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In the Rosen Hotel’s penthouse suite.

“Ah~ [Princess] will definitely look good in this dress!”

Nangong Lin was fiddling with an exquisite dress that was white as snow and had many lace frills on its edge—she was smiling radiantly.

After obtaining Yaeger’s body measurements, she mobilized the power of the Nangong Family to hire the best designers, tailors, and sourced the best material—to create a bunch of beautiful clothes for her.

There were princess dresses, gothic-styled dresses, Chinese robes, maid costumes, professional work costumes… In a nutshell, any clothing—whether they were available on the market or not—she ordered them to be all created.

Each variant had three identical pieces of clothing.

1 for [Princess], 1 of herself, and 1 as her permanent collection.

“Lil’ Pixie, tell me, if I wear this dress and stand beside [Princess], will we look like a pair of sisters”

Nangong Lin asked in excitement as she glanced at Pixie Qin, who was fiddling with a Chinese-styled dress beside her.

The latter looked up and said, “I suppose so.

But you better be prepared to be humiliated.”

She was telling the truth.

No matter who it was, as long as they appeared on the same spot with [Princess] and wore the same clothing—they were destined to suffer a tragedy.


The truth is always hurtful.” Nangong Lin thought about it deeply and was instantly traumatized.

“Fine, I’ll wear it in secret then.”

“I feel like the traditional clothes are a perfect match with [Princess].” Pixie Qin raised a dress that was as thin as paper.

“Just like a goddess.”

“[Princess] must be a goddess that descended from heaven.” Nangong Lin almost drooled as she fantasized about [Princess] gracefully floating down from the moon.

So beautiful, absolutely beautiful! Absolutely divine!

“Speaking of which, [Princess] really has all the curves in the right places.

Her figure is absolutely perfect, I’m so envious!”

Pixie Qin looked at the bra above the bed and uncontrollably swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

When Pixie Qin first met [Princess], she was wearing sports attire—it was impossible to tell that she actually had such a stunning figure.

“Yes, I envy her so much.” Nangong Lin also glanced at the bra.

Although saying that she was envious, a hint of lust could be seen in her eyes.

‘I really want to get into a wrestling match with [Princess]~’

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“Oh, you are so envious of her.

It’s fine, I have a secret technique that will enlarge it.” Pixie Qin stared at Nangong Lin’s body like a pervert, her hands were formed into claws as they danced around.

“You, go away! [Princess] might be here anytime soon.

Stop messing around!” Nangong Lin backed away in a panic.

Pixie Qin pounced over with a lecherous smile and launched a terrifying assault.

Soon enough, the room was filled with a playful atmosphere.

“Hey, don’t struggle, it will grow bigger soon…” Halfway through her sentence, Pixie Qin suddenly felt a presence looking at her.

Turning around, she saw an immensely dazzling young girl laying on the window and glancing at them with wide eyes.

Then, Pixie Qin was instantly petrified.

Nangong Lin followed her eyes and looked over, she was instantly dazed as well.

Pixie Qin and her seemed to be brats who played forbidden games while their parents were not at home.

Then, they suddenly realized that their parents were leaning against the window and watching them as they enjoyed themselves with an ominous smile on their faces.

In other words, she thought that her neighbor wasn’t around so she didn’t close the window and dance naked in her room.

Yet, it turned out that her neighbor was around and they were actually staring at her!

Awkward, incredibly awkward!

The room became ominously silent.

Time passed slowly.

“I seem to have disturbed you two.

I will be back later.” The immensely dazzling girl—Yaeger—was the first to break the silence.

“[Princess], you misunderstood us!”

“[Princess], you misunderstood us!”

Nangong Lin and Pixie Qin spoke simultaneously.

“Our relationship is not what you think it is!” They spoke simultaneously again.

“It’s fine.

I don’t mind if there’s a special relationship between you two.” Yaeger enjoyed lesbianism since it was pretty to see.

Of course, she enjoyed looking at beautiful lesbian couples.

