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Chapter 319 - It's Her, It's Her, It Is Her

Seeing that Mylene was nibbling that hamburger like a cute squirrel and occasionally sneaking glances at her, Yaeger felt like her spirit was cleansed.

‘My sister is so cute~’

The moment she returned to life, she had been subjected to massive pressure and couldn’t relax at all.

Now that she had enough strength to protect herself, progressed well in the game, and was safe in the real world—it would be a travesty if she didn’t relax herself.

Suddenly, she felt wetness and warmth from a finger and returned to her senses.

Looking down, she saw Mylene nibbling on her finger and licking it.

Noticing Yaeger’s gaze, she also returned to her senses and instantly blushed deeply.

So much so that steam nearly sprayed out of her head.

“Is it tasty” Yaeger asked gently.

“Wah!” Mylene spoke in deep embarrassment, “Sis-sister… It’s just an accident just now.

That’s right, an accident!”

“It’s fine.

I don’t mind.” Yaeger extended her other hand and caressed her small head.

Mylene instantly closed her eyes in joy, like a kitten.

Then, she was instantly reminded of her own brother.

When she was a child, her brother also gently caressed her head this way.

The space inside the store was instantly filled with an air of happiness.

At the same time, in a certain room in Huadu.

“Only the prices in the Linhnan server are this abysmal” Taurus asked.

The prices of some of the commodities in Jade City had inflated rapidly.

It was obviously abnormal.

Moreover, most of them were basic materials and various items that all players needed.

He’d swear on his life on the fact that someone was manipulating the prices.

However, who was capable enough to do that All of the sudden, an incredibly beautiful figure instantly surfaced in Taurus’ mind.

‘Is it really her That’s not right.

It’s about manipulating the commodity prices of a large city.

She’s not capable enough for that!’

To manipulate prices, one must unite all merchants in the city and acquire all resources, in order to form a monopoly.

As a capitalist who was extremely proficient in seeking the opportunity for profit, Taurus had already spotted this massive opportunity the moment he entered the city.

Unfortunately, cooperating and signing agreements with a merchant in the city required too much Favorability, too much energy, and too much investment.

It wasn’t a good deal for him.

It was already difficult to deal with one merchant.

Not to mention doing the same to the majority of the merchants in this city.


At the current stage of the game, no player could manage such a thing! But if it isn’t the players, then who’s manipulating the prices…’ Taurus squinted his eyes while feeling absolutely clueless.

“We checked it.

Commodity prices in other servers didn’t change much.

Only the prices in our Linhnan server are very abnormal.” S.K.Y.

replied after using the tablet for some time.

“If it isn’t done by the players, then it must be done by a certain NPC.

The question is, why does it seem like this NPC already knew us players would be here ahead of time and already did this…”

At this point of conversation, Taurus suddenly recalled the sly and devious seventh princess—Kastina.

‘It’s her! It’s her! It is her! The Empire’s little scourge!’

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“Ah ptui! She’s not little!” Taurus frantically shook his head.

Hearing that, S.K.Y.

was completely perplexed.

He had no idea why the topic would shift from discussing commodity prices to whatever that was.

“We have a traitor among us.” Taurus leaned back into the sofa.

“Traitor Who” S.K.Y.

adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses.

“Black-hearted Princess!”

“Her” S.K.Y.

was confused.

“Listen to me.

Here’s what happened.” Taurus had already compiled all the needed information in his head and then verbalized it in detail.


instantly understood everything after listening.

“I see! Black-hearted Princess entered the city before us.

She used this advantage to befriend the seventh princess and convince her to manipulate the prices, screwing us in the process.

She betrayed all players in the Linhnan server by doing this! How dirty, how despicable!” S.K.Y.

became angrier as he spoke.

“When you first told me that she’s scummy and devious, I didn’t really believe it.

Until she did me dirty!” Taurus clenched his fists with a grim expression.

At this moment, he recalled his experiences in Jadeleaf Plaza, anger and hatred surged in his heart.

“Her Favorability with that stubborn and domineering seventh princess must be very high since she could convince her into it.

The Black-hearted Princess’ methods are truly something else.” As he spoke, S.K.Y.

turned his head and glanced at Taurus.

“Young master Zhang, what do we do now”

“What else can we do We’re done for… No, let’s go along with the original plan.

We’ll reclaim the losses we’ve suffered from her, ten times over!” Taurus spoke spitefully.

“The problem is, we don’t have enough money right now.” S.K.Y.

shrugged and spoke helplessly.

Initially, they had more than enough money.

But they were now severely underfunded due to the massive price inflation.

“I’ll go back and discuss it with my dad.”

Taurus sighed.

The Zhang Family had boatloads of money but most of them were under his father’s control.

The money that he could utilize really wasn’t actually all that much.

After losing 81 million and spending money beforehand for all sorts of reasons, Taurus had exhausted most of his funds by now.

Now that the commodity prices in the game had it inflated massively, he’d need to increase his budget 3 times over.

Not only that, he also had to keep his entire Guild funded and fed.

It would end in a tragedy if he only relied on his personal funds for all of that.

After realizing that he had to ask his father for money despite being a full-grown adult, Taurus became incredibly flustered.

The hatred he had for Yaeger only increased.

“Young master Zhang, you…”

“I’ve made up my mind!” Taurus flicked his hand and spoke in determination.


“As I said, I’m not afraid to embarrass myself!”

“No, I’m trying to say, do you plan to go home looking like this”


examined Taurus up and down.

He knew that if Taurus showed up to Zhang Residence looking like this, his legs would be definitely broken.

“I… I’ll go looking like this… No… It’s better if I go to the mall and get a new outfit.”

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Taurus wasn’t going home for no reason this time.

Instead, he planned to ask his father for money.

If he returned home looking like that, he’d never get his money and his legs would be broken as well.


lightly shook his head as Taurus left.

He was starting to feel a little insecure about his future.


“Hopefully there won’t be any more problems.

Oh, Taurus Zhang, I’ve gambled my entire future by sticking with you.”

Inside the room, his helpless voice slowly dissipated.

Outside of KFC, Yaeger walked alone on the deserted streets after parting with Mylene.

“Now, it’s time to stretch my legs.”

Aside from meeting Mylene, she had another thing to do by coming out tonight.

“Those Hitmen nearly made it to my doorstep last time.

I believe they must’ve narrowed down their search radius by tracking my range of activity.

Now that this information is in E-Fairy, Vera’s hands, I’ll be in a world of hurt if she shared it with others.”

The solution to that problem was actually very simple.

She could just leave Jade Flower Garden and find a new hideout.

“But I don’t like moving houses.” She was enjoying her stay in Jade Flower Garden.

She really preferred to not leave the place unless she was forced to.

Moreover, renting or buying a house with her female form would expose her information.

She’ll definitely be tracked down by then.

“At this point, I can only expose myself deliberately and let my range of movement spread far and wide.”

She didn’t know if these actions would be helpful to her.

Yet, she still decided to do it.

Beep Beep!

Just as she was about to take action, her phone made noise.


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