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As the light slowly dimmed, it revealed a sword that was over 4 feet long—It was a gorgeous sword with a refined handle and a slender blade.

Aside from being gorgeous, it was hard to find another word to describe it.

No, actually, it was mysterious as well.

Although the dazzling light on that sword had somewhat subsided, there were still complex patterns of light circulating around the blade—exuding a wondrous aura.

The [Sword of Eternity].

Back then, Kahn’s body was completely ruined and lost all his power because of this sword—he ended up as an useless and hopeless person at the end of it.

No, better yet, he was actually framed by a poorly made imitation that could not even be regarded as a replica.

After all, an innocent person that was targeted, would be guilty all the same.

Kahn was nothing more but a sacrificial pawn of the inter-clan conflict.

“Yasa, come forward and receive the sword.” The man in black robes spoke in a deep voice.

“Yes, old patriarch.” Yasa took 2 steps forward and bowed down, receiving the [Sword of Eternity] in a respectful manner.


At this moment, a powerful aura surged from the blade and frantically poured into Yasa’s body, causing his entire body to tremble uncontrollably! ‘It’s so strong.

It’s too strong! I’m going to be invincible!’

Then, this sensation suddenly dissipated and the [Sword of Eternity] settled down.

Yasa instantly lost all enthusiasm and felt emptiness in his heart.

It turned out that was just an illusion caused by the [Sword of Eternity] when it exudes its aura.

In truth, Yasa did not attain any benefits from it at all.

“In the future, you will definitely achieve that.” The man in black robes spoke in determination and glanced at him in conviction, as if Yasa would actually become powerful without equal in the future.

Hearing that, Yasa slowly backed off and showed a determined expression as well.

“I will definitely not disappoint you!”

“Yes, I’ll look forward to it.” The man in black robes flicked his arm and said, “I’m tired, you can leave.”

Yasa kept the sword and left obediently.


As the heavy stone door inside the secret room was completely closed, the room was now silent.

“It hurts so much.

I have clearly recovered a long time ago, but why would I still feel pain” Suddenly, the man in black robes shouted loudly.

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After speaking, he tore open his black robes and revealed a gaunt body that was littered with horrifying scars! Most of them were blade wounds—the most prominent of which was a scar that originated from his right shoulder and traveled all along to his lower abdomen on the left.

However, to him, the most terrifying one was actually the scar on his chest that was over 1 inch in length.

Because, the blade was only a few centimeters away from his heart back then when it happened.

To this day, he could vaguely feel the wound—it hurts, very much so, so much so that it gnawed at his nerves!

“You didn’t expect it, right Damned Emperor, I didn’t die! I’m still alive!”

In the secret room, his incredibly spiteful voice echoed again and again.

In real life.

America, San Francisco.

In the headquarters’ meeting room, in [Small Sword Group].

Currently, there were 6 people on the scene.

Lucky sat at the main seat as the boss of the organization.

The other 5 of them were all Hall Masters of the organization.

One had an ordinary appearance, one seemed handsome, one wore a suit and seemed like a gentleman, one had a charitable face, while the final one looked simple but seemed to be elegant and easy-going…

Anyway, it was hard to imagine that these people were all big fishes in a criminal organization that performed all kinds of evil acts.

There were only 6 of them in this spacious meeting room, making it seem empty.

The meeting room could not be filled not because they were the only cadres in such a large organization.

Instead, they were the only few people that managed to come here at this time.

There were a total of 12 Hall Masters in the Small Sword Group, they were all Pinnacle Masters in strength.

In addition to the 5 Hall Masters that were stationed in their headquarters in America, the rest of them were distributed around the world.

The rest of them—whether they were sharing the bedroom with someone else or bouncing about in a disco—were now attending the meeting via video conferencing.

“I believe I don’t need to say anything much, you people already know what happened recently, right” Lucky asked with a solemn expression while resting his chin on both hands.

Everyone nodded.

