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It was impossible to dodge the sudden attack.

Yaeger instinctually placed [Sunscorch] in front of her chest and pressed into it with her left hand.


Immediately after, the attack landed on [Sunscorch] like a cannonball.

The strong impact force sent Yaeger flying—she trembled violently while feeling numbness all over and her organs tumbled, as if she was struck by a train that was traveling 300 kph.

“You actually blocked it” Yasa was in disbelief.

His attack was obviously imperceptibly quick and was utterly unpredictable—she should’ve never defended against it at all!

However, it seemed like Yaeger had predicted that attack 0.01 seconds before it happened and countered it using the most optimal solution.

In fact, she actually predicted that attack.

After all, she could completely perceive any slightest movement that took place within her Domain.

Clack clack clack!

At this moment, Yaeger unceremoniously landed on the ground and backed off many steps before finding her balance.

She looked in front while feeling shocked.

‘That attack is actually rare to find in this world.

It’s imbued with Spatial Element!’

In Saint Demon World, there were 9 kinds of Elements: Metal, Nature, Water, Fire, Earth, Light, Darkness, Time, and Spatial.

The first 7 attributes were common, while the remaining 2 were a rarity.

Any items or equipment that were imbued with those 2 attributes were of the highest quality.

‘I’m going to take this sword!’ Yaeger felt a flames of passion burning in her heart as her hands shook uncontrollably—perhaps out of pain or excitement.

The spectators, whether they were players or NPCs, felt regret.

If that miraculous attack had succeeded, they would be able to claim their money.

Meanwhile, Kastina and Yunuen breathed a massive sigh of relief.

The viewers of the private broadcast also did the same.

They thought that Yasa was meant to become an accompaniment to [Princess].

However, they could never imagine that he had such strength.

Within a moment, those girls felt a hint of worry.

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Lili’s expression was still indifferent.

However, there was an imperceptible smirk on her face as she glanced at Yaeger.

“This lucky s̲l̲u̲t̲!” Yasa suddenly cried out.

Instead of overcoming that attack through her own ability, he was convinced that Yaeger was lucky.

Moreover, she was probably blessed with luck that would only appear once in a lifetime.

‘You won’t be lucky next time!’ Yasa held [Sword of Eternity], tipped his toes, and lunged over.

The silver glow was seen again.

As a response, Yaeger instantly reacted and slashed [Sunscorch]—forming a massive blade of fire—[Demonic Flameslash].

The blade of silver and flames had clashed—they both held their ground and consumed one another.

The residual energy of that strike was instantly spread around the area.

Yasa narrowed his brows while feeling shocked.

But then, he instantly settled down.

It was because he hadn’t used more than 50% of his strength by now.

If he couldn’t even defend against such an attack, he would be too weak!

With a lunge, Yasa charged Yaeger and launched a flurry of slashes.

He was much faster than before.

Clanging noises were immediately heard.

However, this time around, Yaeger actually matched Yasa’s attack speed and defended effortlessly—she even seemed slightly aloof.

Seeing that, Yasa obviously knew that she was hiding her strength before this, instantly feeling like he was toyed with.

“I will kill you!” As if sensing the wielder’s anger, [Sword of Eternity] glowed in bright silver and descended on Yaeger as a massive pillar of light.

Before the impact, Yaeger was already unnerved by its terrifying sword energy.

‘I can’t face it directly!’ The grade of [Sunscorch] was lower when compared to the [Sword of Eternity].

Hence, a direct confrontation between the 2 weapons would plummet its Durability.

Yaeger slipped away and gracefully dodged the attack like a wind fairy.

Immediately after, the pillar of silver light had descended.

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The ground cracked apart and created a massive fissure.

Silver light exploded within and blasted away the surrounding floor panels.

Yaeger formed her [Sphere] and blocked the aftermath.

Yet, she couldn’t see Yasa at all.


All of the sudden, her vision dimmed and then saw Yasa raising his weapon above his head once she looked up.

Then, he slashed downwards.

He was aiming for her head!

“Too slow.” Yaeger was unmoving as she watched the [Sword of Eternity] landing on her, and smirked.

Yasa felt a bad premonition after seeing her smile.

He wanted to retract his attack but it was too late.

When [Sword of Eternity] was about to land on her head and split it apart, Yasa felt something smacking his abdomen.

The force was as strong as a battering ram!


Before he felt the tremendous pain, he was already sent flying.

“Ahhhhhhh!” Then, a painful wail was heard.

“So noisy.” Yaeger didn’t continue her attack.

Instead, she raised her sword and pointed at Yasa.

“If that’s all you are capable of, then come quickly and let me kill you.

My time is precious.”

At this moment, Yaeger had 9 tails swaying around her as semi-transparent fox ears manifested on the head—she was unbelievably beautiful.

The spectators, who were waiting for Yasa to kill her, finally realized something was amiss.

“Demon Fox”


It turns out that Black-hearted Princess isn’t a human at all!”

“No wonder she looks so beautiful.

She’s actually a Demon Fox!”

“Her being human or not isn’t important at all.

There’s something wrong with her combat strength!” Someone shouted.

Soon, a lot of people reacted to that.

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“Now that you mention it, I do feel a little curious about it.

Isn’t Black-hearted Princess only Level 28 Even if she has an Artifact, she shouldn’t be able to go against a Level 33 NPC that has excellent equipment…”

“Not to mention that he’s using a replica of the [Holy Sword]!”

“I always feel like there’s some kind of conspiracy surrounding this duel…” Some people were shocked after looking at their wallets and realized that it was completely empty.

‘Could it be that we have been scammed by Black-hearted Princess again’

Some people instantly felt chills down their spines.

However, they were placated once more after remembering that Yasa had the sword.

In the private broadcast.

“[Princess] is so awesome!”

“Her new image is so beautiful.

I want to carry her back to my room and show her some love!”

“Roll around the bedsheets…”

“[Princess], fox, beautiful.”

“Ah, sister looks exactly like me now.

We are really sisters!”

Mylene and the others continued commenting—they were all incredibly excited.

In the arena.

Yasa fell to the ground and tumbled around, then stood up and stared daggers at Yaeger.

He couldn’t help but express his shock and anger.

Others might not understand, but he did—this young girl actually had terrifying strength! She was as powerful as him!

At the same time, endless humiliation exploded from the bottom of his heart.

‘This w̲h̲o̲r̲e̲ has the audacity to toy with me by hiding her true strength! D̲a̲m̲n̲, d̲a̲m̲n̲, d̲a̲m̲n̲! No matter what it takes, I will definitely torture you to death!’

“W̲h̲o̲r̲e̲!” Yasa shouted as the [Sword of Eternity] was glowing with silver and his body was glowing with red.

Red-colored lines started popping out of his exposed skin, like colonies of red and densely-packed worms—it was utterly gross.

The lines stopped expanding when they climbed up his neck.


At the same time, Yasa’s aura was massively inflated and went berserk—like a storm, it wreaked havoc in the arena.


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