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“Fuark! Who’s pranking us”

The foreigner leading the group scolded.

He was Billy, a 38 years old A-ranked Transcendent.

His ability was [Strength Enhancement].

This ability would allow his muscles to expand rapidly and multiply his strength.

“Boss, it doesn’t seem to be a prank.

This message came from [Assassin’s Alliance].” A young foreigner said.

There were 15 of them, all of them hitmen.

They naturally came here to earn 100 million.

Billy was the leader of this group, he was the strongest.

“The information is wrong But how wrong could it be We traveled thousands of miles to come to Cathay.

How can we return without anything” Billy said unhappily.

He was an A-ranked expert, who had 14 B-ranked experts under his wing.

He would not be afraid even if he was facing an AA-ranked expert.

He was confident to earn that 100 million! Nobody could stop him!

“Boss, there’s a web URL in this message.

I’ll open a VPN and check it out!” A random B-ranked Transcendent said.

Billy nodded, knowing that it wouldn’t take long anyway.

3 seconds passed.

“B… Boss.

This is big.

That [Princess] is actually an AA-ranked Pinnacle Master!” That B-ranked Transcendent spoke in panic after reading the forum announcement.

Hearing that, Billy’s eyelids danced and his heartbeats accelerated.

But soon, he settled down and spoke,

“It’s just an AA-ranked Pinnacle Master.

There’s so many of us, it will be fine!”

As the saying goes: Many ants can overwhelm an elephant.

Since the rule applied on typical ants, it will work on them since they were akin to warrior ants!

Indeed, these people were not hastily assembled into a team.

Instead, they were actually an elite team that had already been established for a long time.

Billy’s words of determination gradually settled down everyone’s frantic hearts.

“However, it’s not worth it to deal with an AA-rank Pinnacle Master for one hundred million.

They must at least increase the bounty to four hundred million.”

After all, it would take extraordinary methods to deal with an AA-ranked Pinnacle Master.

Billy’s eyes flashed coldly.

‘The people in the CIA said that they will support us by providing weapons once we reach Cathay.

I wonder if we can get some flashbangs, bazookas, and poison gas grenades’

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Just as he was pondering about it, that B-ranked Transcendent suddenly said, “boss, there’s also a video embedded in that announcement.”

“Let me see.” Billy regained his senses.

The video was played.

The resolution was so low that it was hard to identify anyone within.

However, Billy still managed to recognize the first person in the video feed.

“[Guilty Verdict], Bunke.

[Gargoyle], Luca.

[Wind Fighter], Jin Junmin.

[Tank], Orpheum.

[Eightfold Fist], Steven Zhou.

Fuark! They actually came to Cathay ahead of us! It wouldn’t be a problem for such a powerful lineup to deal with an A-ranked Transcendent.

Sadly, the person they faced was the AA-ranked [Princess]! Their outcome was destined to be a tragedy!”

In the video, the battle began.

“Tsk tsk tsk, Bunker’s power is truly horrifying.

He actually used a dump truck as a weapon.” Although he said that, Billy didn’t seem to be surprised at all—because his strength was even greater than Bunke’s.

However, after a few seconds, Billy’s eyeballs almost fell out and his mouth was widened to the point that a massive fist could fit within it.

In the video, [Princess] returned the favor to Bunke.

She used a road roller.

Moreover, she violently merged Bunke into the road roller within a second.

What followed after was a one-sided massacre.

[Princess] killed those B-ranked experts as if she was squishing hands!


Finally, Luca— who seemed to have reached AA rank in power—was also killed by her throwing dagger!

After watching it, Billy felt numbness on his scalp and chillness across his body.

His heart trembled crazily.

This AA-ranked Pinnacle Master seemed to be much scarier than he expected!

“Boss, are we still going to hunt [Princess]” A Transcendent said.

Billy came to his senses after hearing it and let out a confident smile.

