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Noticing that some players were shivering in terror, Yaeger was puzzled at first but then realized that they probably noticed that temporary skill and were frightened off.

It was a terrifying choice they had to make, attack all at once and gamble getting the purple equipment, or end up in a pool of your own blood.

People were worried if they would survive the day, unlike the gods who were immortal.

Yaeger stored the [Purple Sky Crossbow] into the inventory with an indifferent expression.

She didnt even glance at these players.

If the previous display of strength wasnt enough, she didnt mind killing another group of players.

Yaeger knew very well that as long as she had purple equipment, she would inevitably be monitored by all kinds of people.

As the saying went, owning jade in itself became a grievous crime.

If she was an ordinary person, she would probably have been robbed of her equipment because of her inability to protect herself.

However, who was Yaeger


Not only was she beloved by the world and the heavenly laws, but somehow she had also hugged the Goddess of Fortunes thigh.

She was THE ONLY Princess in the whole wide world.1

Could any average person be compared to her

If anyone dared to attempt to rob her, she would just kill them!

At this time, someone posted the previous incident of the Purple Equipment on the forum, which immediately caused an uproar.

《Oh, my God! This may be the worlds first purple equipment!》 《Shocking news! The servers most beautiful girl actually did such a shameful thing to 1000 players!”》 《Red name player, so horrifying!”》

Posts with similar titles appeared one after another like how weeds sprouted after rain.

It immediately attracted a lot of attention.

Immediately afterward, the entire Linhnan server was flared up boiling with excitement.

Be it Purple equipment, red-named player, or killing 1,000 players! Either one of those achievements could arouse the curiosity of any players.

Especially the purple equipment, players in other Linhnan servers Newbie Villages had not even seen what the blue equipment looked like until now, but Newbie Village 101 actually had purple equipment.

Moreover, it was claimed to be the worlds first purple equipment!

Countless people clicked on the post to see what the so-called worlds first purple equipment looked like.

Its still okay if you didnt look at it.

However, once you did, you would wallow in self-pity!

One-handed equipment: [Purple Sky Crossbow] Grade: Purple Level 8 (Upgradeable) Level Restriction: 10 Attribute: Thunder Attack Damage: 101 Durability: 99

20 Strength 40 Agility 100% Attack Speed 110 Thunder Damage 50 Penetrating Damage

Special Effect 1: Users attack has a 25% chance to cause paralysis.

It lasts for three seconds and can be stacked.

Special Effect 2: Energy consumption of [Multi Shot] is reduced by 33.33% Holder: [Princess]

Looking at such magnificent stats, all players were shocked to the point that their jaws almost fell off.

This single purple-tier piece of equipment was far beyond their imagination!

It was simply a rangers dream!

With such a crossbow in hand, the world is mine to conquer!

“Khhh, Im so jealous!” “I have called dibs on this crossbow! When I enter the main server, it will be in my hand!” “Come and have a look at this rare weapon!” “Envy, jealousy, and hatred!” “The Newbie Village has purple equipment.

Which Lucksack has it” “Newbie Village 101, isnt it the village with the two closed beta players” “Its impossible… ” “I suggest you donate your eyes to those in need.

[Holder: 【Princess】] Cant you see those big words” “What! That guy again.” “Why is it her again This player is a locust! She has taken away all the good things!” “Isnt it official” “God knows!”

Hundreds of people read this post in an instant.

The number of replies easily broke through thousands and its popularity continued to rise.

Soon, these players discovered that the next post seemed to be talking about Princess.

Everyone was dumbfounded at first glance.

This guy was not only a famous player but also a killer who shot dead nearly a thousand players!

Seeing that horrifying temporary skill, many people felt a chill up their spines.

The attack damage of nearly 10,000 points was too shocking.

It was no wonder that it was called the Slaughter God.

Who could resist such a monstrous attack damage!

Its great that Princess didnt spawn in our Newbie Village!

Many players couldnt help but to sigh.

No one wanted to play with such a horrifying player.

Maybe you would just end up shot dead if the other party was not happy with you for any reason.

Not only would she not be punished for killing people, but she could also become perpetually stronger.

It was basically a nightmare for players in the Newbie Village.

In the real world, Cathay, Yanjing, deep within a secret base.

“Whats going on with this player called Princess”

In the dark room, a sharp and clear voice sounded.

“……” “Are all closed beta players so abnormal” the voice said again.

“Perhaps.” At this time, a delicate voice replied.

“In my opinion, their protection level should be increased by two levels.” “There is no problem with Rakshasa, but this Princess has not been discovered yet.” said the delicate voice.

“Find her as soon as possible and protect her.” “I will follow the order.” After the delicate voice finished saying, the pitch-dark room returned to silence, as if there was no one here.

United States, Dorado, CIA branch.2

“Mira, I didnt expect that you, closed beta players, are so powerful! Killing a thousand players!” A black man in military uniform stared at the pictures of battle displayed on the screen and exclaimed.

That was the image of Princess slaughtering the player unilaterally.

“Im not.

Dont talk such nonsense!” Miras blond hairs trailed over her shoulders.

She had fair skin, was 1.65 meters tall, about 18 years old, with some freckles on her pretty face.

At this moment, she shook her head vigorously in denial.

“Oh, that is to say, this Chinese player is weird.” A vicious glint flashed through the eyes of the black man in military uniform.

“Yes.” Mila nodded.

She was also a closed beta player.

She was now at level 9 but she only had only obtained two pieces of blue equipment.

According to the latest information, Princess already has a purple crossbow, but the disparity was not too big.

“If this person called Princess can join our side…” Just after the black man in uniform said this, he shook his head slowly, “Since she is not of our race, her heart will never be with us which is completely intolerable….”3

Mira rolled her eyes.

Are you, a Black person, qualified to say that

If it werent for the so-called political correctness of the country, Mira would not give that Black Man even a glance.

“Pass the order, have the Chinese undercover find out who Princess is and then..

kill.” The black man in military uniform swiped his hand across his neck in a horizontal motion, showing an evil smile.


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