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Silence enveloped the residence of [Sword Clan].

Then suddenly, a dark shadow appeared in the courtyard.

A few seconds later, over 100 people wearing stealthy uniforms appeared.

They moved deftly and were virtually silent.

“Second Lady, something’s amiss.” A tall man suddenly said.

“True, it’s too quiet.” The petite figure in front nodded.

Her nickname was Moonshadow, she was the second in command of the killer organization—[Hidden Kill].

She was referred to as ‘Second Lady’.

“Everyone, be careful.” Compared to before, she was much calmer.

However, the killing intent within her only became stronger.

Since [Sword Clan] was connected with the Warlock Association, then they deserved to die!

The dark shadows instantly dispersed and went to the buildings.

“[Warlock Association].” Looking ahead, she stepped forward as the moon-scythes she carried glimmered an ominous light under the sun.

Every step she took, killing intent radiated from her.

By the time she reached the main building of the residence, her killing intent had reached its zenith.

She was now akin to a cursed weapon that had claimed countless souls.

She had only one opponent—the masked man in black robes.

Once he was eliminated, it was only a matter of time before [Sword Clan] was eliminated completely.

However, from the moment she released her killing intent until reaching this place, she received zero response from her opponent.


I can’t sense that guy’s presence.”

As the only person that posed a threat to her, the masked man in black robes seemed to have disappeared and left no traces behind.

Something was amiss.

Very much so.

“Second Lady, something’s up!” A dark shadow appeared and spoke nervously.

“What’s going on”

“Everyone from the [Sword Clan] is gone! All the servants are held in a single building!”

Hearing that, her body trembled slightly as she clenched the moon-scythes her hand harder than before.

At this moment, another person appeared.

“Second Lady, there’s a large-scale teleportation array in the basement here.

And it was used very recently!”

“What” Her petite body trembled.

“I tried to activate it but it didn’t react at all.

I suppose they severed its connection from the other side.” Another Hidden Kill personnel said.

It was forbidden to construct a teleportation array privately in the Jade Empire.

Any violators would be sentenced to life in prison.

However, the truth was that only a few people would do such a thing.


Firstly, it was costly to maintain it.

Secondly, it was difficult to construct it.

Moreover, it was rare to find any Magicians specializing in the Time-attribute.

Hence, it would be difficult for anyone to construct it even if they were resourceful enough.

Moreover, they might even be caught after constructing it.

All in all, it was very risky.

[Sword Clan] took on such massive risks to secretly construct a teleportation array so they could save themselves if they needed it.

Based on what they said, she already knew that they were too late!


“Let’s check it out.” However, she didn’t give up yet.

How could she give up This was relevant to what she had been pursuing for years.

She would never let it go!

Along the way, she saw lots of messy footprints and also baggages that scattered all over the place.

It was obvious that those people from [Sword Clan] escaped in a hurry.

After some time, everyone reached the basement.

In fact, it was more apt to say that it was an underground city, instead of a basement.

If there weren’t tracking specialists among them, it would be impossible for them to discover the teleportation array within such a short span of time.

This teleportation array had a diameter of 10 meters.

The gem imbued with spatial magic in the middle emanated a weak glow, indicating that it was almost used up.

“Is there really no way to connect to the other side” She asked unwillingly.


The array on the other end is most likely destroyed by now.

The spatial link between them has been completely severed.” A Hidden Kill member that knew about spatial magic said.

“Then can we figure out the approximate location” She was still unwilling to let go.

That person shook his head.

“Second Lady, that’s simply impossible because the spatial connection between them is completely destroyed.

Even a master in spatial magic wouldn’t be able to determine the location of the other by now.”

She deliberated quietly after hearing his words and then said, “Mission complete.

All of you can return and standby.”

Her tone of voice was indifferent as usual.

However, it somehow incited terror for some reason.

The man wanted to say something but the person next to him pulled his sleeves and stopped him in his tracks.

Now, everyone could tell that the Second Lady was in a terrible mood and she might lash out at any moment.

Everyone quickly left the basement, leaving the Second Lady standing still in a daze.

“Just a little more… Just a little bit more and I’ll be able to connect the clues and root out the [Warlock Association]… Just a little… Just a little… Just a little… Just a little!”

She trembled all over as a green aura surged within her.

Then, it exploded like a fountain!

“[Sword Clan].

No matter where you go, I will purge all of you!”



As she spoke again, her white mask shattered, revealing a delicate and cute face.

She was none other than the Royal Knight’s deputy chief, Lili.

“The [Warlock Association] too.

I will kill every single one of you!”

As the moon-scythes flail wildly, the basement was then enveloped in a green light before exploding.


All of the Hidden Kill members who didn’t leave the residence yet heard a deafening noise.

Looking back, they saw countless giant green blades protruding from the ground and shredding all the buildings around them like paper.

Everyone felt chills down their spines after seeing it.

They instantly turned around and ran without hesitation.

They knew for sure that if they lingered around, they would be implicated by this mess as well!

After all, they knew the Second Lady was absolutely livid!

Soon enough, the residence of [Sword Clan], which had existed since the founding of the Empire was reduced to rubble.

“Lady, they escaped.

The Second Lady lost her composure.”

“I see.

Thank you for your hard work.” Alicia received the report from a subordinate and spoke calmly.

Then, she put away the purple transmission bead.

Unlike Lili, Alicia showed no emotion at all.

However, Nectar was confident that her master was probably incredibly furious now.

They were pursuing a very important clue.

If they could apprehend those people, they could then root out any members of [Warlock Association] that were hiding in the Jade Empire and eliminate them all!

However, those insufferable cretins had escaped and ruined her plan.

Hence, how could she not be angry She didn’t lash out in rage yet because the [Child of Destiny] was still with her.

She couldn’t allow herself to look bad in Yaeger’s presence.

In truth, Yaeger didn’t mind if she exerted her rage at all.

After all, it was bad to repress these things.

“They escaped.” Alicia said.

“I see.” Yaeger was not surprised by that.

After all, if the [Warlock Association] could be discovered this easily, it would be uncharacteristic of them.

‘Yasa escaped.

I’m afraid it’ll lead to future troubles.’

Yaeger wouldn’t be bothered with him if he wasn’t associated with the [Warlock Association].

Unfortunately, it was obvious to see that Yasa worked with them.

Since he would now receive help from the [Warlock Association], he would probably grow into a very powerful individual.

Yaeger instantly felt massive pressure burdening her body once again.


At this time, Jadeleaf Plaza was crowded and it seemed lively.

“You people can’t do this to me.

I am Zhang Family’s young master.

I am the Guild Master of [Death of Love].

If you mess with the bull, you’ll get the horns!”

In the center of the plaza, Wild Arrogance was tied to a crucifix.

He could only shout since he couldn’t move at all.


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