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Everyone was stunned when they saw the [Sword of Eternity] making its appearance.

They never expected for Yasa to use it immediately the moment he started the fight.

However, after thinking about it, they realized it was normal.

After all, [Princess] had poured salt into his wound under broad daylight.

Who could tolerate that

The unparalleled humiliation that he felt alone was enough to drive him insane.

Although Wild Arrogance seemed emotionless, he felt massive relief in his heart.

He was initially still a little worried.

But when he saw the aura emanated by [Sword of Eternity], all his worries instantly disappeared.

“[Princess], don’t you think you’re hot stuff because you have an Artifact.”

He grinned.

Indeed, Wild Arrogance’s greatest worry was the Artifact that she possessed—[Chaos God Ring].

In his eyes, Yasa was Level 33 and was well equipped.

[Princess] was Level 28 and was well equipped also.

There was a 5 level gap between the both of them.

Not only was there a difference in their level, the grade of their equipment was obviously different as well.

Excellent equipment above Level 30 were naturally much better than the ones above Level 20.

[Princess] had Epic Equipment, but Yasa had them too.


The greatest difference between them was that [Princess] possessed an Artifact.

Although it was a damaged Artifact, it still had the same significance—It had overpowered abilities.

“Reduce all resistances by half, receive half of all magic and physical damage, and any attacks below half health is a guarantee critical.

These Special Effects can practically offset the difference of their levels, and also the power gap between some of their equipment.

Unfortunately, although Yasa has no Artifact, all of his equipment is better than hers.

This is an insurmountable gap.

Also, a Ranger will be at a massive disadvantage when they’re against a Warrior.

Since the beginning, Yasa had a seventy-percent chance to win.

Now that he has the sword in hand, he will definitely win!”

Wild Arrogance smirked happily as he spoke.

His team and S.K.Y.’s teams had already performed a thorough analysis on the both of them.

In the end, they deducted that Yasa would definitely win.

Moreover, this conclusion was made after granting all kinds of advantageous variables to [Princess].

For example, her Bloodline.

They assumed that [Princess] was a Ranger with an excellent Bloodline.

Hence, they bumped up all her Basic Attributes by another 20%.

Then, they used another similar Ranger as reference to calculate the stats that she had at Level 28.

The Warrior’s data was also calculated under the basis that he had an excellent Bloodline.

After the comparison, well… Yasa would trample [Princess]!

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“If you’re at Level 30, then the results would be different.” Wild Arrogance laughed.

The Artifact owned by [Princess] would become more powerful as she leveled up.

No one at her level would ever defeat her!

Regrettably, her opponent was Yasa—who had an excellent Bloodline, excellent equipment, a higher level, and was assisted by the sword.

Hence, she would undoubtedly lose!

“It’s a pity that S.K.Y.

is busy and can’t personally witness [Princess] dying.” Wild Arrogance then crossed his arms with a sad look.

He was seated close to the arena and was surrounded by the elite members of the [Death of Love] Guild.

As soon as [Princess] was killed, these people would rush in and snatch her dropped items.

There were also many people that had the same idea in mind!

At the same time, the viewers in Yunuen’s private broadcast suddenly increased!

Mylene Tian: “I’m late! Phew.

It’s lucky that it hasn’t started yet.

Keep it up, sister!”

After leaving the comment, she instantly watched the broadcast and continued commenting with Nangong and the rest.

In the arena.

The wooden scraps scattered everywhere and the longsword levitated in the air.

Terrifying sword energy swiftly coalesced and revealed the beautiful sword.

“W̲h̲o̲r̲e̲, I will make you die a slow and painful death!”

Yasa grabbed the sword’s hilt and turned around.

With a flash of silver light, the ground instantly shattered and debris sprayed everywhere.

Shifting her gaze, Yaeger could see a perfect blade mark imprinted into the floor.

‘What a sharp weapon.

A single slash of energy alone has such tremendous power.’

Yasa had already caused such devastation with a casual flick just now.

