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«[Death of Love] Guild is currently recruiting members.

Level 10 and above only.

Great benefits! Those who bump the thread will be awarded 50 gold coins.»

At the earliest stages of the game, it was not surprising for guilds to recruit elite players as pioneers.


“[Death of Love] Guild is one of the ten major guilds of Cathay in my previous life.

The guild master, Taurus, is the young master of Huadu District’s Zhang Family.

I remember that he used the power of money a month after the public beta was launched.” Although Yaeger was not familiar with him, she still knew a lot about him.

He would never commit to such a decision so decisively if there were no massive benefits involved.

What kind of massive benefits were there at the early stages of the game

Actually, there was one.

It was Yaeger.

Someone who possessed an Artifact.

The walking treasure trove that wore incredibly powerful equipment.

Yaeger had a calm expression after reading the post.

“Since everyone’s Level is still not that high right now, they can really overwhelm me with numbers if they tried to.” As she felt a faint sense of crisis, bloodlust flashed in her eyes.

“I originally just wanted to scam some money.

But since you people are courting death, I will fulfill your wish.

Before that happens, you all better work hard and earn more experience.”

Turning off the post, she looked at the second popular post in the forum.

«Shocking! [Princess Alliance] actually did such a disgusting thing in the game, absolutely horrible!»

“Must be another clickbait title.” Yaeger opened the post while feeling exasperation and amusement.

Once she took a look, she guessed correctly.

Content: My goodness gracious! There are already 3 people over Level 20 in [Princess Alliance].

They are absolute freaks! What will happen to the rest of us Especially the black-hearted Princess, she’s already Level 28 by now.

She’s an absolute freak!

“More and more people are paying attention to me.” Yaeger mumbled to herself as she read this post that had insane amounts of clicks.

“Speaking of which, I really feel unaccustomed that S.K.Y.

isn’t out here courting death.”

Typically speaking, this guy—the leader of all things suicidal—should have made an appearance right away.

However, until this day, they did not do anything at all.

Hence, Yaeger was perplexed.

“Perhaps he has learned his lesson.” Shaking her head, she no longer bothered about these irrelevant people.

Then, she closed that thread and looked at the most popular one.

«A song of love and hate! Painful love! The unknown story of love and hate of [Princess] and NPC Yasa—all will be revealed here!»

Yaeger’s eyelids twitched uncontrollably as she read this title.

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‘What the hell!’

She opened it and checked it out.

Content: I heard from my third aunt’s sixth aunt’s neighbor’s grandmother’s youngest aunt’s niece that Black-hearted Princess and NPC Yasa turned into enemies from lovers, due to 100 gold coins.

They will duel to the death in the [Castle Arena], tomorrow noon.

The next moment, there was a new reply in this thread.

Princess: [Sexy Gunner], you are dead.

Once the reply was made, the entire Linhnan server blew up.

‘Black-hearted Princess is peeping on us!’

For a while, many players felt fear in their hearts.

Especially those who had slandered her and didn’t conceal their usernames—they were now completely terrified as chills ran down the spines.

At first, they were very careful and sneakily criticized her.

But after some time, they eventually became bolder after realizing that Yaeger was never active in the forums.

They didn’t even bother to hide their names by now.

‘I’m dead! She’s going to put me on her blacklist for sure!’

Swoosh Swoosh!

Suddenly, many players in Jade City instantly went offline—white light flickered all around the place.

On the other side, the player, [Sexy Gunner], just returned to the city while humming an incomprehensible tune and had a joyful expression on his face.

Because he managed to obtain 2 Uncommon equipment not long ago.

He was immensely lucky.

After all, any Uncommon equipment above Level 10 was incredibly inflated in the current game economy.

“So good, I feel so good, I want to sing loudly~” He trotted down the road and started singing, not noticing that there were much less players in the area at this point in time.

“Yo, that’s so good!” Suddenly, [Sexy Gunner] saw a beautiful visage in front of him and instantly became heated.

“Pretty girl, date…” With a lecherous smile, he was about to touch her shoulder with his hand.

At this moment, that person turned around and revealed her immensely dazzling appearance, but he was so terrified he almost lost his soul!

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“Pr… Princess…” Suddenly, a terrifying wail escaped his lungs.

Yaeger was curious, she wondered who was the person that was brave enough to catcall her As soon as she saw the name on that player, she instantly laughed out loud.

“You came right up to my doorstep.” As [Sunscorch] appeared, Yaeger slashed out and flames spewed everywhere!

“No!” Seeing the flaming blade enlarging in his field of vision, [Sexy Gunner] yelled hysterically and felt regret in his heart.

‘Why would I go and catcall Black-hearted Princess’

Until he died, he didn’t know that he was killed simply because of a certain post in the game forums.

“Ding! You killed a player in a safe zone.

2000 points of Favorability of you are deducted from most factions in Jade City.

You are now a Red Player.”

“Ding! You received 2 Uncommon equipment.”

After listening to the system notification, Yaeger opened her game interface and noticed an abnormality.

“My status became red again.”

Status: Slightly Red.

Favorability: The favorability of most factions in Jade City towards you are reduced by 2000 points.

Defense: -20%

Attack: 10%

Equipment: When dying, 15% of dropping your own equipment

To remove your current status: 1) Voluntarily enter the prison and serve a sentence of 5 hours.

2) It will be removed automatically after being online for 5 hours without being captured by the guards.

Note: (Red Name abnormal status is only valid to other players.)

“I didn’t lose too much Favorability.

Is it because my Favorability was already at rock bottom to begin with” Yaeger slightly tilted her head.

“The status will be removed after five hours.

This punishment is a lot less severe than it used to be.”

She remembered that she would be imprisoned for 10 days when she first became a Player Killer.

“Are they incentivizing us to engage in PK Interesting.”

Yaeger initially had no plans to become a Player Killer.

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Because without that temporary skill, the negative impact of doing it was too much for her—it was nothing but harmful to her.

That fact was one of the reasons why she didn’t kill all those players in the plaza yesterday.

This time around, she killed [Sexy Gunner] because she was absolutely pissed off.

Not only did they curse at her all the time, but this time around, they actually falsely accused her of having that kind of relationship with the feces-eater, Yasa.

They were obviously trying to piss her off.

“Those unpleasant people.” Yaeger retracted her weapon and shook her head in displeasure.

Then, she continued to look around the trending posts in the forums.

Soon, she realized that many players were betting.

They were betting on the duel between her and Yasa.

According to the current odds, it was actually 50-50 on both sides.

“Seems like I can try my hand in this.” Yaeger’s eyes flashed in gold after reading these threads.

It seemed like golden light that originated from gold coins.

“Huhuhu, if I don’t scam all the gold coins you people painstakingly earned… Ah sike! If I don’t earn it from you, how could that be” After speaking, she turned off the forum and looked at the game interface once again.

She extended her slender white finger and was about to log out.

At this moment.

Beep Beep!

A new message appeared.

The message was sent by Mylene Tian.

Content: Sister, please lend me your head… No, sister, the bounty for your head has been raised!


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