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In Jadeleaf Plaza, Kastina’s gambling stall was filled with people.

With a snap of his finger, people opened the way for Wild Arrogance.

He approached the counter and spoke leisurely, “I’ll wager one million, just for fun.”

Both the players and NPCs were shocked.

‘One million just for fun So scary!’

‘The rich idiot that the lowly slave said has finally arrived!’ Kastina’s eyes twinkled.

She motioned at a person that was dressed like a noble not far away with a gaze—the latter got the message and walked over.


One million Peasant.” He stared at Wild Arrogance with a massive grin, mocking him.

“I’ll wager five million on Yasa winning!”

Everyone was shocked when he said that since he paid 5 million, just like that.


‘He’s definitely rich!’

Wild Arrogance’s face instantly turned sour.

The main reason he came here was to advertise his own guild.

Now that this person had stolen the spotlight, he knew that his advertisement would become much weaker.

Moreover, he was openly mocked by an NPC—that enraged him!

“Ten million.

I’ll wager ten million on Yasa!” Wild Arrogance flicked his hand and instantly pulled out ten ‘1 million’ banknotes.

When players were spending large amounts of gold coins, it would automatically transform into banknotes of equivalent value.

It was very convenient.

Everyone was shocked again when they saw those glimmering banknotes.

‘As expected of the young master of the Huadu’s Zhang Family.

He spent ten million right off the bat!’


You seem to be capable.” The nobleman’s expression remained unchanged when he saw those banknotes.

However, he was secretly joyful.

‘Indeed, just as her highness told me, this idiot can be easily provoked!’

He had a simple task.

He only needed to constantly provoke Wild Arrogance and make him spend more money.

“Ten million gold coins I’ll make it threefold!” The nobleman took out three golden banknotes.

With a glance, all the spectators on the scene gasped in surprise—each of those banknotes were worth 10 million.

He casually wagered 30 million gold coins, just like that.

‘So rich, so terrifying!’

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As a response, Wild Arrogance clenched his fists without any expression.

However, he was actually deeply enraged.

‘This d̲a̲m̲n̲e̲d̲ NPC.

He’s really itching for a beating!’

“Sixty million, I will wager sixty million gold coins on Yasa!” He flicked his hand again and the banknotes in his hands transformed instantly.

“Hiss! Six banknotes that are worth ten million!” Someone exclaimed in surprise.

When it came to both the players or NPCs in the crowd, it was the first time for the majority of them to see so much money.

“Sixty-one million.” At this moment, The nobleman pulled out a banknote worth 1 million and slammed it onto the counter.

He seemed very cool.

‘Do you think this is an auction’ Wild Arrogance felt immense courage to punch this NPC.

However, he gradually loosened his fists after seeing that his target was Level 20.

Initially, he only wanted to hop on the trend and advertise himself.

However, he had now spent 60 million before he could achieve his objective…

Although he was very certain that Yasa would win, he knew that it was still risky since there was still room for error.

If he only spent a few million, he would not be bothered at all.

However, 60 million was a little too much for him.

It was painful.

“Poor sod.

If you have no money, don’t flaunt your wealth around!” When Wild Arrogance was hesitating whether he should increase the amount, the nobleman mocked him again.

His voice was so loud that everyone on the scene heard it.

“D̲a̲m̲n̲, this NPC is just too arrogant! He just doesn’t know that the person standing in front of him is the Zhang family’s young master.

He has enough money to spend for a hundred lifetimes!”

“That’s right.

This NPC actually has the audacity to laugh at you for being poor.

What a joke!”

“Young master Zhang, show him the power of your money!”

The players were all aggravated.

Meanwhile, the NPCs were all confused.

‘Which family did this nobleman come from Why is he so rich’

Wild Arrogance deliberated slightly as he looked at the players around him.

He sighed in his heart, ‘what an unexpected surprise.

I can’t imagine that I’ll have to deal with such an annoying NPC.

