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“Black-hearted Princess!” A player not far away spotted Yaeger and immediately trembled.

Compared to the players who originated from other Novice Villages, It was unquestionable that players in 101 Novice Village feared Yaeger more than the rest.

Indeed, this player originated from 101 Novice Village—He was named [Chicken Too Beautiful], who was cruelly murdered by Yaeger during the first final mission.

Precisely speaking, he was killed by a rain of arrows.

He was killed just because he appeared on that battlefield, It was never Yaeger’s intention to purposely target him.

However, Yaeger was still the first person that made him taste death.

Hence, she left a deep impression on him.

Not only that, what happened to him became his constant nightmare.

Just like a person’s first love, who would no longer be as beautiful and as gentle when compared to that person’s current lover—they would remain unforgettable since they were their first love.

Yaeger stood in place, she obviously didn’t hear the wail of [Chicken Too Beautiful].

Seeing that, [Chicken Too Beautiful] gradually calmed down.

Then suddenly, he realized that the name on Yaeger was actually red!

Being a Red Player meant that she killed someone in the city.

if a player killed another player in the city, they would become wanted by the guards!

‘I will report her and put her in prison!’ As negative emotions constantly stirred in his heart, [Chicken Too Beautiful] revealed a twisted smile on his face.

‘This is the main city.

So even if your Level is higher than other players, even if you have an Artifact… So what The NPCs are the true masters in this domain!’

All the NPCs here were usually Level 20 and above, especially those guards—they had high levels and also excellent equipment.

If a bunch of them swarmed her, she would definitely be killed.

Moreover, there were commanders that were even stronger than the guards.

Furthermore, there were even stronger people above the commanders!

“Black-hearted Princess, this isn’t Broken Leaf City, you can’t do as you please anymore!” A terrifying spiteful voice slipped out of his mouth.

At this time, a detachment of guard patrol came here.

“Guards, I want to report that person!” [Chicken Too Beautiful] leaped out and blocked them, then pointed at Yaeger.

“She killed someone in the city!”

The guards were displeased when they were hindered by [Chicken Too Beautiful].

However, their expressions instantly turned grim and ferocious after hearing that someone committed a murder in the city.

Those who dared to murder others in Jade Empire were simply courting death!

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Seeing the guard’s expressions, [Chicken Too Beautiful] was pleased.


Black-hearted Princess, you reap what you sow! If you behave yourself, I won’t be able to do anything against you.

But now Wahahahaha!’ He already pictured the scene where Yaeger died a painful death and felt immense joy in his heart!

The group of guards approached menacingly!

[Chicken Too Beautiful] followed closely behind, with a twisted smile on his face.


“You are bold, outsider.

You…” When the guard captain approached her, they instantly realized that something was amiss.

‘This person is familiar.’

Upon closer inspection, he instantly felt chills originating from his feet and pierced through his heart, then surging into his skull.

‘S̲h̲i̲t̲, it’s the seventh princess’ scoundrel friend!’

The other guards also recognized Yaeger, they were so shocked that their souls almost left their bodies.

As the menace who violently subdued the seventh princess and forced the prodigy of [Sword Clan] into eating feces—she could commit murders in the city and even murder these guards—but nobody would say anything about it.

They couldn’t handle her, so they ran!

Just as they were about to turn around and run, Yaeger asked, “Do you people need something from me”

It only took several seconds for them to approach menacingly and then tuck their tails between their legs while running.

All the bystanders were shocked when they witnessed it.

‘You people are guards, what are you afraid of Just clash with her, she’s just the [Princess]…’

‘Wait, [Princess] Isn’t that the freak that beat the seventh Princess nearly to a pulp, then sweeping through the [Bronze Trials], then clearing the eleventh floor of [Tower of Heroes] while being a Bronze-ranked’

Surprised! Everyone was surprised!

Who gave those guards so much courage They actually dared to provoke such a powerful freak

“No, no.

We just happened to patrol here.

Hello, [Princess].

Goodbye, [Princess]!” The guard captain spoke while smiling stiffly, then turned around and left.

“Wait, aren’t you people here to mess with me Your killing intent was so strong just now.

I thought you all wanted to go to heaven.” Yaeger called out to him and smiled.

“Of course not, it’s just a misunderstanding! [Princess], You must have misunderstood us! We just received a report from a concerned citizen, so we came to take a look! Then, we realize that it’s just a misunderstanding.

Since you’re such a kindhearted soul, [Princess], how would you commit a murder” The guard captain said emotionally.

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All the bystanders were stunned.

They wanted to say something but realized that it was better to stay silent.

“Oh, who reported me” Yaeger asked.

“Him!” All the guards pointed at [Chicken Too Beautiful] at the same time.

This person was utterly shocked straight by now.

‘I thought the NPCs are the best and strongest around this place But all of them are cowards! As soldiers of the Empire, you people actually submitted to the Black-hearted Princess’ power.

Where are your honor and integrity’ [Chicken Too Beautiful] roared in his heart.

He couldn’t shout it out loud because his entire body trembled non-stop and his teeth clattered.

“You want to go to heaven that badly” Yaeger half squinted her eyes and smiled calmly.

She was mesmerizingly beautiful.

However, when people saw her smile, they only felt horror.

The demon.

That was the smile of a demon.

“No, I’m not… I didn’t…” [Chicken Too Beautiful] painstakingly muttered those words.

Sadly, he was instantly interrupted by a perfectly flawless leg.


Bone shattering sounds were heard at the scene.

Then, everyone saw [Chicken Too Beautiful] being sent flying high up in the sky, his jaw was completely deformed!

“Bloom like fireworks.” Below, Berserk Thunder appeared in her hands and she unleashed [Multi Shot].

At this moment, the sky seemingly turned into an ocean of purple electricity.

Within the blink of an eye, [Chicken Too Beautiful] turned into ash as he wailed in terror.

“Who else wants to go to heaven” Retracting the purple crossbow, Yaeger looked at her surroundings and spoke calmly.

Hearing this, everyone escaped in a hurry, as if their legs were burned by boiling water.

“A bunch of cowards.” Yaeger shook her head lightly, then started walking around the streets.

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By now, everyone and their mothers were talking about the duel that was about to happen at noon.

Everyone talked about it since it was an inherently controversial topic.

“I can’t allow this to continue.

I don’t want the bet to be equal in odds, I won’t be able to earn money that way.” Yaeger bought herself a glass of fruit juice, she mumbled to herself while leaning on the wall.

This time around, she wanted to scam money from both players and NPCs.

She had to carefully think about it.

“Lowly slave! I’ve been looking for you!” At this moment, an attractive voice was heard close by.

Yaeger looked in the direction of that voice and saw Kastina rushing towards her while riding the black Edge Leopard—she was just as arrogant as she used to be.

“There it is.” She could not help but smile radiantly while looking at Kastina’s beautiful figure.


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