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Fast! Very fast! After morphing into a beast, Yasa was like a cannonball and created ripples of air as he pounced on Yaeger.


The powerful storm made it difficult for Yaeger to open her eyes.

“Gah!” Yasa glared at her with bloodshot eyes.

Despite losing all sense of reason, his overwhelming impulse to destroy Yaeger still controlled his body.

It would never dissipate as long as Yaeger was still alive!

The long sword slashed down with a dazzling silver glow.

This attack was so strong that it could move mountains!

Yaeger’s scalp went numb after noticing the terrifying strength, and blocked it with her sword without a second thought.

Then, the [Sword of Eternity] heavily slammed onto [Sunscorch], letting out an overwhelming impact force.


The ground shattered in response and Yaeger sank down, with a strained expression on her face.

Seeing this, the spectators were first stunned, then overjoyed.

Although they had no idea what happened to Yasa, they were happy as long as he could kill her!

After all, almost all of them had wagered on Yasa!

Some of them even invested all their life savings into it—they couldn’t afford to lose.


The already devastated arena completely collapsed at this moment.

Debris exploded all around and dust scattered everywhere.

Yaeger, who faced the brunt of the impact, felt her insides churning up.

She instantly vomited blood.

“Gaaaaaaah!” Yasa continued his assault, he used the [Sword of Eternity] like a stick and wildly swung at her.

On the other hand, Yaeger was forced to passively defend herself.

Under the intense rampage, she felt like all her bones were about to be shattered.

‘Is he a Berserker now or what’

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Yaeger felt immense bitterness in her heart as the blows she received were getting stronger.

At the same time, her health points were plummeting.








“Are you done It’s my turn now!” When her health points had dropped to 49%, red light glowed in her eyes and [Sunscorch] started spewing flames.


The swords clashed—fiery flames and silver light enveloped the scene.

The powerful impact separated Yaeger and Yasa from each other.

As Yasa backed off for several meters and barely stabilized himself, He saw a black silhouette at the corner of his vision.

It was Yaeger.

“I’ll return the favor ten times!” Just as she spoke, fiery sword energy surged at him.

Yasa remained stalwart as he wildly flailed the [Sword of Eternity], and managed to actually shatter most of the sword energy.

However, the remaining attacks that slipped through still made him scream out of pain.

By now, Yaeger had a 100% critical rate.

All of her attacks were the strongest it could be!

“[Thousand Waves]!” After the successful attack, she decided to press the advantage.

Her sword energy seemed like an ocean!

The newly materialized sword energy surged and completely consumed Yasa.


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Everyone could hear the sound of waves.

The ocean of sword energy swirled around and slammed Yasa’s body, wave by wave—each wave was stronger than the last, and it seemed to be unending!


The next moment, the cumulative impact force finally reached the breaking point and sent Yasa flying away.

He bled heavily while wailing constantly.

“This is a Great Warrior’s [Thousand Waves].” On the scene, there were only a few people that had personally seen this ability.

Lili was one of them.

“You learned it just after one fight What a terrifying child.” A hint of surprise was seen on her indifferent face.

“It’s not over yet!” Yaeger didn’t stop after unleashing that terrifying move.

With her shout, [Sunscorch] flew out and automatically targeted Yasa!

Many spectators were shocked beyond relief after witnessing the scene.

‘What is going on here’

‘How could Black-hearted Princess suddenly gain a burst of strength after being suppressed by Yasa, and now she’s winning’


She’s obviously using him like a punching bag!’

Wild Arrogance was immediately reminded of the insane Special Effects of [Chaos God Ring] and felt intense emotions.

‘This is the true power of that Artifact!’

It was undeniable that he had vastly underestimated the strength of [Princess].

Despite witnessing the strength of that Artifact, he still didn’t feel like giving up.

Instead, his desire to attain this Artifact had reached unprecedented heights.

‘Such overwhelming power.

It must feel good to trample your opponents like that, right

[Princess], your Artifact is great indeed.

However, it will become mine very soon!’

At this moment, he was already amending the plan inside his thoughts—he had decided to invest additional resources in order to defeat [Princess].

Among the spectators, the masked man in black robes was trembling all over as killing intent flashed in his eyes.

He was about to lose all his patience.

Yet, he couldn’t do anything about it.

At least not now.

“Yasa has overused that power, in public.

He has already planted a ticking time bomb in our clan.

Now, we can’t remain in Jade Empire for long…” He felt mixed emotions as he whispered.

In the arena.

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Yasa could perceive his death drawing near at every breath.

His survival instincts made him forcefully suppress his pain and look ahead.

It was fine when he didn’t.

But when he did, his heart nearly stopped entirely.

A flaming blade was approaching him at breakneck speeds and it targeted his heart!

“Gaaaaaaah!” Yasa screamed weirdly and then twisted his body in midair.


The flaming sword energy flashed past.

Drawing fresh blood in the process.

“Gah!” Yasa’s wails were instantly heard.

There was now a terrifying wound below his sternum.

Moreover, flames spewed from that wound and lit him on fire.

“Fly up!”

There was more to come.

A pleasant voice was suddenly heard below him.

Immediately after, everyone saw a pair of beautiful legs appearing from below as it fiercely stomped on Yasa’s back.


The sound of broken bones was heard.

Then, Yasa flew up into the skies!

Yaeger exerted force into her hand that was pressing the ground and sprung up the air.

Then, she landed on the ground with the spin and waved her right hand—manifesting [Berserk Thunder].

“Bloom like fireworks.”

The next moment, the cluster attack that almost everyone in the city was familiar with had happened again.

The sky was instantly turned into an ocean of purple electricity.

The explosion ended soon, then a charred black object fell from the air—it was Yasa.

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Just as everyone thought that the battle was about to be concluded, Yaeger leapt up into the air like a wind elemental.

Within an instant, she appeared on top of Yasa, who was about to land on the ground, and manifested a semi-transparent giant palm using her aura.

“Stop!” At this moment, the masked man in black robes finally lost his composure and yelled loudly.

Because he clearly knew that Yasa would either be dead or permanently disabled if Yaeger followed through with this attack.

“D̲u̲m̲b̲a̲s̲s̲.” Yaeger had no intention of stopping at all.

She would never spare anyone that had offended her!

Space itself seemed to be trembling as she slapped out her giant palm!


After the precise slap, the ground instantly shattered and created countless fissures that spread out in all directions.

When that happened, debris scattered everywhere and dust clouded the skies.

Yaeger landed with a pale expression on her face—it was the first time for her to be so exhausted after the battle.

However, at least she earned some benefits.

There was a sword glowing with silver light in front of her—that was her trophy.

While dust and debris clouded everyone’s vision, Yaeger swiftly sent the [Sword of Eternity] into her inventory.

“W̲h̲o̲r̲e̲, you are courting death!” Suddenly, a gust of strong wind blew over and dissipated in the dust cloud.

A black figure emerged from within.

Before Yaeger could react, that black figure had appeared in front of her like a phantom and stabbed out!


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