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Hearing this, it stunned everyone for a moment, and then the expression of mockery on their faces became much more sinister.

She was still continuing to behave with arrogance until the end.

What a reckless fool!

Earlier when they saw Yaeger resembling Asura the slaughter god, they couldnt help but tremble in fear.

They felt as if an ice pick ruthlessly pierced their coccyx.

It felt extremely uncomfortable.

The killing intent that emanated was so terrifying that it almost materialized!

Some people suddenly thought of Yaegers red name status and that temporary skill, but then immediately shook their heads inside their hearts.

Both the red name status and the temporary skill could only be effective on player characters, not NPCs.1

Now, however, Yaeger was facing NPCs, not players.

Thus the attack damage of nearly 10,000 points was merely for decoration.

Humph! Continue to put on airs.

You will only end up getting trampled on the ground by NPCs!

Some players smiled sinisterly with their eyes full of joy.

At the very thought of Princess who was acting so high and mighty getting ruthlessly trampled on the ground, many people felt jubilant.

“Sinner Princess, if you resist arrest, dont blame us for being merciless!” After the strong and fierce-looking officer yelled loudly with a snarl, the other guards rushed up.

All of them had murderous and fierce expressions.

Witnessing this scene, Nangong Lins heart almost jumped to her throat.

She was like a cat on a hot tin roof.

She wanted to help, but she was not strong enough.

At this moment, she suddenly thought of Rakshasa and quickly looked at her: “Arent you going to help”

Rakshasa blinked her eyes as if she didnt understand what she was saying.

Then she showed a meaningful smile and sent a few words: Just watch the show!

Nangong Lin was immediately dumbfounded with the response.

Princess treated you so well, yet instead of helping her, youre ‌going to watch the show by the sidelines! Where is your conscience, has it been devoured by dogs!

Only I am truly sincere to Princess!

The sound of something piercing through the air once again brought Nangong Lins attention back to the forefront.

Yaeger shot an arrow.

The energy arrow made of purple electric current turned into a fan-shaped arrow rain from the void.

Yet, it did not end just like that.

The second wave and the third wave of arrow shower broke out almost at the same time.

Seeing the energy arrows blotting all over the sky, every player was shocked to the core.

Yaegers attack speed turned out to be even faster than before, and the attacks she launched were even more terrifying.

It looked as if multiple lightning strikes blasting in this area!

The faces of the guards who had murderous expressions turned disorderly.

They wanted to hide, but found that there was nowhere to escape.

They could only halt and protect their vital parts with their hands.

Even the elite officers didnt dare to be careless and defended with all their abilities.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

The sounds of the arrows piercing wheezed through the air as the lightning arrows instantly shot all the guards into hedgehogs.

They felt a sharp pain in their bodies.

When they wanted to scream, they found that their entire body became numb.

It was completely beyond their control!

Seeing this scene, a certain player immediately recalled the paralysis special effect of [Purple Sky Crossbow].

When attacking, there was a 25% chance of causing paralysis for 3 seconds!

Unexpectedly, Princesss first attack triggered this special effect.

Her lucky streak knew no end!

Someone discovered that green gas was emitted from these NPCs and their HP was decreasing little by little.

They were poisoned.

They were paralyzed, and now along with a poison effect.

Princess attacks had triggered too many special effects.

This had to be a coincidence, correct

The present people were in for another shock when Yaegers next wave of attacks struck its targets.

The guards bodies were so stiff and numb that they couldnt defend themselves or evade at all.

They could only let Yaeger continue shooting them like archery practice targets.

They felt pitiful.2

If they had known earlier that this player was so abnormal, they wouldnt have provoked her no matter the reasons!

Nangong Lins small mouth opened slightly and her almond eyes opened wide.

Are these people sick They are not even hiding!

However, she soon found the abnormal state of these guards and then remembered the various abilities of [Purple Sky Crossbow].

“Are Rangers so powerful” Nangong Lin murmured to herself.

She also chose Ranger as her Job, but she never imagined that she could become as powerful as Yaeger.

The storm-like attacks did not stop.

The HP of the guards were like punctured balloons and rapidly decreased.

Just after a few seconds, half of it was gone!

Whats even more outrageous was that they couldnt even move, not even half a step in these few seconds, so they were ‌one-sidedly hammered by Yaeger.

At this moment, everyone felt scared, and they seemed to hear the footsteps of Death itself.

All the players jaws dropped.

In their opinion, the NPCs should be the invincible guards of the newbie village.

However, now they were like shooting practice targets, scattered and smashed like toys by Princess!

“How abnormal…” A player had a dull expression on his face.

His mouth opened and closed, and he finally uttered in an unclear voice.

Someone suddenly discovered that every attack of Princess triggered the paralysis special effect!3

Someone swallowed his saliva and the fear in his heart grew like weeds: Is this person still a human being!

“This is the true ability of a Purple Bow!” Someone shouted with his eyes full of enthusiasm.

After hearing this, some people suddenly understood and the greed in their hearts revived again: If I have a purple bow, I can also kill NPCs like skewering a helpless dog!

The current situation was that Yaeger one-sided crushed the NPCs.

The opponent could not put up any resistance at all.

It was dead silent in the live broadcast room.

Everyone was staring at the area that seemed to have turned into a pool of lightning and thunder and Princess who was still continuing to shoot at super high speed.

What a beautiful fighting stance!

After 8 seconds passed, Yaeger finally stopped.

All the guards had less than 1/10 of their HP left and they entered the state of Residual Blood.4

Seeing Yaeger stop attacking, the guards suddenly felt like they had escaped clutches of death.

They felt extremely terrified!

Everyone thanked Princess in their heart for not killing them.

However, their pupils shrank in the next moment.

Before the players on the scene ‌recovered from another round of shock, they saw Yaeger change the bow to the sword at a quick speed and suddenly release a wave of wind power.

The next moment, the crowd saw a beautiful wind spirit performing a Sword Dance.

She glided and shifted past the guards, then shoving the sword to the throat of the muscular military officer‌.

“Who gave you the courage to seek trouble with me”


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