If they were girls with an ordinary appearance instead, she would lose all interest.

After all, Yaeger was also someone that prioritized a person’s appearance above all else.

“We really don’t have that kind of relationship!” Nangong Lin resolutely denied it.

It was no laughing matter since [Princess] was the only person in her heart.

She would never allow her crush to make any unnecessary misunderstandings about her.

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“We were just playing around.” Pixie Qin spoke.

She didn’t want [Princess] to assume that she was a casual person as well.

Although, in fact, she wanted to own a harem and claim all the women that she liked.

However, the more they tried to explain, the grin on Yaeger’s face became deeper.

Indeed, their excessive explanations meant that they had something to hide.

Looking at such a smile, Nangong Lin felt wronged.

‘It’s not like that, I didn’t do it.

It’s a misunderstanding!’

She was about to explain herself but Yaeger interjected her and said, “Are the clothes on the bed all mine” She spoke with a hint of surprise.

Because the clothes on that spot were actually piled up into a small mountain.

There were all sorts of variants and styles.

She even saw some sexy underwear and sexy costumes.

“That’s true.

Because I don’t know about your preferences, [Princess], I told people to make all kinds of styles so you can pick and choose what you like.

Of course, it will be best if you like all of them!” Nangong Lin said.

“I can’t wear all of them.” Yaeger walked to the bedside and touched the clothing that—the cloth was incredibly soft and smooth to the touch, they were obviously high-quality goods.

The fabric was much better when compared to the first dress that she bought.

Since it was custom-made, their cost was definitely sky-high! However, spending such an amount of money would be insignificant to the Nangong Family.

Since they were all members of the same guild and were quite friendly with her, Yaeger would naturally not discuss money with them.

That would make her seem distant.

She knew that was fine since she would repay the favor inside the game.

After choosing for a while, there was now a long red dress, a white dress, a gothic-styled black dress, and 3 lace underwear sets in her hands.

As for the sexy costumes, she completely ignored it.

“[Princess], this one is quite good as well.” Pixie Qin showed her the traditional Chinese robes.

“Yes, I’ll take that as well.” Yaeger nodded in satisfaction.

“[Princess], there are also matching shoes, purses, and jewelry here!” Nangong Lin pulled out a bunch of items underneath the pile of clothing.

“[Princess], this combination…” Then, Pixie Qin and Nangong Lin started explaining all kinds of things to Yaeger.

By then, the latter finally realized that there were a lot of things to know when it comes to wearing clothes as a girl.

She learned a lot as she listened.

‘Wait a minute, why am I learning about these things’ Yaeger suddenly shouted in her heart.

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‘So close, so close.

I was almost pushed into experiencing the joys of being a girl and I almost couldn’t escape!’ She patted her chest while feeling fear.

After they chatted for a while, Yaeger went to another room to try out her clothes.

More than a minute later, she walked out while wearing that Gothic dress—she seemed like a queen of darkness and overflowed with sexual appeal.

Nangong Lin’s and Pixie Qin’s eyes were wide as they stared at her.

“Is it a good fit” Yaeger gracefully turned around and asked.

‘Ah, I’m dying!’ At this moment, Nangong Lin and Pixie Qin felt like they took a bullet in their hearts.

Seeing that they were blushing with wide eyes and labored breathing, the corners of Yaeger’s twitched uncontrollably.

‘It’s really a massive sin to be as beautiful as me!’

In America, San Francisco.

In the headquarters of [Small Sword Group].

It was currently noon.

Lucky Hong just finished his lunch.

He had a terrible appetite these days since there was both resentment and hatred in his heart.

He was spiteful towards Ronald Tian, [Princess], and Cathay.

“Boss, this is bad.

Not only did the [Brotherhood Association] revoke the bounty towards [Princess], they also confiscated our security deposit!”

Hearing that, Lucky’s eyes were wide and veins started popping up in his forehead.

He slammed the robust bespoke table and it instantly shattered.

“How dare they!” It sounded like roaring thunder when he spoke!


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