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At the same time, players finally came to realize why S.K.Y.

spent so much money to establish a guild to recruit members for the purpose of defeating Princess.

It turned out that he came to know that Princess had purple equipment from some unknown channels!1

Seeking justice for all players and giving the world a bright future was all nonsense.

Although the way he said it sounded so righteously and awe-inspiring, what he actually wanted to do was to commit a daylight robbery.

Public morals were indeed degenerating with each passing day.

The men of today were sadly all degenerated!

People who realized this point began to despise S.K.Y..

The mouths of all 50 players who were kicked out of the guild were all twitching.

It seemed that the so-called celebrities liked to wear beautiful jewels to cover up the filth beneath!

Fortunately, they didnt get involved with him!

Yaeger noticed the changes in everyones gazes and the corners of her mouth curled slightly upwards again.

Although death was terrifying, it couldnt be compared to the terror of human greed.

Human beings would die for riches, just as birds would for food.

Whats more, death in the game wouldnt have any substantial impact on reality.

One could reap countless benefits if he won but only suffer a half-hour prison on death.

It was indeed worth a fight.2

For those who didnt know how to cherish life, Yaeger didnt have the slightest pity.

Some players saw Yaegers cold smile and the greed in their hearts instantly disappeared.

Their whole body trembled.

Currently, some players noticed Yaegers red name status and couldnt help showing a wretched smile: Promising!

They never thought that Yaeger was so weakened in the red name state since her defense was forcibly halved!

However, it was normal when one thought further about it.

Yaeger had previously killed nearly a thousand players.

Her red name was even visually somewhat purplish.

Itd be a wonder if she was not weakened by the system!3

Under normal circumstances, it was impossible for them to see Yaegers status, but the red name status was different.

Everyone could see it.

Seeing the eye-catching 45% equipment drop rate, they immediately trembled with excitement all over themselves.

The thought of taking risks blossomed in their hearts, just like an image of a wild horse galloping wildly across the vast free plains.

Previously, S.K.Y.

and others banded together to attack Princess.

Facing the hurricane-like attack of Princess, they had nowhere to hide.

However, they were different!

Now there were more than 2,000 players here.

As long as they were all dispersed, Princesss AoE would not be able to exert its maximum power.

If more than 2,000 players attacked Princess all at once, they could absolutely and easily beat her to death!

The thought of Princess purple equipment and the pile of equipment on the ground made everyones heart beat fervently.

However, when they saw the temporary skill under the red named state, they all turned dejected and heartbroken.

Temporary skills: [Bloodthirsty Rage] Attribute: None

Special Effect 1: While using this skill, you will become a bloodthirsty monster.

The more you kill, the stronger you get!

For every player killed, Attack Damage 10, Critical Damage 10, no upper limit.

Special Effect 2: While using this skill, your defense is halved and Attack Speed 150%.

Special Effect 3: No cooldown time and no energy consumption.

Description: Kill one; become a murderer, kill 100; become a homicidal maniac, kill 1,000; turn into a devil, and kill 10,000; transform into a God of Slaughter!

Pick the butchers knife and kill as much as you want, my child!

(This skill only works against players)

After using this skill, Princess defense would be halved, making her very vulnerable.

However, her attack speed would be increased by 150%!

They had seen Princess terrific reaction speed before, if it was increased by 150%, wouldnt it become godspeed!

A player looked at the first special effect and silently calculated in his mind.

Not counting the earlier players who were killed off before, currently Yaeger had killed a total of 951 players, which meant that her attack damage with this skill had soared up to 9,510 points!

This was even without factoring in critical damage stats!

Whats more shocking was that this skill had no energy consumption and no cooldown time!

This was the proper way to cheat in the game!

Moreover, it was the official system that provided her with this cheat!

There was no way to retaliate at all!

Let alone the idea that even if everyone spread out and attacked Princess, even if they stormed the front with all their lives together, they might still be one-shotted and killed one by one with Princess attack speed!

Was this player really not the ultimate final boss of Newbie Village!

Some people couldnt help but arrive at the realization of this cold hard fact.

No, this player was simply a devil king in human skin!

Looking at the skill description, these players couldnt help but tremble again.

Now, who would dare to fight the local tyrant to divide the pork Everyone was scared.

They were afraid that Princess would use them to pave the path to becoming a Slaughter God!


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