By now, they would be absolutely ignorant and blind if they didn’t know that [Small Sword Group] had suffered a massive loss.

“Are any of you willing to go to Cathay and deal with that woman” Lucky asked.

Hearing that, the scene became silent as everyone said nothing.

If they only had to deal with [Princess], who was a Pinnacle Master—they could easily achieve that just by dispatching 2 Hall Masters.

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However, at this point, all of them obviously knew that Ronald Tian was supporting [Princess]! Ronald Tian Who The hero of Cathay! That’s who!

A martial artist on the Grandmaster Realm!

Although a Pinnacle Master was only one step away from being a Grandmaster, the truth was they had a massive gap in strength.

A Pinnacle Master strength and power was restricted to the highest threshold that a human could achieve.

Meanwhile, a Grandmaster would surpass human limitations and utilize nature’s strength for themselves.

They were simply on another level!

As the saying goes: Anyone below the Grandmaster Realm are nothing but ants!

Countless Pinnacle Masters would strive for an entire lifetime but never reach that point of ascension.

Hence, it was obvious to see the insane requirements for someone to become a Grandmaster!

If they went to Roc City to deal with [Princess], they would definitely stumble into Ronald Tian.

If that happened, they could only die!

“I’m sorry, boss, I really can’t leave on my end.

Once I leave Italy, those mafioso superstars will turn the place upside down for sure!” The Hall Master in Italy spoke quickly.

“Boss, I can’t leave on my end as well.

Those Yakuza members are breathing down my neck.

Once I leave the country, our branch over there will be ruined!” The Hall Master in Japan spoke quickly as well.

Seeing that, the rest of them also tried to deflect responsibility in a hurry.

After all, they weren’t idiots.

Was there anything else that could be more important than one’s life Huh What about [Small Sword Group] honor and integrity Save it.

That was a problem for the boss to deal with, it had nothing to do with those Hall Masters.

Lucky slightly squinted his eyes as his expression gradually darkened.

‘These spineless cowards.

Useless beings!’

Since the criminal underworld was a small community, everyone within it would instantly know about any news.

What happened recently to [Small Sword Group] was already known by everyone and their mothers.

They were now mentioned by many people and were regarded as a laughingstock as well.

The large influence in the criminal underworld—Small Sword Group—had suffered defeat twice after going against the same young girl.

Hence, they were now ruthlessly ridiculed by others.

They completely lost face.

They lost all integrity.

It was deadly for something like this to happen to a criminal organization.

As if a tiger without any claws and fangs—despite still being incredibly dangerous to contend with, nobody feared them anymore.

Every day [Princess] remained alive and well was another day that [Small Sword Group] would have their reputation tarnished.

This was the last thing that Lucky wanted to see.

Hence, [Princess] must die!

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“Since you all are not free, I’ll delegate this task to the hitmen.” Lucky spoke suddenly.

Hearing that, everyone instantly felt relief.

If the boss had actually ordered them to do it, they would have no choice but to accept it since they would die either way, if they refused!

“So, you 12 Hall Masters must gather one hundred million for me before twelve o’clock tonight.

Remember, it’s one hundred million US dollars.” Lucky spoke again at this moment.

The scene was silent.

Since it was 100 million USD, it meant that everyone on the scene had to fork out more than 8 million USD.

At first, everyone wanted to refuse it since they would not pull out 100 million just because they were asked to… However, after realizing that they could avert a disaster by spending money—they eventually agreed to pay up after some hesitation.

Half an hour later, a bounty post that was akin to a 12 magnitude earthquake had appeared in [Assassin’s Alliance].

«100 million USD for the head of [Princess]!»

In the game.

Yaeger and Rakshasa just finished their conversation.

She was filled with joy.

Since there was some time before dawn, she didn’t log out and casually opened the game forums to check out the latest trending news.

“Uh oh.

I smell someone courting death.” When she saw a certain popular post, Yaeger’s eyes instantly formed into crescent moons as she smiled.


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