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Seeing the tip of the blade rapidly enlarging in her field of vision, Yaeger was mortified.

She had no strength to dodge since she was utterly exhausted.

No, she couldn’t dodge the strike anyway even if she was at her prime.

It was because the difference between their strength was simply too substantial.

This masked man in black robes was incredibly powerful!

As he watched the tip of the blade making its way to Yaeger’s heart and was about to kill her, something suddenly happened.

“How dare you!” An indifferent voice suddenly rang.

Then, an ornate green battleax appeared between Yaeger and that man.


The ax accurately struck the blade, completely stopping his lethal attack in its tracks.

Moreover, its overwhelming power completely ruined his stance and created a massive weak point.

“A sanctioned duel is sacred and inviolable!”

Hearing that, Yaeger instantly noticed a petite figure swinging another battleax into that man.

The battleax flashed in green light, releasing a terrifying aura.

This strike actually carried tremendous power!

The masked man in black robes sensed an incredibly threatening aura—his pupils instantly shrank as chills ran down his spine.

Without a second thought, he manifested a crimson-red shield.


The green light formed into a massive blade and swept across, creating a massive quake on the spot as debris surged to the skies.

The shield took the brunt of the attack and flew outwards after a deafening bang.

Crack crack crack!

The crimson-red shield cracked as a response.

As the masked man in black robes landed on the ground, it instantly shattered and dissipated into light particles.

Meanwhile, the man stood straight and was unscathed.


Fresh blood was trickling down his mask.

Drip! The liquid fell and stained the ground in red.

‘He… He’s hurt!’

The scene became quiet.

All the spectators were in disbelief, dazed, and confused.

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As if going through a roller coaster ride, the constant change of events was about to knock them off their socks!

Initially, everyone despaired since they knew Yaeger was about to defeat Yasa.

Yet, the masked man in black robes suddenly appeared and tried to assassinate her, rekindling their hopes.

However, when the assassination attempt was about to succeed, a cute little girl appeared and sent him flying.

Not only had she bashed that man, she also bashed all their hopes and dreams away!

If Yaeger died and Yasa remained alive at the end, then Yasa would become the winner of this duel.

After all, the only person left alive deserved victory.

As for the punishment the man would receive in the future, nobody cared.

They only cared about getting their money!

Unfortunately, all of their delusions of grandeur were instantly shattered by Lili.

“Double Ax Lili!” The mask man in black robes stared at the petite figure holding 2 battleaxes and screamed scornfully.

“It is I.” The latter nodded calmly.

“Color me surprised.

It turns out there’s someone as powerful as you in [Sword Clan].”

She unleashed her previous attack with killing intent, not expecting that her opponent would face it head on and survive.

“This is between me and that w̲h̲o̲r̲e̲.

Don’t interfere.” Crimson aura surged from that man as killing intent overflowed in his gaze.

“Otherwise, don’t blame me for what I’m about to do next!”

“Are you looking to be killed” Lili laughed indifferently as she raised her head to look at that man, aura surged within her body.

The next moment, the air itself shook! No, even the ground trembled!

Yaeger almost lost her balance.

She was shocked since Lili’s strength was simply terrifying!

Currently, she felt like she could be killed at any moment, just like a piece of meat on the cutting board! She would be killed instantly!

The green and red aura expanded ferociously and then clashed.


The already devastated flooring couldn’t handle the strain and instantly crumbled.

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Yaeger, who was stuck on the battlefield, felt intense pressure as her health points were plummeting.

“Stop it.

All of you, stop.

Stop fighting!” At this moment, the seventh princess, Kastina, jumped down from the spectator’s row and screamed.

Hearing that, both Lili and the masked man in black robes retracted their auras simultaneously.

The former was the Royal Knight’s deputy chief, while the latter was the royal family’s protector—a member of [Sword Clan].

Naturally, they couldn’t disobey the orders from a princess.

At the very least, they wouldn’t do it publicly.

The masked man in black robes sheathed his sword while glancing at Yasa not far away, feeling heartache.

At this moment, Yasa was unconscious and laying on top of a giant palm print, with his [Beastify] already dispelled.

His originally stout body was now nothing but skin and bones.

It was one of the side effects that resulted from overusing that strength.

‘Where’s the sword Where did it go’

Shifting his gaze, he failed to locate the [Sword of Eternity].

‘Did it fall into those fissures Damn it! Those damned royals are lucky!’

Since he had attacked twice just now, his true identity could be uncovered at any moment.

Hence, he couldn’t stay here any longer.

After some hesitation, he decided to take Yasa with him and give up on the [Sword of Eternity].

Although this weapon was undoubtedly a masterpiece, it was still not sufficiently good enough for him to take a risk by staying here and finding it.

As long as he continued following his liege, he knew that he would claim any weapons of this caliber or better in a matter of time.

Now, he knew he had to prioritize his safety!

‘If the damned Emperor knows that I’m alive, [Sword Clan] might be purged!’

He didn’t wait for Kastina to approach.

With a flash, he appeared at the giant palm print and lifted Yasa up, then he turned into a flash of red light and left the arena.

Lili didn’t stop him from leaving.

After all, it was arduous to block an opponent on her same level of strength from leaving.

Also, there was no need anyway.

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Of course, if she knew that those people were affiliated with the [Warlock Association], she’d have invested all her power to kill them.

Yaeger breathed a sigh of relief.

Actually, she already expected such a thing to happen—it was typical to see a stronger enemy appear after defeating the weaker one, as seen in all the stories and dramas she consumed.

It would be weird if it didn’t happen.

However, she didn’t expect that the stronger enemy was a broken character that could kill her in a single strike!

She would be definitely killed if Lili didn’t show up.

“Thank you, Lili.” Yaeger approached and said solemnly.

Although she was a player that could be resurrected even if she was killed, but anyone would avoid dying if they could.

“No need.” Lili nodded softly, her expression still indifferent as always.

“Ding! Lili’s Favorability towards you has increased by 4,000 points.” The system’s broadcast was heard.

No, it actually ran continuously.

“Ding! Richard’s Favorability towards you has decreased by 2,000 points.”

“Ding! Chris’ Favorability towards you has decreased by 10,000 points.

He now disdains you.”

“Ding! Kahn’s Favorability towards you has increased by 2,000 points.”

“Ding! …”

‘So annoying!’

Yaeger decisively muted all system alerts.

“Lowly slave, are you alright” Kastina jogged over and asked with concern.

She stopped them from fighting previously because she noticed Yaeger’s anguished expression.

There was a cute little girl behind Kastina, it was Yunuen.

“[Princess], are you alright”

“I’m fine.” Yaeger smiled at them before noticing a familiar person in the corner of her vision.

“Kastina, Please look after her for me.

I’ve something to do.”

Naturally, she was referring to Yunuen.

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Now that they saw Kastina and Yaeger standing together—those players and NPCs, no matter how stupid they were, realized that they were scammed.

Their silent rage was bound to explode at any moment.

They might not be daring enough to seek retribution from Yaeger, but they might go to Yunuen instead.

“As the princess, I…” Before Kastina could finish her sentence, Yaeger already jumped away and left the arena at breakneck speeds.

In the commercial district.

“The markings on Yasa’s body resembles [Warlock Markings]… I must show the footage to my master immediately!”

A petite figure dashed across the streets quickly, like a phantom.

When she went into a certain alley, two hands suddenly stretched out!

One held her body while the other covered her mouth.

Like a poisonous snake, they retreated to their den once they caught a prey!


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