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In the Fortress Arena.

“Lowly Slave, how can you run away that quickly!” Kastina stomped her foot in anger.

Initially, she planned to share her excitement of bagging 180 million with Yaeger.

However, the other party ran away just like that.

Not only that, before she slipped away, she tossed her a burden to take care of.

So depressing!

Yunuen was a little bummed out after looking at the frustrated Kastina.

‘Actually, I don’t need to be taken care of.’

As she pondered, she suddenly felt the intense and repressed anger collectively emanating from the spectators.

She instantly felt chills down her spine and trembled all over.

‘She’s such an attentive person!’

She couldn’t help but feel gratitude towards Yaeger, despite being the main perpetrator who made this happen.

In Rosen Hotel, in real life.

“It’s great to hear that [Princess] is fine!” Nangong sighed in relief.

Back then, her heart almost jumped out of her chest when she saw the masked man in black robes unleashing his attack.

Fortunately, someone showed up to help at the critical moment.

“That loli’s such a nice person.

I’ll definitely give her some candy next time I meet her!”

Nangong smiled.

Beside her, Pixie continued to stare at the screen while being in deep deliberation.

‘So amazing.

Although it’s not my first time seeing [Princess] fight, I still didn’t imagine that she’s actually so powerful.

If she could bring this power to reality, then she’ll be able to completely demolish the typical Grandmaster.’

As a martial artist, she noticed a lot more things from that fight when compared to Nangong.

Nangong Lin: [Princess] is so strong, so pretty, so cool!

Meanwhile, Pixie also found that loli and that masked man in black robes to be ridiculously powerful!

‘If those two people aren’t virtual characters but they’re people in real life, I’m afraid they’d be on the Ascension Stage!’

“This game is surely interesting.” She clenched her fists tightly, with a glimmer of anticipation in her eyes.

In a certain apartment, in Roc City.

The room was filled with silence.

A young girl slouched on the chair and glanced at the monitor while looking mesmerized.

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‘My [Princess] is the strongest in the universe!’

She was watching a freshly recorded video.

So fresh it’s practically raw.

Rakshasa uploaded that video onto her phone and powered down her computer.

Then, she laid on the bed and continued watching Yaeger’s combat footage.

At times, she was so excited that she almost lost control and kissed the screen.


It’s wet.’

Although she didn’t actually kiss it, a drop of saliva still fell on it.

‘I really want to play the game with [Princess] as soon as possible!’

Her progress into completing her Bloodline quest was at 15%.

It would take some time before she actually could finish it.

In the Ability Management Department’s apartment in Roc City.

“What… What is this” Old Man Tian’s eyes were wide open and his expression was contorted as he let out a scream.

He completely lost his composure, to this extent, because of a video being circulated in his social circle.

It was a recording of the duel between Yaeger and Yasa.

Of course, it also included the confrontation between the masked man in black robes and Lili.

Actually, that was the important part for him.

The strength of [Princess] was beyond his imagination.

It definitely surprised him.

However, he was actually shocked to the point of losing composure because of the strength displayed by Lili and that man.

“Ascension! This is the Ascension Stage that’s heralded in myths!”


Due to his overwhelming excitement, Old Man Tian had shattered the Huawhey tablet in his hands.

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“Indeed, the higher-ups are correct when they say that this game is out of the ordinary!”

At this point, he had made the decision to enter the game and check it out for himself.

Soon, another old man would become a player in «Saint Demon World».

In the game.

Among the spectators.

“Ahhhhhhh! Black-hearted Princess! I will kill you!” Someone roared hysterically.

This person had nearly lost all his life savings since he wagered it all on Yasa when Kastina opened her gambling stall.

At first, he was gleeful and thought that he made the right decision.

Naturally, he became an utter loser now.

Although he knew it’s normal to lose, he felt that he was truly wronged this time! After all, nobody had expected that Yaeger was actually terrifyingly powerful.

Not only that, she actually collaborated with Kastina to scam people! This time around, aside from the players, even the NPCs were completely scammed.

“Damned [Princess], I curse you!”

“I lost all the money I saved up for the wedding!”

“Sob sob sob sob!”

The scene was now filled with curses, lamentations, and cries.

Soon, the sounds merged into a tidal wave that rumbled its surroundings.

“Black-hearted Princess, I will never forgive you!”

“Black-hearted Princess, I will r̲a̲pe̲ and kill you then kill and r̲a̲pe̲ you!”

Now that Yaeger wasn’t around, those keyboard warriors, actually no, those courageous players were now lamenting helplessly.

If Yaeger was still around, they would most likely be as meek as baby lambs.

“All you can do is moan and cry.” Wild Arrogance smirked disdainfully.

These people were so noisy that it severely impaired his thinking.

“What did you just say” Wild Arrogance wasn’t loud but people still heard it.

“Hey, are you crazy He’s the [Prodigal Master Of Huadu].

You can’t afford to be his enemy!” Someone remarked from the side.

That person returned to his senses after hearing it.

When he was about to say something, someone else spoke.

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“I have a deep suspicion that Black-hearted Princess, [Prodigal Master Of Huadu], and the Empire’s princess were involved in this betting scheme!” This person spoke in unmatched confidence.

“Now that you say that, I really feel that way also.”

“That’s right, that’s right.

I believe that too.”

“Tsk tsk tsk.

He’s such a terrible person!”

Indeed, a small minority could easily (mis)guide the majority in a new direction.

When people intend to cause drama, drama would happen regardless.

Before long, lots of players were criticizing Wild Arrogance.

“You people are stupid.

I’ve lost eighty-one million!” Wild Arrogance instantly scolded after realizing that everyone was looking for someone to blame.


Are these people brainless or what They don’t even have the ability to think independently and believe everything that others say.

Absolute pigs! No, they’re actually worse than swine!’

He was obviously enraged and frustrated because of this.

“That’s right.

[Prodigal Master Of Huadu] was the prime victim this time!”

“That’s true, that’s true!”

“This guy lost eighty-one million, all at once!”

Many players started to defend Wild Arrogance.

“Oh, naive.

All of you are hopelessly naive!” Someone stood up and laughed.

“What are you laughing about”

“I can remember… No! I’m saying that all of you are hopelessly naive! Let me introduce myself.

I’m an executive in a certain web broadcasting company.

Evidently, you can see my username—[Tuturu].

Let me tell you, there’s a lot of unspoken rules in the world of live-streaming.

One of them is that donations from big whales must be returned, while donations from the foolish viewers are distributed among ourselves.

That’s right.

Most of the massive donations from whales you’ve seen are all lies!

Fake! It’s done to attract your attention! Just like online games.

Those few players that are always undefeatable will kill you every day.

This is done so that you’ll be enraged and pay money! If you don’t pay money, will you be strong enough

Impossible! Now, do you people understand what I’m trying to say That’s right.

The [Prodigal Master Of Huadu] is another scammer! You may be wondering why a so-called young master from an affluent family would do such things, right

The answer is that he’s not the young master of the so-called Zhang Family at all! He’s just a liar!”

A lot of flaws will be found in this person’s statement if it was heavily scrutinized.

However, since the players here were all aggravated, they would assume it to be true as long as it made the slightest sense.

At this moment, everyone believed that they were fooled by Wild Arrogance.

The repressed anger in their hearts was about to implode out of their flesh.

“You… What are you people doing Stay away from me!” Wild Arrogance became terrified after realizing that hundreds to thousands of players had surrounded him from all sides.

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On the other side, the petite maid who was pulled into the alley had a pale expression.

She was incredibly terrified as well!


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