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The alley was deserted and quiet.

A petite maid struggled hard but realized it was effortless, because her opponent had more strength.

‘I\'m going to be killed!\'

Fearful! Ghastly terrified! It was her first time being so close to death.

She wasn\'t weak.

She could obliterate a typical Bronze-ranked within a couple punches; She could even maintain equal footing if her opponent was Platinum-ranked.

However, this opponent who apprehended her was obviously stronger than the average Platinum-ranked—Moreover, they were probably stronger than that rank!

The petite maid had no idea that someone would attack her Jade City, which was supposed to be safe and orderly.

She was careless.

Utterly careless!

As Alicia\'s liaison and personal maid, she should\'ve known that this seemingly calm city actually had surging undercurrents.

Now that she had been caught, it illustrated the fact that she had relaxed herself too much.

‘Master, I\'m so scared!\'

Unlike Alicia\'s other servants, the petite maid obviously had little combat experience and had never faced any danger.

Hence, her willpower was definitely weaker than those warriors who had risked their lives and fought dangerous battles.

Currently, this was the first crisis that she had ever experienced in her life.

Thus, she was obviously terrified!

Although knowing that her actions were futile, she still struggled with all her might.

While twisting her body around, she made contact with an object that was thick, hard, and slightly hot.

Immediately after, her pupils shrank and her body trembled as if she had entered a walk-in freezer.

Despite being a pure maiden, she still knew about things in that aspect.

If she wasn\'t mistaken, the thing that was poking her was a horrifying little creature that would terrify her!

‘I\'m about to be violated! No! I don\'t want it! I don\'t want it! Master, save me!\'

The petite maid struggled even harder as cold sweat flowed down her forehead.

Tears started appearing in her eyes as she was in a state of extreme panic.

‘Sob sob sob! Stop it.

I\'m still young.

I\'m not yummy at all! Stop it now!\'

The sensation of dealing with that thick and warm object was distressing to her.

She felt nothing but horror!

‘I don\'t want it! I don\'t want it! I don\'t want it! If it\'s possible, I\'d rather offer my first time to my master… Ah, no! How could I harbor such rebellious thoughts! God, please forgive me!\'

While she was thinking about nonsensical things, an attractive voice was heard.

Don\'t move.

It\'s me.

The petite maid returned to her senses after hearing that slightly familiar voice.

After some thinking, she recalled a dazzling beauty in her mind.

Then, she instantly calmed down and stopped struggling.

As a response, that person released her.

Quickly turning around, the petite maid saw that beautiful and dazzling young lady.

It was none other than Yaeger.

You… How can you do this! The petite maid pointed at Yaeger and scolded.

She instantly blushed after recalling being poked by that thing just now.

At the same time, she was curious why the [Child of Destiny], as a girl, would have that body part on her

When she looked at Yaeger\'s waist, she instantly came to a realization that the thing that poked her just now was a sword handle.

[Dragon Abyss Sword: Sunscorch] was a fire-attribute weapon.

It was natural for it to remain warm after use.

Hence, what she previously felt was the residual heat on the sword handle.

Within an instant, her small face blushed once again.

After the roller coaster of emotions, it turned out that she had misunderstood things.

However, it wasn\'t entirely her fault.

After all, it was difficult for anyone to remain calm after experiencing such a terrifying ordeal.

I\'m sorry.

I chose to do this because I can\'t show myself. Yaeger explained.

After seeing the petite maid leaving [Castle Arena], Yaeger chose to follow her.

She wanted to tell Alicia the information about [Sword Clan] and [Warlock Association] as soon as possible.

However, she didn\'t know if Alicia was currently in the Hasa Hotel, so she chose to strike down… No, intercept the petite maid halfway so she could lead the way.

After the duel, Yaeger\'s reputation in the Jade Empire had risen to a whole new dimension.

Now, many entities paid attention to her and everything she did would be known to all.

Since the petite maid was known to be Alicia\'s representative, Yaeger naturally couldn\'t interact with her carelessly like she used to.

Hence, Yaeger instantly came to this place and concealed herself after leaving the [Castle Arena], waiting for the petite maid, who would arrive later, and apprehend her.

Well, you still can\'t… After recalling the fact that she was practically glued to the [Child of Destiny] just now, the petite maid\'s face blushed once again.

‘Why do I feel so attracted to this annoying person Ah, I feel terrible!\'

I\'m sorry, I had no choice. Yaeger spoke calmly.

Since they were both girls, she had no qualms with having such physical contact with the other party.

What do you need The petite maid was a little displeased after seeing her in an indifferent expression.

She started speaking without emotion.

‘This person took advantage of me and acted like nothing had happened.

So annoying!\'

I need to meet Alicia. Yaeger spoke.

Hearing Alicia\'s name, the petite maid instantly became solemn.

I\'ll lead you to her now.

To her master, Alicia, the [Child of Destiny] was more important than anyone or anything else.

Hence, she would not be aloof when she was dealing with Yaeger.

By the way, I don\'t know your name yet. While they were moving quickly in the alley, Yaeger suddenly asked.

My name is Nectar. She uttered her name.

The latter nodded slightly.

That\'s a good name.

Ill remember it.

Then, neither of them said anything.

After twirling around the labyrinthine alleys, they arrived at a small building with three floors.

This building seemed very ordinary and resembled the rest of the residential lots around it.

Nectar carefully examined her surroundings, then led Yaeger to the back door and entered after knowing that they were alone.

Inside the house.

Yaeger suddenly sensed a subtle aura that was powerful but cold.

After close examination, she realized that it wasn\'t Alicia\'s.

‘Is there a hidden bodyguard here to protect Alicia\'

When it came to that person\'s actual strength, Yaeger couldn\'t tell based on their aura alone.

Nectar was leading the way.

They didn\'t go to the living room nor upstairs.

Instead, they entered a room.

It was a study room.

Nectar fiddled with a mechanism inside the bookshelf, which opened and revealed a stairway leading downwards.

‘There\'s actually a secret chamber here Without Nectar\'s guidance, I won\'t be able to find Alicia for sure.\' Yaeger followed Nectar as she thought.

Despite being an underground secret chamber, the air inside it wasn\'t stuffy at all.

Instead, it was incredibly fresh.

Obviously, this meant that the room was equipped with a great ventilation system, or it was hooked up with some air purifying magic.

Here you are. Just as they descended to the stairwell, they heard an attractive and mesmerizing voice.


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