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In this world, most problems wouldn’t be a problem anymore as long as one had enough strength.

Also, when they used strength to solve problems, they might even trigger the occasional special quest.

“Ding! You triggered a special quest: [Slothful Behn].”

“Ding! The first stage of [Slothful Behn] is complete.

You are rewarded with 10,000 gold coins.”

The system was heard as soon as Behn fainted.

Yaeger was not surprised at all since she already knew that there was a special quest from Behn.

Her equipment was fixed and she also earned some extra money.

It was great.

She opened the Quest List and checked out the details.

Special Quest: [Slothful Behn]

Description: Behn, the best crafter of Jade City, has become slothful because he earned money effortlessly.

Unwilling to work, the excellent skills within him have stagnated.

You have only one mission, which is to make the slothful Behn work enthusiastically and contribute to society.

Stage 1: Defeat Behn, force him to work, and do not pay him his wages.

Reward: 10,000 gold coins.


Stage 2: Exploit Behn.

Force him to work for you, without pay.

Reward: 20,000 gold coins.

Stage 3: Make Behn feel the joys of work, or feel the fear of imminent death if he does not work.

Reward: 30,000 gold coins and increase Bane’s Favorability of you by 10,000.

Time limit: None

Failure Penalty: None

“Sister system, you’re the real demon…” After reading the quest details, Yaeger’s lips twitched and she covered her mouth before she finished speaking.

These days, she knew it wasn’t a good idea to poke fun at the system.

“I can earn sixty thousand gold coins by finishing the quest.

It’s quite profitable.”

As for his Favorability, Yaeger didn’t care about it at all.

[Slothful Behn] seemed like an easy quest to complete.

But in truth, it was simply because Yaeger was too powerful.

With Behn’s strength, he could easily beat up any players that were below Level 30 who wore standard equipment.


“The quest is to help Sister System by turning this lazybones into a wage-slave Interesting.” Yaeger let out a sweet smile while looking at Behn who laid on the ground.

Perhaps he heard her words or maybe he was having a nightmare—Behn trembled all over and sweated profusely.

His lips shook as well.

Leaving the Equipment Store, Yaeger returned to the Item Shop.

Yunuen and Layna were busy at work, so she didn’t disturb them.

She sat down and opened her inventory, only to see the best loot that she had earned today.

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[Sword of Eternity].

A replica of the Empire’s Holy Sword.

One of the greatest treasures of [Sword Clan].


Selecting it, its information was instantly displayed.

One-handed equipment: [Sword of Eternity] Grade: Unique

Level Restriction: None

Attribute: None

Attack Damage: 300-5000 (Automatically adjusted based on the user’s strength.)

Durability: 99

50-666 Strength (Automatically adjusted based on the user’s strength.)

30% Critical Damage

50% AoE Attack Damage

200 Time Attribute Damage

50% Attack Speed

100% Penetration Damage

Special Effect 1: [Space Rupture].

Unique skill of this weapon.

It can ignore space and directly attack any enemy within 5 meters.

Attack Damage depends on the user’s own strength.

Consumes 500 Mana.

60 second cooldown.

Special Effect 2: [Pierce The Heavens].

Unique AoE skill of this weapon.

Needs to be charged before activating.

15 seconds charge time.

Attack Damage depends on the user’s own strength.

Consumes 1500 Mana.

24 hour cooldown.

Special Effect 3: [Absolute Space].

Unique AoE skill of this weapon.

Has the special effect of [Terrain Destruction].

Attack Damage depends on the user’s own strength.

Instantly consumes all Mana.

24 hour cooldown.

Description: This is a replica of the Jade Empire’s Holy Sword.

Although it has only one tenth of its power, it is still very powerful.

Note: Upon equipping this sword, its user’s Mana will be constantly depleted by -1 per second.

Yaeger was pleased after checking out the [Sword of Eternity], and also a little surprised.

“Adjusting the weapon’s power based on the user’s own strength This sword’s just too smart.

And there’s no Level Restriction.

Really good.”

This was a sword that was as strong as its user.

This meant that it would increase in power as Yaeger increased her levels.

“Huhu, You actually gave me such an amazing gift.

You’re such a great guy, Yasa.” After smiling, she then spoke in regret, “But sadly there’s a negative debuff.

I can’t use it for too long.”

-1 Mana per second seemed to be minuscule, but it was actually a massive sinkhole.

It meant consuming 60 points in 1 minute, and 3600 points in 1 hour.

Based on Yaeger’s current Mana points, equipping the [Sword of Eternity] would deplete all her Mana within an hour.

“Let’s continue to use [Sunscorch] for now.

I’ll switch to [Sword of Eternity] when I have to.

Until now, nobody knew that I possessed [Sword of Eternity].

It’s undoubtedly another trump card that’s helpful to me.”

However, she could only play this card once.

Because the moment she equipped [Sword of Eternity], it would claim the first place on the Equipment Ranking Chart.

By then, it would be impossible for others to not know that she possessed a Unique weapon.

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“I suppose I won’t need to use it for now.” Based on her strength, this weapon wouldn’t help at all unless she was facing an enemy that had substantially more levels than her.

The street lamps were lit outside the shop.

There were less people outside when compared to the morning.

It was dinner time but Yaeger wasn’t hungry at all.

“Time to go offline.” But she was incredibly fatigued and her mental focus was terrible.

Beep Beep!

However, when she was about to go offline, a notification alerted her that she received a new message.

Opening it, it was a message from Nangong.

Nangong Lin: [Princess], It’s so terrible!

Yaeger: What’s going on

She clearly remembered that Nangong had complained to her that her life in the Forest of Spirits was too boring and monotonous.

‘Did something bad happen to her in real life’

Nangong Lin: The Elf Queen’s abusing me!

Yaeger: Oh, how did she abuse you

Nangong Lin: This is what happened…

She detailed what happened to her for the past few hours to Yaeger.

Yaeger: It’s a good thing.

Aren’t you complaining about boredom before this

Nangong Lin: Sob sob sob! But this is just too much! I actually need to carry hundreds of kilograms of rocks up the mountain, and there’s a ton of Magic Beasts chasing me from behind! I’m going to die! Sob sob sob sob! I’m not an easy target.

Stay away from me!

Yaeger: Best of luck.

Knowing that Nangong’s Main Quest had begun, Yaeger left the chat room and chose not to bother her.

Beep Beep!

Another message came.

Mylene Tian: Your identification card’s ready, sister.

Let’s meet tonight.

Yaeger: Sure.

I’ll contact you later.

Mylene Tian: ≧◠‿◠≦✌

After waiting for some time, there were no new messages in her mailbox.

Yaeger then logged out.

In Jade Flower Garden.

Yaeger opened her eyes.

The room was pitch black.

“By the way, I don’t think I’ve talked to Mylene about the name.

What name will she give me in my identification card”

Suddenly, Yaeger realized that she forgot to name her female form.

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“She’s not going to use [Princess] as my name, right” Yaeger instantly shook her head after whispering softly.

“That’s impossible.

My sister is capable, she’ll never do such a silly thing.”


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