“Of course…”

Before he finished speaking, his subordinates were all excited.

‘As expected of our boss.

He even felt the urge to battle despite facing such a terrifying opponent!’

‘He’s truly a man with a lion’s heart!’


“Of course, we will take advantage of the flight ticket’s discount and retreat strategically!”

‘Are you kidding me Why would anyone try to piss off such a monster’

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He could never afford the price to become her enemy, so he ran!

The scene was dead silent.

As his subordinates stared in shock, Billy marched out in determination and walked into the airport.

He was incredibly quick.

Near the scrapyard’s car park.

“We have confirmed the identities of these people.

However, we’re still unsure about the silver-haired girl that [Princess] mentioned.” Xina finished analyzing the video and spoke.

“The other people are unimportant.

I just want to know who that girl is.” Yaeger had a hunch that this silver-haired girl would most likely cause her a lot of trouble.

“I’ll find out as soon as possible.” Xina pursed her lips and said.

Currently, she felt mixed emotions in her heart.

Back then, she tried to persuade [Princess] to not to kill anyone and abide by the law.

But now, she already had the strength and ability to ignore some of the laws of the land.

The more she thought about it, the more she found herself to be ridiculous.

Xina felt mixed emotions as she sighed in her heart.

“Well, that…” At this moment, Jeremy Lin suddenly stepped forward.

“Do you have something to say” Yaeger asked.

“I think… That girl should be [E-Fairy], Vera!” Jeremy Lin said.

“That ‘Vera’ you mentioned, is she cute”

“She… It’s not about whether she’s cute or not, but she’s really that kind of… Very mysterious, very charming…”

“Stop!” At this point, Yaeger already knew that this man had never met Vera.

“Mylene, remember to send it to me if you manage to find a photo of Vera.”

“Yes! Sister, how should I send it to you” Mylene Tian nodded obediently and asked curiously.

“Upload it to the game’s official site.

Nevermind, come with me for a second.” Yaeger walked to the streetlamp.

Mylene Tian followed behind closely.

Under the orange light.

“Mylene, my identity is a little special.

I can’t expose myself.

Can you get me an identification card” Yaeger said.

She didn’t lie at all, her current identity was indeed special.

After all, she was the [Princess] that walked out of the game!

“No problem, it’s a walk in the park for me!” Mylene Tian initially thought that her sister had something serious to ask of her.

Yet, it turned out to be a trivial affair for her.

Of course, It was relatively easy for her—it would be very difficult for the average person to create an official identification card with falsified information.

“Well then, I’ll have to rely on your help.” Yaeger extended her hand and caressed Mylene Tian’s head.

The latter instantly felt incredible pleasure.

At this age, a person’s identification information was needed in everything they do.

Since her female identity was unregistered, she couldn’t even apply for a SIM card of her own.

Without it, it would be difficult for her female identity to contact Nangong Lin and the rest of them whenever she wanted.

After all, she couldn’t just log into the game and relay the message to them that way whenever she was in trouble.

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It was so troublesome.

Of course, it was also risky to use a SIM card—her current location might be exposed.

Before Yaeger was strong enough to a certain extent, she would definitely never use it.

Now, she was just planning ahead for the future.

Once her identification problems were resolved, Yaeger bid everyone farewell and went to her next destination in mind.

“Oh no.

I don’t even know my sister’s name yet!” In the car, Mylene Tian’s mind flashed with realization and she exclaimed.

“She’s [Princess].

Isn’t that her name anyway” Xina said.

She already knew long ago that Mylene Tian had acknowledged [Princess] as her sworn sister.

“I suppose so.

There’s no other name that is more suitable to my sister than Princess.

Xina, please handle my sister’s affairs about her identification card.”

Mylene Tian tapped her tiny head with her small fists and smiled.

Yaeger somehow felt that she forgot about something important as she went along the way.

However, she could not remember it.

‘An illusion, perhaps’


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