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Justice may be delayed, but itll never be absent!

The crowd looked at the city guards, who marched in orderly steps and approached with a murderous aura.

All the players present were in a trance.

The appearance of the city guards was like daybreak, its rays splitting the darkness in their hearts and allowing them to see the light again.

They once again believed that there was justice in this world!

“Hahahahaha! Princess is surely dead this time!” Someone couldnt help laughing wildly.

“Oh, my god! A team of 30 guards who are all level 10 and each of them has 7,000 HP!” someone exclaimed.

“Not only that, you see how sophisticated the equipment they have!” “Hehe, no matter how powerful Princess is, she cant win against a team of elite guards!” “Hmph, I think she is too arrogant! She deserves it!” “Its even better if she resists and gets beaten to death!” “This is the end of her bleeding us dry!” “If she isnt taught a harsh lesson, she may really think ‌she is the queen of this newbie village!”

Some people disdained to say anything, however.

“Brother soldiers, come on.

Just kill her!” “Dont let her surrender, kill her!”1

The crowd was surging with emotions.

Over 70% of the players wanted to have Yaeger beaten to death.

Some remaining players were onlookers who just wanted to see the show.

Some of them were Yaegers fans, but they werent stupid.

Knowing that life was precious, they would naturally not side with her.

To put it bluntly, these people wouldnt do anything for their idol.

They were just glory-hunting fair-weathered fans.

Kitty Rabbits live stream chat was in a mess.

“Cheer up Her Highness Princess, dont bow to the forces of evil!” “Dang, you simps.

For your idols, you ‌called the righteous people an evil force! How hateful!” “Yeah, Princess is a villain who cheats players out of their money.

She deserves punishment!” “Its a blessing to be cheated by our Princess!” “Yes, yes, whatever Her Highness does is right!” “Princess is the truth!” “A group of simps, they are hopeless!” “Hypocrites, you who pretend to be noble and virtuous are hopeless!” “Thats right, Princess loves money.

What does it matter if she likes to cheat people! What does it have to do with you!” “Be onlookers.” “Enjoy the show.”

Since Princess had been tainted with the scent of money, it had divided the audience in the stream chat into several factions.

At present, they were in a fierce verbal spat.

Meanwhile, in the game.

Many players were extremely excited.

In their opinion, this terrible Princess would soon disappear from everyones eyes.2

It would be best if she was locked up for 8 to 10 days!

From then on, the hazy sky of Newbie Village 101 would be completely cleared.

The brilliance of justice would shower everything over the entire earth under the blue sky and white sun!

Nangong Lin frowned slightly, and her face was full of worry.

The strength that Princess showed before was ‌beyond her imagination.

However, faced with these well-equipped, level 10 guards, she shouldnt be able to fight back.

Also, the leading officer had a very strong oppressive aura.

Upon closer look, Nangong Lin discovered that this officer had 10,000 HP!

It was a fight between thirty level 10 NPC guards and a single level 10 player.

Even if someone counted with his toes, he would know that it was a one-sided fight!

Level 10 Princess was undoubtedly the king among players.

However, faced with a powerful NPC, she was just a slightly little bigger ant!3

No matter how much it jumped and pranced around, someone would pinch it to death in the end!

This was the thought ‌prevalent in the minds of most players.

Rakshasa looked indifferent without the slightest worry on her face.

She didnt seem to care about Princess life or death at all.

Everyone couldnt help wondering how good the relationship between the two was not long ago, just like a pair of beautiful lilies.

However, now when Princess encountered such a thing, Rakshasa was indifferent.

Could it be that they were just a pair of fake lilies

Or was she that confident in Princess

How was that even possible

The players present believed that they were a pair of fake lilies.

These guards were all well-equipped level 10 NPCs, representing the highest combat power of Broken Leaf City.

How could a little Princess resist it!

Princess, its ‌over for you!

At this moment, Yaeger breathed gently.

She took out the [Purple Sky Crossbow] with indifferent eyes and said lazily: “What if I say no”

Before her voice fell, the city guards pulled out their weapons in unison, which gave off a sharp glint!

“Then dont blame us for not being polite, former friend!” The strong-looking officer with sharp eyes raised his hand and said coldly.

The citys favorability dropped by 10,000 points because Yaeger killed too many people in Broken Leaf City.

Even the City Guards, who she had previously had a good reputation with, were now rude to her and would not show any mercy at all!

Seeing that Princess wanted to fight against the NPC group, many players showed a mocking smile.

An ant was trying to shake a tree because of overestimating its capabilities!4

Nangong Lins cherry lips opened slightly, wanting to persuade Yaeger to go offline quickly.

However, before she could say anything, she saw bursts of red light on Yaegers body.

Yaegers eyes were as cold as winter, and her entire body was overflowing with killing intentions.

“I dont think you know how to write the wordDEATH.”


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