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Chapter 315 - Influence The World With Elegance, My Dear Daughter

Behn climbed up from the floor and patted the dust off his clothes.

As a craftsman, he had a robust body that could handle lots of damage.

Moreover, Yaeger had pulled her punches since she had no intentions to maim him.

Hence, he was actually not that injured.

“Here’s the equipment.

Fix it within three hours.”

Yaeger acted straightforwardly.

She instantly pulled out [Dragon Abyss Sword: Sunscorch] and other equipment from her backpack and placed them on the table.

These equipment had deteriorated greatly due to her recent battles.

If she didn’t repair them yet, it would end up badly for her once they lost all Durability.

Looking at the vast amounts of equipment and the fact most of them were highly-leveled, Behn instantly felt a headache and screamed in his heart, ‘you demon!’

If they were all typical equipment, he could fix them all within an hour.

Moreover, he could take it easy.

However, making him fix this pile of high-leveled equipment within three hours was no different than killing him!

“Get started quickly.

I’m very busy.” Yaeger said impatiently.

It was close to dusk by now.

It would be completely night when the equipment was repaired.

It was obviously suboptimal for her to travel far to a place to gain experience late at night.

Hence, Yaeger planned to go offline and rest once they were fixed.

Her previous battle with Yasa was mentally draining.

She was already quite mentally fatigued by now.

There were only three days before she was to enter the underground maze—She was short on time.

But she wasn’t too worried since all she needed to do was to work hard grinding for a bit.

“I… I’ll begin immediately!” Seeing Yaeger’s grim eyes, Behn uncontrollably shivered and spoke anxiously.

Since he was dealing with someone much more powerful than himself, he decided to submit.

After all, he was the kind of person that enjoyed bullying the weak and feared the strong.

Closing the shop’s entrance, Behn took the equipment to the backyard.

A 3-meter tall black furnace that occupied lots of space was seen.

There were countless complex magical runes inscribed on the furnace’s surface.

A single glance alone was enough to tell that it was an extraordinary object.

Behn obediently operated the furnace and cautiously repaired the equipment.

Yaeger stood and watched the entire process, just in case he might steal all her equipment and escape.

However, she obviously had been paranoid.

Even if she left all her equipment here and went out, Behn would never run away.

He operated a large business, after all.

He would never take such a massive risk just because he wanted to own some high-quality equipment.

He preferred to take it easy and enjoy his luxurious lifestyle, which was funded by rent money.

Of course, the circumstances would be completely different if he was left with Unique equipment.

While Yaeger’s equipment was getting repaired, Nangong was still taking etiquette classes in the Forest of Spirits, at the West side of the continent.

Her progress to improve her Bloodline was still at a pitiful 5%.

She was still level 10!

This fact had made her utterly ashamed among her social circle.

She only felt more inferior when she was facing Rakshasa.

This competitor of hers was already far ahead.

So much so that she would be disqualified altogether.

‘This can’t continue!’

Once Rakshasa had completed her Bloodline quest, she would definitely go and earn lots of Favorability from [Princess].

By then, she would never reclaim her standing no matter how hard she tried!

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Upon thinking of Rakshasa spending time together with [Princess], flames of passion roared in Nangong’s heart.

‘I must never let this happen!’

“Respected godmother, I’d like to become strong!”

At this moment, she was having tea with the Elf Queen inside the carriage.

The scenery outside was amazing and stunningly beautiful.

“My dear daughter, be elegant.” Brynne—The Elf Queen—smiled calmly and then elegantly took a sip of tea.

“I don’t want to be elegant, godmother.

I want strength.

Strength that could kill a bear in one punch!” Nangong said.

Of course, the bear she referred to wasn’t the one in real life.

Instead, she was talking about a monster in the Forest of Spirits—the [Monstrous Bear].

“My dear daughter, as elves, elegance is etched deep in our bones.

It’s important, very very important.” Brynne put down the fancy teacup, “Of course, strength is very important too.


Although it’s a little early, I’ll let you experience the power of elegance.”

Hearing that, Nangong was instantly overjoyed.

Rather than learning embroidery and such, she still preferred combat.

The carriage stopped.

The Elf Queen and Nangong disembarked.

“Remember my words, dear daughter.

Elegance makes you strong.”

‘Isn’t it supposed to be: spending money on games makes you strong’ Nangong thought while seeming obedient on the surface.

“Next, I’ll show you the charm of elegance.” Brynne then held Nangong by the waist and became a gust of wind, disappearing.

Many seconds later.

Nangong realized that the scenery in front of her had changed.

It was initially picturesque but now it was desolate.

Moreover, the place was very hot, as if lava were leaking out of the ground.

She vaguely remembered that this place was very far away from the Forest of Spirits.

Yet, Brynne had brought her here within a short moment—her strength was simply unimaginable!


Suddenly, the ground ruptured and a massive shadow appeared.

Debris splashed everywhere and dust clouds enveloped the place.

Looking closely, Nangong could spot its actual figure.

It was a giant beast! Its level was unknown.

Since she couldn’t detect the level, this meant that it was probably an incredibly powerful Magic Beast.

It seemed ferocious.

It had a glowing black carapace and 2 rows of fangs jutted out of its massive maw—it occasionally spat out flames also.

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It was unquestionable that this was a fire-attribute Magic Beast.

Typically, all fire-attributed Magic Beasts had a common characteristic—they were temperamental!

This one obviously possessed that trait.

It instantly charged at breakneck speeds.

Its massive legs caused the entire ground to quake in fear.

Moreover, its terrifying aura swept over her as if it was a tornado.

“Look, dear daughter.

This thing is so barbaric and so violent.” Brynne laughed.

She seemed to have completely disregarded this massive Magic Beast.

Nangong was not surprised after seeing that.

After all, she was the Elf Queen.

If she couldn’t even deal with a random Magic Beast, it would be most unfortunate for sure.

“Dear daughter, elegance is a power that could influence all living beings.” After speaking, Brynne suddenly appeared in front of that massive Magic Beast, and terrifying energy condensed within her tightly clenched fist.

Then, she punched out.

Absolutely shocking!


The powerful shockwave created a spinning gust of wind and launched out.

It instantly shredded the massive Magic Beast into a million pieces, and the surrounding terrain was completely decimated.


I’ve influenced it.” Withdrawing her fist, Brynne turned around and looked at Nangong while letting out an elegant smile.

The latter’s eyes and lips were twitching intensely.

‘You sent it to heaven, alright Also, elegant my a̲s̲s̲!’

“Would you like to learn I’ll teach you.” Suddenly, Brynne flashed, appearing in front of Nangong and spoke softly.

The latter nodded without hesitation.

Whether it was elegant or not, nobody would refuse the opportunity to attain such monstrous strength.

“Then, let’s begin the real training.” After speaking, the Elf Queen’s face curved into a massive smile and her eyes turned into crescent moons.

Seeing such a smile, Nangong instantly felt a bad premonition in her heart.

However, before she could react, Brynne took her and flashed away.

3 hours later.

“Uhm, I guess it’s not that bad.

Seeing that you have such a large business, I’m sure you don’t like money.

So, I’ll donate the payment this time to a charity organization on your behalf.

It’s good to be charitable.”

Yaeger retrieved the fixed equipment and spoke indifferently to Behn, who was laying on the ground with a pale expression, sweat on his brow, and a twitching body.

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‘She’s a demon!’

Hearing this, Behn rolled his eyes and fell unconscious.


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