When he actually started fighting, it would be inconceivably terrifying.

As Yaeger held [Sunscorch] in her hands, her expression turned solemn.

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Although the replica of [Sword of Eternity] only had one-tenth of the original’s strength, it still inherited some of its Special Effects.

Even Kastina didn’t know about these Special Effects at all.

‘Best if I am careful.’ Before she could completely figure out the sword’s abilities, Yaeger had no intentions to use all her might.

She knew that using her trump card at the most critical moment would gain her the most advantage.

Yasa’s actions by revealing his hand at the beginning of the fight was not a good practice.

Of course, if there was a massive gap of strength between them, he could do whatever he pleased.

Could someone lose a card game with 4 Aces Four of a kind Obviously not.

However, life was full of uncertainties.

Otherwise, funny stories such as antagonists being killed because of their overly extensive monologues wouldn’t exist.

“Start.” Outside the arena, the referee—Lili—spoke indifferently.

Once she spoke, a black silhouette dashed into Yaeger’s line of sight.

There was a glimmer of silver as well.

Without thinking, she raised her sword and waited for the silver light to come.


[Sword of Eternity] and [Sunscorch] clashed, creating a crisp sound.


‘It’s so heavy!’ Yaeger opened her eyes widely and felt surprised.

She realized that Yasa was much stronger when compared to the spirit being in the [Bronze Trials].

‘This is odd.

Even if he is supported by the [Sword of Eternity], he shouldn’t have so much strength.

Something is wrong!’

If Yasa initially had this much combat power, he would’ve attained fabulous results during the event in [Tower of Heroes].

Was he hiding his strength


Absolutely impossible.

‘He must’ve used some kind of ability to strengthen himself.

Or he’s currently using it!’

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Yaeger had seen dramas where a martial artist would suffer a massive defeat, gain an epiphany, and then become an unparalleled expert within a single night.

However, that happened in a television show.

It only happened because the show’s director gave the protagonist an overpowered buff.

She never believed that anyone in real life or in the game would encounter such a situation.

“W̲h̲o̲r̲e̲, go to hell!” At this moment, Yasa pressed the advantage and waved his longsword—he slashed wildly as if he was dicing vegetables.

Clang clang clang!

Sparks erupted.

Yaeger was being pushed back, she was struggling.

Those seemingly random sword attacks were actually immensely lethal.

If Yaeger had made a single mistake, she would have been grievously injured if she wasn’t killed right away.

‘His fighting style is different from the one he had during the [Bronze Trials].

He’s now a lot more aggressive, just like a storm!’ Yaeger analyzed as she retreated.

Although she seemed to be losing, she was still completely calm and collected.

Among the spectators, Yunuen clenched her fists tightly and bit her lip.

She was incredibly worried.

“Hahahahahahaha, there’s actually a day where she’s getting beaten up like this.

It makes me so happy!” There was a player who was grinning while feeling immense pleasure.


Where’s all your bravado when you were bullying us Why are you such a coward now”

“All you have is a little more luck.

You only bought a Closed Beta console and coincidentally gained an Artifact.

Do you actually think that you’re powerful I almost laughed out loud!”

“That’s right.

You’re just lucky.

You’re going to die to a strong NPC anyway!”

Words of sarcasm and mockery were heard among the spectators.

The atmosphere slowly became joyous.

Inside Yunuen’s private broadcast, everyone was worried.

Not a single comment was seen on the screen.

All of a sudden.

“Sister, be careful!”

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A comment appeared on the screen.

In the livestream,they saw Yaeger avoiding Yasa’s vicious attack and was about to counterattack.

“Die!” At this moment, Yasa pierced his weapon into the empty air that was in front of him.

Massive killing intent was heard in his voice.

Immediately afterwards.

Yaeger felt chills traveling down her spine and goosebumps on her skin.

Her pupils shrank within a split second and her left foot moved back uncontrollably.

Right at that moment, a section of the blade appeared without any warning, flashing with silver light!


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