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As a response, Wild Arrogance was whipped.

“Young master of the Zhang Family!” The person who tortured him was a female Warrior, a player named [Spiritual Singer].

“Ouch! B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲, how dare you” The whip struck Wild Arrogance in the spot without armor protection—his flesh was instantly torn apart.

“The Guild Master of [Death of Love]! Ah!” [Spiritual Singer] whipped hard with a pleasant expression on her face.

Since Wild Arrogance made her lose tens of thousands of coins, she needed to whip him hard in order to alleviate her frustrations.

Smack smack smack smack!

The whip danced wildly while screams were constantly heard.

The spectators all cheered in joy.

The pain in their hearts could only be reduced by hearing his wails.

If Wild Arrogance didn’t post fake news on the forum and then baked them into betting on Yasa by spending 81 million, they wouldn’t lose all of their life savings.

No matter what, Wild Arrogance was regarded as a scapegoat this time!

“Whoop this guy to death! ”

“That’s what you get for scamming us! ”

“Whip him hard! ”

“As the Black-hearted Princess’ minion, you must die! ”

Wild Arrogance could only feel frustration after hearing the words.

He was definitely wronged this time!

“I didn’t… I’m not… Please let me explain… Ouch! ”

Wild Arrogance couldn’t do anything to placate the mob.

When thousands of people had surrounded him just now, he threw money around and made his guild members hinder them so he had enough time to go offline.

However, in the end, those people got ahead of him and escaped.

Now, he couldn’t go offline since his limbs were bound.

“Switch.” [Spiritual Singer] was finally exhausted after all that whipping.

Wild Arrogance instantly breathed a sigh of relief and took the opportunity to explain himself.

“It’s a misunderstanding.

I’m not associated with Black-hearted Princess at all! I’m innocent! It’s all a part of her scheme! I’m a victim too… Aaaaah! ”

A Holy Knight took her place.

Instead of using a whip, he directly bashed Wild Arrogance’s body with his warhammer.

“I’m falsely accused! The Black-hearted Princess did it!” The Holy Knight said as he continued smashing.

“Stop… Ueek! Stop it, I’m going to die!” Wild Arrogance vomited blood as he was beaten up.

He felt immense pain, as if all the bones on his body were about to shatter.

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“Somebody, get the Priest!” Someone shouted after noticing that Wild Arrogance’s health points were critically low.

“Are you the devil” Wild Arrogance was already prepared to die.

But after hearing those words, he was so frustrated that he almost vomited blood again.

When the spectating NPCs heard that Wild Arrogance, the seventh princess, and Yaeger had collaborated to scam them, they were all furious and felt the urge to kill Wild Arrogance.

Meanwhile, they knew they couldn’t do anything against the seventh princess and Black-hearted Princess.

By the way, by now, all the NPCs knew why Yaeger was referred to as ‘Black-hearted Princess’.

Because her heart was truly black as coal!

While Wild Arrogance was tortured by the players in the plaza, a group of people rushed over from a distance.

They were players too.

Yet, they had guild titles on them.

All of them were “[Death of Love]”!

It turned out that those guild members didn’t actually escape just now.

Instead, they strategically retreated in order to find reinforcements.

“How could you people do such things to him Courting death!”

The leader instantly shouted after seeing Wild Arrogance being tortured.

Everyone looked over, only to see thousand people or so rushing over with massive killing intent.

“It’s people from [Death of Love]!”

“They’re here to rescue Wild Arrogance!”


“That’s right.

Wild Arrogance made us lose so much money.

We mustn’t spare him! We have more people anyway.

We don’t need to be scared!” Someone shouted out loud.

Seeing that the situation had gone south, the surrounding NPCs instantly scattered.

They didn’t want to get involved with a battle between outsiders.

Both sides were currently in a standoff.

One of them were [Death of Love] members, here to save Wild Arrogance; the other were unaffiliated players that were scammed by him.

“Kill them!” The battle was about to begin, then Wild Arrogance’s scornful shout instantly started it.

Fight! It could only be resolved through battle! At this moment, Jadeleaf Plaza became a battlefield and the bloodshed had begun.

But it ended on a tragic note.

Because they stumbled upon Lili, who came to the outer districts to meet Alicia.

She was already in a bad mood to begin with.

When she came here, she noticed people fighting in the city.

Furthermore, it happened on a massive scale.

Hence, she immediately summoned all the guards in the outer districts, apprehended all these prayers and whipped them.

The sight of over 2,000 players being whipped at the same time was simply shocking to see.

At the end of the punishment, these players were also fined 1,000 gold coins each as penalty for destruction of public property.

The players who couldn’t pay were subjected to forced labor until they earned 1,000 gold coins.

It was simply tragic.

This commotion, induced by players, was finally settled.

“Black-hearted Princess, I’ll kill you for sure! ” After this incident, Wild Arrogance’s disdain toward Yaeger had reached its zenith.

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Of course, Yaeger knew nothing about it.

At this moment, she was drinking tea with Alicia, discussing their future plans.

“Alicia, can we enter the underground maze after a few days”

Alicia blinked her eyes as a response and instantly nodded.

“Of course.

As long as you’re ready, we can enter it three days later!”

She initially thought she had to wait a few more weeks for the [Child of Destiny] to become Platinum-ranked, in order to enter the underground maze together.

However, based on what Yaeger said, it obviously meant that she would become a Platinum-rank within a few days.

Hence, Alicia was definitely overjoyed.

The anger and frustration she gained from failing to capture [Sword Clan] instantly disappeared.

Even if she had information about the [Warlock Association] now, she knew that it was useless to expose them.

Because she was too weak! In order to be capable enough to deal with that mysterious organization, she had to recover her initial strength and even surpass it.

“Three days The deadline’s a little tight but I’ll try my best.” Yaeger took a sip of red tea and spoke calmly.

The emergence of [Sword Clan] and the [Warlock Association] had completely disrupted her plans.

Initially, she planned to attain the Berserk Drug, scam enough money, and increase her combat strength to its highest limit before going to the maze with Alicia.

However, her plans were rendered useless due to change.

She had no idea that the [Warlock Association] would take action earlier than expected.

Also, she was clueless about that mysterious organization’s objectives and the reason they were targeting Alicia.

Now that her enemies were hidden and waiting to strike, she couldn’t waste any more time.

She could only deny them from achieving the unknown goals by lifting Alicia’s curse and helping her to recover her strength, thereby restoring peace to the Empire.

Meanwhile, the key to solving all these problems was to enter the underground maze.

Yaeger left Alicia’s secret hideout after some more discussion.

Compared to the massive event 3 days later, she had more pressing matters to handle right now.

In a deserted region filled with Magic Beasts, inside the Jade Empire.

There was a great mountain that was inhabited by lots of ferocious Magic Beasts.

In such a dangerous place, there was a cold and damp cave that was actually filled with humans!

“Ahhhhhh! ” Deep inside the cave, a painful wail was heard.

“Huff… Huff…Huff… ” Then, gasps were heard.

“W̲h̲o̲r̲e̲, I’m going to rip you into shreds and grind you into ash! ” Finally, a resentful roar was heard.


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