How unlucky!’

He initially planned to spend the least amount of money to create the most impactful advertisement.

However, now, he spent way too much money than he should.

The ideal scenario that he hoped for was obviously no more.

Now, Wild Arrogance was stuck between a rock in a hard place.

If he cowered, his public image as a wealthy man would instantly crumble.

Then, the players would start to distrust [Death of Love] Guild.

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By then, even if he offered the best benefits, nobody would wish to work for him.

Once his reputation was tarnished, it would be difficult to recover it!

If he increased his wager, it meant that he had to face the risks.

If Yasa was somehow defeated, he would lose all his money.


He is nothing but a peasant, trying to flaunt his wealth despite being poor.

How ridiculous!” The nobleman smiled radiantly and his eyes were now bent like crescent moons.

Then, he smacked the table.

“I’ll wager another million!”

Although he was smacking the table, Wild Arrogance could feel his face being slapped.


Massive humiliation!

As the young master of the Zhang Family, he had never received such humiliation!

“Eighty million!”


Wild Arrogance slammed the table forcefully—there were now 8 golden banknotes that were worth 10 million each.

The scene was dead silence before it erupted!

“Young master Zhang, good one!”

“You’re my idol!”

“Use your money and bash that NPC’s face!”

“Eighty million.

He wagered it without a blink of an eye.

As expected of the Zhang Family’s young master.

He’s just rich!”

The nobleman’s expression instantly changed when he saw the golden banknotes on the table—his pupils had shrunk to the size of a pinhole, as if he hadn’t expected the other person to be so rich.

However, in his heart…

‘Her Highness must be a prophet! This idiot really spent so much money!’

“I will wager on Yasa, with eighty million.” Wild Arrogance flicked the bangs on his head with his hand and glanced at the nobleman.

“Do you have the guts to follow”

The nobleman’s expression became bitter, his tightly clenched fists were trembling.

Seeing this, Wild Arrogance smiled in disdain.


You can’t even pull out eighty million I’m sorry.

I didn’t expect you to be so poor!”

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Once he spoke, everyone on the scene instantly booed.

The nobleman’s body trembled and his face blushed, his eyes became watery.

“You’re nothing but a peasant, trying to flaunt your wealth despite being poor.

How ridiculous!” Wild Arrogance repeated what he said back then and returned it to the sender.

“I’ll wager another million!”


An extra golden banknote worth 1 million appeared on the table.

“You… You… Good one!” The nobleman was so enraged that his eyes were about to pop out.

“I’ll teach you a lesson sooner or later!”

After leaving a harsh message, he turned around and left.

Everyone looked on as the nobleman ran with his tail tucked behind his legs.

Then, they laughed out loud.

Wild Arrogance also laughed.

He felt happy after winning the spat!

However, nobody noticed that the loser smiled in mockery once he had left the scene.

In Layna’s Item Shop.

Yunuen was abducted by Layna and was forced to refine medicine.

Meanwhile, Yaeger browsed the forums since she was bored.

Soon, she noticed an interesting post.

«Shocking! Absolute shocker! Young Master Zhang, the greatest in Huada, actually did such a thing under broad daylight!»

Content: Young master Zhang made a heavy wager on Yasa.

81 million gold coins!

Absolutely terrifying!

“Huhu, Taurus Zhang actually joined that bet.” After reading the post, Yaeger couldn’t help but smirk.

“The more intelligent a person is, the easier it is to predict their behavior.

Back when the female national volleyball team participated in the international tourney, the owner of Alimama only spent 700 thousand and scored an advertisement that was worth 700 million.

Moreover, it was also a Post-Dated cheque.

The money would be paid out only if they won the championship.

This was the best way to mooch off another event to gain popularity for themselves.

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“Taurus Zhang, it’s not easy to leech popularity from me~ Huhuhu~”

Joyful laughter instantly filled the establishment.


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