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“I… I don’t know.” The more information he learned, the more complicated emotions Yasa felt.

“The answer is simple.

It is because we’re not the ruler!”

There was no other reason other than the fact that they were weak.

After all, weakness is a sin.

“Yasa, do you wish to become a ruler” The man in black robes extended his hand as an ominous red glow was seen on his black gloves—It emanated an extremely eerie aura.

“If you do, then give me your head.

I will give you an opportunity to change your destiny.”

After slight hesitation, Yasa revealed a determined gaze.

Since he had lost everything by now, there was nothing for him to hesitate about.

He stepped forward and knelt down on one knee.

“Good, very good.

You are brave and decisive! As expected of the chosen prodigy of our clan!”

The man in black robes was satisfied.

9 out of 10 ordinary people would be afraid after sensing the aura that he was currently exuding.

“What happens next will hurt a little.

You have to bear with it, Yasa.” While speaking, the man in black robes planted his hand with a glowing red light firmly onto Yasa’s head.

Immediately after, red light crackled and stained the entire secret chamber in blood-red.

At the same time, Yasa’s painful wail also resounded across the entire room.

In real life.

Beep beep beep!

In a dark room, there was suddenly a burst of light and an alarm.

Yaeger opened her eyes and reached beside her pillow.

There were 2 phones on that spot—one had a lit screen while the other was dark.

The phone with a screen was a Huawhey P20—a custom-made variant commissioned by Nangong Lin.

Taking a glance, it indicated that she received a new message from ‘Little Lin’.

Little Lin: Princess, I am Nangong Lin.

Did you return home safely

“This is weird.

Is my smart phone that smart It actually gave someone a nickname on its own… Not!”

Opening the contact list, Yaeger saw 2 contacts recorded in it.

[Little Lin]

[Lil’ Pixie]


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It was obvious that Nangong Lin and Pixie Qin had put it in ahead of time.

After replying with a message and was about to close her eyes again, Yaeger suddenly remembered Rakshasa.

She has been busy with all kinds of affairs these days.

So, she never found the time to contact her.

“It feels like I’ve been distant to her.” Pursing her plump lips, Yaeger recalled the scene when they first met and instantly felt warmth in her heart.

“It’s important to progress in the game.

But my companions are important to me as well.” Yaeger closed her eyes after whispering softly.

But this time around, she didn’t fall asleep.

Instead, she entered the game with a flash of white light.

Flame Dragon Empire.

Rakshasa sat on top of a pitch black boulder and looked up to the skies—There were countless stars twinkling above her, it looked very pretty.

“Lonely… Emptiness… Cold…” She slightly opened her lips and stuttered with a hoarse voice.

In order to have a normal conversation with [Princess], Rakshasa had been practicing speaking whenever she could spare time.

However, it was not an easy task for her to speak normally, after so many years of being unable to speak.

“[Princess].” Lowering her head, Rakshasa retrieved a sword from her backpack.

It was a Rare equipment, an ordinary sword.

But to her, this sword was 1 million times more important than those Legendary holy and demonic blades.

Because this was the first gift that [Princess] gave her.

It was a token of their friendship.

It was incredibly important.

Rakshasa affectionately caressed the [Gale Sword] by the blade with a nostalgic gaze.

Although she was only friends with [Princess] for a few days until now—but for an inexplicable reason, she felt like they had already known each other for a lifetime.

Her smile.

Her gentleness.

Her tears.

Her beauty.

Everything was incredibly familiar to Rakshasa, so much so that it left a deep impression.

“I really want to… Return… To your side…” Immediately, instantly.

1 second, no, she couldn’t even wait for another half a second.

She wanted to make it happen immediately!

Rakshasa bit her lips hard as tears welled up in her eyes.

‘I’m so lonely, I feel so terrible, I want to see you so much…’

Beep Beep!

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At this moment, a game notification was heard.

Rakshasa was dazed for a moment before instantly opening the game interface.

Upon seeing that familiar name, all her sorrows instantly disappeared and it was replaced by immense joy! “[Princess]!”

Indeed, it was the beauty that she had been thinking about day and night.

As the saying goes: a momentary separation between lovers is better than the first night after the wedding… Sike!

Anyway, they had a pleasant conversation.


Yasa constantly wailed in anguish as his face was completely contorted; the corners of his eyes were widened to the point of bleeding.

After lasting for about 10 minutes, that terrible wail finally subsided.

By now, the place he stood on was already drenched in sweat.

“Huff… Huff… Hah… Hahahahahahahaha!” After a few deep breaths, Yasa suddenly laughed.

“Ah, It feels so good.

I feel like my body is filled with power!” As he spoke, countless blood-red patterns started appearing on his body while glowing ominous light.

“Yasa, your future is bound to be extraordinary.

Your failures and hatred will fuel your spirit and make you stronger!” The man in black robes said excitedly.

“Old patriarch, I will not disappoint you!” Hearing those words that greatly inspired him, Yasa suddenly felt that all the confidence he lost had returned!

“Very good.

Yasa, I look forward to the battle tomorrow.

By then, you’ll be able to completely regain your confidence!” The man in black robes nodded in satisfaction.

All along, Yasa lived an easy life without any challenges.

Now that he had tasted failure, it was actually a good thing for him.

Despite the fact that this failure he experienced was devastating to him.

‘Damned foreigner, you will die a painful death!” Thinking of the fact that his clan would be associated with ‘feces’ ever since that event, the man in black robes trembled in anger—he desperately wanted to instantly hack Yaeger into pieces and feed her to the dogs.

Regrettably, he had a unique identity that made him unable to expose himself to the public.

“Yasa, remember, you can only use half of that power.

Once you exceed that limit, it will lead to unforeseen consequences.

Make sure to keep that in mind, make sure! Moreover, I give you permission to use our clan’s treasured artifact for your battle tomorrow, the [Sword of Eternity].”

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It was still risky for him to solely rely on [that person]’s methods—Because if it was exposed, it would cause [Sword Clan] to face infinite trouble, without any recourse.

Initially, the man in black robes didn’t plan to give Yasa that ‘power’.

However, he felt that Yaeger was simply too dangerous.

But in order for Yasa to be forged in fire and reborn anew, he had no choice but to take that risk.

After all, Yasa was his…

“Really” Yasa instantly rejoiced after hearing that he was allowed to use the [Sword of Eternity].

The [Sword of Eternity] was a holy blade that the royal family created by sparing no expense—it contained terrifying power.

However, the [Sword of Eternity] owned by [Sword Clan] was only a replication—it only had less than 10% of the original’s power.

Despite that fact, it was already terrifying enough!

Of course, someone must be at least on the Legendary rank in order to unleash all the power within this replica.

Hence, giving this weapon to Yasa—a Platinum-ranked—was a massive waste.

The man in black robes slowly extended his right hand, revealing the grayish-black ring on his middle finger—it was embedded with a dark-green gemstone.

Using his left index finger to tap on the gemstone, a faint green light glimmered after he caressed it.

The next moment, the man in black robes pulled out a longsword with a blinding glow from the ring.


Intense aura instantly filled the secret room.

Yasa only felt that his entire body was about to be sliced into pieces by this immensely powerful and sharp aura.

His entire body trembled! His brain trembled! His soul trembled! His noodle trembled! (T/N: Aside from my personal understanding that it might refer to the *****, I have no idea what the raws actually meant.

Lost in translation.)

This was the power of the holy sword.

Despite only having 10% of the original’s power, it was already enough to incite terror from the bottom of anyone’s heart.


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