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The moment it was posted, it garnered lots of attention.

Some of them were ecstatic when they learned that [Princess] had suffered a loss.

As they were miserable when they were bullied by her back then, they were now overwhelmed with joy.

[Chicken Too Beautiful]: Hahahahahahaha Burp~!

[World’s Greatest Stone]: Princess B̲i̲t̲c̲h̲, you deserve it!

[Rain Girl]: God isn’t blind after all!

[]: Hahaha! This damned b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ deserves it.

Does she think that she could do whatever she pleases just because she’s pretty Wishful thinking!

[]: That’s right.

Women will never be better than games.

[White Cloud]: But I just feel like something’s amiss.

Black-hearted Princess is such a cunning person, perhaps she might be thinking of a new way to scam us

[Widowmaker]: That’s true.

I think Black-hearted Princess is hatching another scheme again!


[Carefree Bro]: You people are overthinking it.

Black-hearted Princess has really suffered a loss this time.

If you don’t believe me, go ask the NPCs.She has already provoked the royal family.

Even if the seventh princess didn’t set her up, she will be madly suppressed by the rest of the royalty anyway.

[]: That’s right.

I was at the plaza back then.

I personally saw her push that clan’s prodigy, who is closely associated with the royal family, into a plate of feces.

[]: Hiss! Force-feeding someone feces That’s just too much!


[World’s Greatest Stone]: The main character in the duel at noon is exactly the same person who ate feces.

[]: F̲u̲c̲k̲! That’s a massive score to settle!

[Prodigal Master Of Huadu]: My people investigated her.

She’s really targeted by the royal family.

I heard that the seventh princess scammed her for tens of millions.

[]: S̲h̲i̲t̲! It’s young master Zhang (Wild Arrogance) in the flesh! We must simp for him!

[]: Please become my sugar daddy!

[Pollen Lady]: You’re the best guild master.

The most handsome man in this world!

[]: Ah, I’m dying!


[Prodigal Master Of Huadu]: Hello there, ladies and gentlemen.

By the way, here’s a minor advertisement.

[Death of Love] Guild is currently recruiting heroes all across the realm.

Priority given to players higher than Level 10.

It also includes an occupation in real life, with all employee benefits given!


Due to Wild Arrogance’s appearance, the conversation in this post’s comment section was derailed.

A massive wave of simps overwhelmed the thread.

Gradually, people no longer cared about [Princess], and if she was hatching another scheme to victimize another idiot.

After all, Wild Arrogance, the powerhouse, had investigated her already.

If they keep on speculating things, they would be overly scrutinizing it.

Knowing that Princess had truly suffered a loss, all the players in the forum were so happy as if they were celebrating the New Year’s.

In Jade City.

“Have you heard Her Highness, the seventh princess, has burned bridges with their outsider!”

“What, what Is that even real Are they not close friends”

“Tsk tsk tsk.

Money makes people move.

I heard her Highness has scammed tens of millions of gold coins from that outsider!”

“Wow! That must be a lie, right That’s so much money.

I can spend it for ten lifetimes!”

“It’s true.

My uncle is a janitor in the Imperial Chamber of Commerce.

He heard many secrets.

Her Highness is really a powerful person!”

The news about Yaeger burning bridges with the seventh princess swept across Jade City like a storm.

Now, from the streets and alleys, to the shops and stalls—everyone was talking about this matter.

Many of them had radically changed their perceptions towards Kastina.

They could never imagine that domineering, stubborn, and willful woman was actually such a calculative person!

(Kastina: You wot)

At the same time, the news about Kastina starting a bet was also circulated around Jade City.

The duel had garnered all kinds of attention.

Although there were many bets about it in the city, nobody else would announce it to the entirety of the city, like Kastina did.

As expected of a member of the royal family.

Only someone like her could cause such a massive fanfare by hosting a bet.

At this time, a bunch of royalty and nobility were all shaking their heads in silence.

