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Alicia wouldn’t have recognized anyone else this quickly.

But Akkash was different because he was Alicia’s sparring partner since she was a child.

Hence, she could tell with a single glance that the masked man in black robes was the one and only Akkash.

Of course, if someone could perfectly imitate Akkash’s combat style and his individual quarks, then it would be acceptable for her to make a mistake.

Yet, the premise was that this imitator had to be at least as strong as Lili in combat power.

Obviously, that condition was nearly impossible to fulfill.

“Akkash” Yaeger asked in confusion.

She could not recognize this name at all.

Hearing her voice, Alicia calmed down and spoke softly, “back then, Akkash was my guard captain who’s responsible for ensuring my safety.

On the day I was cursed, Akkash and the people from [Sword Clan] were not present…”

On that day, Alicia faced 3 incredibly powerful warlocks.

Although she had finally repelled them at the end, she was still cursed by them and was almost dead.

While she was laying her on her sickbed, she heard the news about Akkash committing suicide.

“I can’t imagine that guy actually faked his own death!” Alicia’s body trembled with rage while killing intent flash in her eyes.

Back then, the royal family didn’t punish [Sword Clan] because Akkash committed suicide.

Although she had secretly investigated [Sword Clan], she couldn’t find any evidence of them collaborating with the [Warlock Association].

Hence, the matter ended unsettled.

Of course, she no longer trusted them once the seeds of doubt were sowed.

[Sword Clan] deteriorated quickly partly because they failed to create talented descendants which would preserve their power, and because they were suppressed by the royal family.


Kahn’s marriage being forcibly annulled happened partly because of the Empire’s inadequacy, and partly because the royal family allowed for it to happen.

After listening to Alicia’s exposition, Yaeger was already convinced that the [Warlock Association] was collaborating with [Sword Clan].

Just as she wanted to tell Alicia about what she knew, the latter spoke first, “what do you think about Lili”

Despite not knowing the reason behind this question, Yaeger still answered truthfully.

“Not bad.

I like her a lot.”

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“That’s good.” Alicia nodded in satisfaction.

“Actually, Lili is my disciple.

Back then, her father was the Royal Knight’s Deputy Chief.

During that war, he died trying to protect me and left the young Lili behind.

In order to pay back his loyalty and sacrifice, I treated Lili like she was my own sister and taught her everything I can.”

“So, you’re saying that Lili’s father died under the hands of the [Warlock Association]” Yaeger was slightly perplexed after hearing that.

“Then why didn’t Lili react at all when Yasa showed his [Warlock Markings] It’s like she didn’t know about it at all.”

“Because I’ve stopped the information from disseminating.

Lili couldn’t learn about anything related to the [Warlock Association].” Alicia spoke with an affectionate gaze.

Yaeger deliberated slightly and then came to realization.

Alicia was actually protecting Lili by not letting her learn about the [Warlock Association] prematurely.

After all, that organization was too mysterious and too dangerous.

“Now that Lili’s capable enough, I think it’s time to let her know about the [Warlock Association].” When Alicia said that, she seemed a little saddened and worried.

“I see.” Yaeger nodded.

She already guessed that Lili worked for Alicia.

Yet, she didn’t expect them to have such a complex relationship.

‘Wait, Kahn’s marriage annulment happened more than a decade ago and Alicia was cursed by the [Warlock Association] a long time before that.

So, how old is she actually And Lili, even if she was about five years old back then, then now…’

Yaeger shuddered after thinking about this.

She didn’t dare to think about it anymore.

“Since Akkash’s still alive, then it’s enough to prove that [Sword Clan] is somehow associated with the [Warlock Association].”

Alicia’s expression became grim as killing intent flashed in her eyes.

However, it only remained for a split-second before she glanced at Yaeger affectionately.

“Well, before that, let’s handle your issues first.”

Hearing this, Nectar was absolutely stunned.

After all, [Warlock Association] was her master’s mortal enemy.

They should be taking initiative by ordering the arrest of anyone associated with [Sword Clan] since they had clues.

However, Alicia put hatred aside and prioritized solving Yaeger’s issues.

With that, it was obvious to see how much she valued the [Child of Destiny]!

“What I’m about to say is related to what you’re about to do.” Since Nectar understood it, Yaeger naturally did as well.

It definitely moved her heart.

Alicia was wholeheartedly kind to her.

Although such behavior was motivated by the fact that she could lift the curse, Alicia was still kind to her.

After all, anyone would be happy if they were treated kindly.

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Moreover, since Alicia’s Favorability of her was sky-high, the kindness she displayed to Yaeger was naturally sincere and true to her heart.

“It’s related to what I’m about to do” Alicia tilted her head slightly while feeling confusion.

“The relationship between [Sword Clan] and the [Warlock Association] might be more complicated than you expect.” Yaeger revealed all the information she knew.

As a reincarnator, she knew a lot of things about the future.

Her understanding of the [Warlock Association] was no less than Alicia.

Yaeger’s gathered intelligence perfectly compensated for Alicia’s deficiencies.

Alicia completely believed all the information that Yaeger provided to her.

“[Sword Clan]!” Akkash faking his death, the information provided by Yaeger, and the information she gathered formed a full picture.

Countless puzzle pieces were instantly formed into a complete picture—the truth.

[Sword Clan] rebelled! The [Warlock Association] lurked amidst [Sword Clan]! The most dangerous place was the safest place!


“I will never spare you people!” Alicia clenched her fists tightly as killing intent surged.

Her aura became as sharp as countless polished blades.

Immediately after, she took out a purple bead that was smaller than a ping-pong ball.

After injecting some energy inside it, Yaeger could see the bead emitting a faint glow of light.

“All Hidden Kill members standing by in Jade City, assemble immediately!” Alicia barked her orders to the bead.

The next moment, the entire Jade City seemed to have rumbled.

Soon, more than 100 people gathered in a certain underground complex.

All of them wore stealthy uniforms and each had a different mask on.

One of them was a petite girl who carried 2 large moon-scythes.

She was particularly eye-catching.

“Everyone, heed my orders.

Purge [Sword Clan]! Don’t even let a single bug go!”

When that petite girl had learned about the objective of this mission, her eyes instantly became bloodshot.

A gust of terrifying aura instantly enveloped the underground complex.


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