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Yaeger didnt pay any attention to the players hanging around in Resurrection Square.

Even if there were five times more, it still wouldnt be a threat to her.

Not to mention Yaeger was literally armed to the teeth with high-level equipment and she had overwhelming defensive power, on top of two Strengthening Attributes that reduced damage that was more than enough to give people a headache.

Moreover, these players were all still at level 1.

Except for some of those who had obtained white equipment, virtually all other players still wore colorless equipment, which could be said to be the worst of the worst.

Whether they could even tickle her Health Bar was questionable.

If they were collectively equipped with the green equipment provided by the system, then they would probably be of some threat to Yaeger.

Unfortunately, most of the green equipment had a level restriction of level 5 or above.

In other words, for all those players, before reaching level 5, Yaeger could pinch these ants to death anytime.

Even if they reached level 5, it was nothing more than changing from being pinched to death by a single slap.

These people wanted to scheme against her, which in itself was a very funny thing.

After all, in the face of absolute power, all schemes are rendered meaningless.

However, Yaeger was a person who couldnt tolerate the slightest provocation.

This player named S.K.Y.

established a guild and had started recruiting subordinates wantonly.

Even if she didnt use her brain, she knew that he was targeting her!

Since others had already started scheming, Yaeger would naturally not be merciful and would brutally massacre them into oblivion.

These people must be taught a lesson which they would remember for a lifetime.

Seeing Yaeger sneer, Rakshasa knew that these players were going to suffer, but she didnt sympathize with them at all.

It was the calm before the storm.

Even a newbie player like Nangong Lin felt the oppressive aura.

She looked at Yaeger worriedly.

Yaeger was indeed very strong, but no matter how strong she was, she was still an individual.

It was extremely difficult to face thousands of opponents after all!

In Nangong Lins opinion, the difference between level 10 and level 1 consisted of only 9 levels and it could be mitigated by having large numbers of players.

An army of ants could kill a single elephant!


opened the guild channel with a smile on his face and sent a message to all members: Welcome to everyone who joined the Limitless Guild.

Before anyone could reply to the message, S.K.Y.

sent out another message:

From now on, you are a member of the big family of Limitless Guild! You are all my family, friends, comrades in arms, and brothers and sisters!

When we came to this beautiful world, we should have enjoyed its beauty while striving for our future.

Originally, this should have been a beautiful and harmonious world, but because of the two disharmonious existence, we cannot enjoy everything here.

When something beautiful turns into a nightmare, what should we do

The answer is to fight to the end!

Destroy those who are guilty and take back everything that belongs to us!

I, S.K.Y., in order to maintain the fairness of this world, to maintain the justice of the world, to correct the mistakes of this world, I am willing to sacrifice everything!

My brothers and sisters, my friends, my comrades in arms! Are you willing to fight with me against the tyranny of this world

Before all the guild members could read the information completely, a guild quest popped up.

Everyone clicked on it to take a look: Brave guild members, pick your weapons and join me to eliminate the tyrannic existences of Broken Leaf City, [Princess] and [Rakshasa], to save this beautiful city!

Quest reward: 500 gold coins per person! …

Everyone blinked, speechless for a while.

Had this guy named S.K.Y.

watched too much soap opera drama He roused the crowd as if he was singing an opera!

This message could be interpreted as: Everyone, follow me! Lets rob the rich and give to the poor!

Players who had been instigated by [Vast Sky] before couldnt help but roll their eyes.

If it werent for 500 gold coins, they wouldnt bother to talk to S.K.Y..

Yes, the biggest difference between the players Vast Sky and S.K.Y.

was that the former was a pauper while the latter was a nouveau riche.

This world was so realistic that whoever gave money was their boss.

Within a short while, hundreds of people clicked to confirm the task.

Some people joined the guild for the 500 gold coins.

However, they did not want to throw their life in for S.K.Y..

Are you kidding They werent ignorant of Princesss power.

On top of that, there was also Rakshasa.

They couldnt afford to offend them so it was best to slip away!

In a few seconds, 950 players clicked to confirm the task.


decisively kicked those 50 players who didnt confirm the mission out of the guild.

According to S.K.Y.s calculations, Princess would have 500 HP.

After taking into account the damage reduced by armor and skills, it would reach 800 HP.

All 950 of them were armed with white-tiered weapons.

Even if each person hit Princess only once at the same time, she would be done for.

How easygoing and delightful.


seemed to imagine purple-tier equipment beckoning him.

When he put forward the guild mission, he set up the mode of equipment item distribution by the leader, so there was no need to worry about items being picked up by others after Princess dropped the loot.

“My brothers and sisters, its time to get justice for all the players in Newbie Village and give the world a brilliant future!”With a wave of his hand, S.K.Y.

immediately led the 950 members of the guild to head to Yaegers stall.

Other players immediately stepped aside and looked at Yaeger again with a gloating expression on their faces.

Its not that we dont want to take revenge, but the time has not arrived yet!

When the time comes, you will definitely surely without any shred of doubt, die!

In their opinion, there was absolutely no suspense in the fight between an individual and an entire guild.

What about level 10

You would still be surrounded and hacked to death!

Kitty Rabbit and the audience in the live broadcast room couldnt help but worry.

“Princess, Rakshasa, I wish to vanquish you on behalf of all the kind and upright players!” S.K.Y.

bellowed out and pointed at Princess and Rakshasa respectively.

His whole body exuded great righteousness and his face was full of justice.

At this moment, he felt that he was really extremely handsome as if his life had reached the zenith.

However, there was a scream that shattered his illusion.

A bloody hole appeared on his forehead and his HP was instantly depleted to zero.

“Noisy.” Yaeger maintained the posture of shooting arrows and said lazily, giving people the feeling that what she had just killed was not a person, but a bug.

Not even a bit of emotion was shown!

Everyone present was dead silent.

It was as if the people who were overbearing just now had been splashed with a basin of cold water from head to toe.


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