurrection Square, he found that there was something wrong with the atmosphere, but he could not tell what was wrong.

He had a feeling that he had missed something when he was away.4

[Orc] shook his head and decided not to think about these silly things.

After that, he glanced at the crowd and smiled coldly: “Hehe, you b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲ wanted to rob my equipment before.

Now look how Im going to sell these equipment to you at sky-high price!”


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