‘The seventh princess’ actions are simply ridiculous!’

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Due to the announcement, gamblers from all around the city were attracted.

Naturally, a bet hosted by a princess was a lot more attractive when compared to bets hosted by ordinary people.

At least, they knew that a princess wouldn’t run away!

Also, Kastina’s had different wager conditions when compared to the rest of the bets hosted.

Aside from winning and losing, she allowed people to bet on a tie.

The current odds were: Win—2.3.



Since Yasa was a local, he was the target in the bet.

In other words, betting on Yasa winning would earn 1.3x of their bet.

Betting on a draw would earn 2.3x of their bet.

Betting on [Princess] losing would earn 1.45x of their bet.

This combination of odds was easy to understand.

If they bet on Yasa and won, their ratio of winnings was 1:2.3.

If it was a tie, their ratio of winnings was 1:3.3.

If [Princess] won, their ratio of winnings was 1:2.45.

Although it was rare for a draw to appear, it was possible.

Back then, it would be decided by a referee.

But now, the winnings would be paid up immediately if a tie was perceived.

When some players saw such odds, they couldn’t help but think of their betting odds in football matches.

However, they then realized that such betting odds had existed since ancient times.

Hence, it was nothing special for it to appear here.

Soon enough, there was another trending post on the forums.

«Shocking! Deepest love turns into spite.

The seventh princess actually did such a grievous thing to Black-hearted Princess!»

Content: Hahahaha! The seventh princess used the money scammed from Black-hearted Princess to host a bet.

So funny!

Not long after, another post went viral.

“Did you know that [Sword Clan] actually allowed Yasa to use [Sword of Eternity] during the duel”

“Hiss! Isn’t [Sword of Eternity] a treasure heirloom of the royal family That outsider is dead for sure!”

“I heard that it isn’t the actual one but a replica.

However, it has one-tenth the strength of the original!”

“Tsk tsk tsk.

It is regarded as a [Holy Sword] in history books.

Even if this sword only has one-tenth of the strength, it is still terrifying enough! I can’t imagine that [Sword Clan] would bring out this sword in order to save face!”

“There’s no other way.

After all, the outsider deeply humiliated Yasa.

You reap what you sow!”

“True, true.

These large clans are all powerful, still waters run deep!”

All around the place, everyone was talking about [Sword Clan] and the [Sword of Eternity].

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Within a moment, the betting odds of Kastina’s bet had changed countless times.

Now, it was 1.45, 4.05, and 6.4.

Yasa had a massive advantage!

It was impossible to lose the bet!

On the forums, the players were also ecstatic after learning the information from the NPCs.

Since Yasa had the replica of the [Holy Sword] at hand, it was impossible for him to lose!

‘We must fork out the money and wager on Yasa.

If not now, then when’

Within a moment, the gambling stall in Jadeleaf Plaza, which was erected by Kastina, was instantly crowded—as if they were rushing to buy groceries.

Kastina couldn’t help but cover her mouth and chuckle as countless people were wagering for Yasa to win.

‘I can’t… I must control myself.

I can’t laugh… I cannot… Wahahahahaha!’

In the inner districts.

“Young master Yasa, word has it that you will take the [Sword of Eternity] to the duel!” His servant rushed over in a hurry and shouted.

At this moment, Yasa was standing in the courtyard and mentally preparing himself for the battle that was about to come.

Hearing those words, Yasa instantly broke out of his concentration and opened his eyes widely.

He grabbed the servant and said, “Who said that”

When it came to him retrieving the [Sword of Eternity] from the old patriarch, only a few clan members that were closest to him knew about it!


“I heard on the streets.

Everyone’s saying that!” The servant spoke with a trembling voice and had a pale face.

“How did that happen… Who is it Who is it really” Yasa let go and slightly squinted his eyes.

His body trembled violently as his heart was filled with anger.

‘There is a traitor among us!’


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