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The entire scene was dead silent.

Most people felt like they had dreamed a wondrous dream that was both unbelievable and realistic.

Simply unbelievable.

If it wasn’t a dream, they couldn’t explain what had happened in the arena.

Everyone clearly saw that Yaeger was completely swallowed by Yasa’s terrifying attack.

Even if she wasn’t killed, she should be laying on the floor and knocked out by then.

However, Yaeger had suddenly appeared at this moment and stabbed Yasa in the back.

Incomprehensible… Such a dramatic change of events was simply incomprehensible to them.

Sadly, that was the truth!

Only a few people on the scene knew what had happened just now.

Lili was one of them.

She clearly saw that Yaeger had flashed away as Yasa used [Pierce The Heavens] and struck her.

Then, her presence was completely extinguished as well.

If it wasn’t for her keen senses, it would be impossible for Lili to track Yaeger’s whereabouts.

Furthermore, that final attack was so quick that it was nearly impossible to perceive.

The moment she noticed it, it had already happened.

Even Lili couldn’t see it clearly, let alone the rest of the spectators that were weaker than her.


Fresh blood flowed along the sword’s tip and fell, blooming like flowers of red as they fell on the ground.

Shocked, dumbfounded, dazed, and stupefied.

Yasa’s eyes were wide open and his pupils were shrunk as he looked at the sword’s tip.

His slightly opened mouth trembled continuously while his mind was blank.

‘What happened just now Why was I stabbed’

“Burn.” At this moment, a pleasant voice was heard.

It was very familiar.

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“W̲h̲o̲r̲e̲!” Then, Yasa felt like his head was heavily smashed by a hammer and it made him come to his senses.

Now, he realized that she didn’t die after receiving his strongest attack.

Moreover, she then stabbed him in the back!

It was shameful.

A massive humiliation!

The shamefulness that erupted within him had completely suppressed the shock and disbelief that he initially felt—Making him bellow in humiliation and spite.

However, just as he screamed out, the flames from [Sunscorch] had surged and burned him alive!

[Shadow Skulk]

[Shadow Strike]

[Precision Strike]

[Sword Intent]

[Demonic Flameslash]


The cumulative might of these 5 Special Effects was unleashed.

A scream, as if a pig was being slaughtered, was heard.

The vast majority of spectators were stupefied.

‘This doesn’t seem right.

How could Yasa, who wielded the [Holy Sword], end up so badly’

Some players instantly felt chills down their spine.

They once again felt the familiar feeling of being scammed by Black-hearted Princess.

‘Could it be that we were really scammed again’

Wild Arrogance clasped his hands tightly with a sour expression on his face.

Since what he witnessed just now was difficult to stomach, he was still in the middle of processing it.

At the highest spot among the spectators, the hands of the masked man in black robes were trembling uncontrollably and his gaze became venomous.

By the corner, there was a petite maidservant that was recording this battle using a magical gem.

“Ahhhhhh!” Yasa let out a heart-wrenching scream.

At the same time, he instantly felt the desire to unleash destruction in his heart.

‘I will ground you into paste, you w̲h̲o̲r̲e̲!’


All of a sudden, Yaeger felt a massive aura erupting from within Yasa’s body.

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It was weird, dark, and terrifying!

Without hesitation, she instantly pulled out the sword and used [Phantom Step]—retreating instantly.

Just as she was several meters away, that aura manifested into a crimson tornado that raged violently.

“W̲h̲o̲r̲e̲!” A scream dripping with killing intent was heard within it as a red-colored sword energy had pierced through the tornado and targeted Yaeger.

It was as fast as lightning!

Yaeger raised [Sunscorch] and invested all her strength to defend herself.

The attack was sharp and it carried an oppressive strength as it surged over.

When the crimson energy touched [Sunscorch], Yaeger felt an incredibly chilling and nauseating aura.

Then, a massive impact force pushed her back without stopping as sparks erupted off the ground.

She actually couldn’t completely block this attack!

‘Such powerful strength.

What a chilling sword energy.

Also, this aura is a little familiar to me!’

After the sword energy had dissipated and pushed her back, Yaeger finally managed to stabilize herself.

Yet, she felt piercing pain through her hands as it trembled uncontrollably.

If they weren’t protected by her gauntlets, that previous attack would most likely rupture her skin.

Yaeger looked in front cautiously but realized that Yasa was no longer attacking.

As the crimson storm dissipated, his figure could be seen again.

Yaeger was surprised when she noticed Yasa’s change.

Not just her, even the spectators were all surprised.

At this moment, Yasa’s face was extremely contorted and his body trembled violently.

He was also moaning painfully.

Countless crimson-red patterns were climbing on his face, into his eyes, and forehead.

He no longer seemed like a human by now.

The changes didn’t stop there.

Yasa’s ears were quickly growing long and sharp; his mouth cracked and sprouted fangs as a blood-red horn emerged from his forehead.

Then, his body swelled and was about to break out of his clothes.

His exposed skin started to turn black and fused together with the tightly-knit patterns—it was a weird sight to see.

“Queek queek queek queek!” Yasa’s strength had surpassed its limits by the time his muscles had stopped swelling.

Berserk aura surged from his body, making him seem like a newly awakened beast!

Everyone was dumbfounded—they never saw a human turning into a monstrosity, nor did they ever realize that it was possible.

They have definitely learned something new.

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Among the spectators, The masked man in black robes was trembling all over as he let out a hoarse voice, “Yasa, why didn’t you listen to me”

The power bestowed by that individual was still a little flawed—it couldn’t be used over its limitations or its user would temporarily morph into a frenzied monster! Moreover, once the effects had faded, that side effect would cause unimaginable damage to the body.

He desperately wished to go down there and stop Yasa, but he was wary of Lili.

“Yasa, kill that woman right now so you can regain your composure!”

In the arena, Yaeger saw Yasa’s appearance and instantly reminded herself of this word: [Beastify].

It was a Warlock’s ability!

The [Warlock Association] revered and worshiped Beast Gods—they only believed in those Gods.

Warlocks were divided into Spell Warlocks and Combat Warlocks—the former were proficient in casting curses, and the latter were proficient in morphing into beasts.

Some of these Warlocks would even possess 2 different abilities at the same time.

‘What’s going on Isn’t Yasa a Warrior’ ‘Why are you suddenly a Combat Warlock now No.

This [Beastify] is a little different compared to the ones I’ve seen before.’

Combat Warlocks could use [Warlock Markings] and [Beastify] to strengthen themselves.

Meanwhile, [Beastify] was the strongest ability they had—they could use it to temporarily surpass the limits and morph into [Demonic Beastmen].

Yet, Yasa’s [Demonic Beastman] state was a little different to what Yaeger had seen before.

‘His body swelled up too much.

[Demonic Beastmen] would use their own bodies as the basis and become a perfect image of that.

They would be strengthened and gain the greatest physical strength, speed, and resilience.

Wait… Since Yasa knows the abilities of Warlocks, it means that he’s associated with the [Warlock Association].

No, actually, [Sword Clan] is associated with the [Warlock Association]!’

Suddenly, she was reminded of Alicia’s curse.

She knew that it came from the [Warlock Association].

Since they could target Alicia, who was incredibly powerful and was situated in the well-guarded palace, and leave unscathed—it meant that there were traitors helping them!

‘[Sword Clan], the blade that protects the royal family! Only people from this clan are most likely to make it happen!’ Within an instant, Yaeger had connected the dots and reenacted a mind-boggling drama in her mind.


At this moment, Yasa roared like a ferocious beast and pounced at her with the [Sword of Eternity] in his hands.


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