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Chapter 284 - Yo, Sister.

You Look A Little Similar To My Brother.

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Author: Mad FlowerOriginal Source: SFACGWord Count: 2169charactersTranslator: KeissenEnglish Source: Re:LibraryWord Count: 1407 wordsEditor(s): NeedHydra

Mylene Tian kept staring at Yaeger with a joyful expression.

‘I didn’t expect that I’d be able to see sister so quickly.

Today is a good day! Mm-hmm~ Sister’s smell is so fragrant and so reassuring~ Upon closer inspection, sister looks a little similar to my brother.


Wait a minute, could this be the ‘couple’s appearance’ that everyone talks about I am shocked!”

“I don’t want that.

How could my brother be with my sister… Wait, It’s not like it’s impossible though.

No, no, no! My brother is mine, my sister is mine too.

They can’t be together! But… I suddenly feel like seeing my brother and sister do the s̲e̲x̲ thing.

Ah~ There must be something wrong with me!”

At this moment, Mylene Tian’s head was filled with indecent thoughts.

If Yaeger realized what her lovely sister was currently thinking, she would definitely vomit blood.

“Mylene, you have worked hard.” Upon noticing Mylene Tian’s fatigued expression, Yaeger obviously knew that Mylene was toiling herself to help her.

“It’s nothing at all.

Sister, your problems are my problems!”

“Yes, I got it.” Yaeger stretched out her hand and gently caressed her head.

Mylene Tian instantly blushed and her heart started beating quickly.

‘Sister, you are so gentle! I love it so much!’

“By the way, Mylene, how did you manage to find me here” Yaeger retracted her hand and asked in curiosity.

‘Can the Ability Management Department be so efficient in their work’

Realizing that the flawless beautiful hand was leaving her head, Mylene Tian felt incredibly sad.

‘I really want to keep being touched.’

“Xina guessed it.

Because you killed and maimed everyone from [Small Sword Group] when you first appeared.

Xina believed that you most likely showed yourself that time in order to lure those people.

Back then, you kicked their vehicle into a patch of greenery beside the gas station straightaway.

That’s because you don’t want to be bothered by other people, right Xina figured that you will do the same thing again, using yourself as bait to lure out those hitmen.

Also, you will choose another deserted area just like you did last time and do what you wanted to do.

In this area, the only place that suits your requirements is this scrapyard’s car park.

So, we came here to try our luck.

I already detected your presence just as I was close and came to take a look.

Indeed, I found you.

Hehe! By the way, sister, where are the hitmen”

At this moment, Mylene Tian finally realized that there was not a single soul in the surroundings except the 2 of them.

“I sent them to heaven.” Yaeger spoke.

Hearing that, Mylene Tian was only slightly shocked.

After all, she already knew that Yaeger’s strength was close to the level of a Grandmaster some time ago.

“As expected of my sister!”

“It’s nothing much to speak of.” Yaeger smiled and immediately changed the subject.

“Mylene, do you know what’s this”

She pointed at the semi-transparent object below.

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Mylene Tian’s gaze followed the long and slender finger and looked over, then exclaimed in surprise, “what”

“Do you know what this is” Yaeger only asked casually, but it turned out that her sister actually knew about it.

“I don’t know.” Mylene Tian shook her head.

Hearing this, Yaeger almost toppled onto the ground.


I just feel like these two blotches of things seem like jellies.

Mylene Tian smiled awkwardly after speaking.

“This is what remains of a hitman that I just killed.

It’s possibly her doppelgänger or clone or something.” Yaeger said.

“I see.

I’ll bring it back and have someone study it.” Mylene Tian retracted her gaze.

“Sister, what about the rest of those losers”

“At the scrapyard’s car park.”


I’ll ask someone to deal with it later.

Sister, it’s getting late, why don’t we have a midnight supper By the way, I’ll ask my brother to come along later.

Let me tell you in advance, my brother is super handsome.

Sister, you better not fall in love with him!”

Hearing the previous words, Yaeger felt like her own sister was smart, capable, and quick to learn.

However, after hearing the rest of the words, she almost vomited blood.

‘Where am I going to find another brother for you And why should I fall in love with myself Am I going to love myself’ Yaeger smiled forcefully while shouting in her heart.

“There is no need for that, I’ve been on a diet recently.

Let’s talk about it if we have a chance in the future.”

“Well, I see.

The three of us can meet up and have fun in the future!” Mylene Tian spoke sadly.

Yaeger slightly twitched her lips.

‘This is a promise that will never be fulfilled.

Something will be wrong if I actually agree to it!’

She instantly changed the topic.

“Mylene, is there anyone proficient with computers among the people that you brought along There might be some important information in this laptop.”

“Yes I do!” Mylene Tian glanced at the laptop on the ground and nodded.

They walked out of the small forest.

There were 2 black SUVs parked along the road not far away.

Seeing that Mylene Tian and Yaeger were here, everyone in the car instantly disembarked.

When they came closer and saw Yaeger’s full appearance, all of them felt like they had a cardiac arrest.

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Compared to the previous meeting, [Princess] seemed even prettier and more charming now.

Just by standing there, she already seemed like a powerful storm that stopped anyone from advancing—their bodies and souls were ignited!

“Jeremy Lin.” At this moment, Mylene Tian spoke and everyone seemed to have roused from a deep slumber.

Xina bit her lip and found it difficult to settle down.

As a woman, she never expected that she would be completely mesmerized by [Princess] as well.

Her charm was simply terrifying!

“Chief Captain, how can I help you” A young man who was about 25 years old stood up and spoke respectfully.

He wore black-rimmed glasses and a black uniform, and seemed like a polite gentleman.

During the event in the dilapidated building, Mylene Tian successfully established her might.

Now, everyone within the Ability Management Department would not dare to disobey her.

At least, nobody dared on the surface.

“There seems to be some important information inside this laptop.

See if you can get it out.” She pointed at the laptop in Yaeger’s hand and said.

“I… I’ll give it a try!” Jeremy Lin didn’t dare to respond in certainty, fearing that he might make a mistake and be humiliated.

As he received the laptop, someone pulled out a foldable bench from the SUV’s back compartment and placed the laptop on it.

Jeremy Lin knew a good number of hacking methods.

Within a moment, he found a hidden video file.

“This is strange.

This laptop shouldn’t be owned by an ordinary person.

I somehow remember seeing this method in hiding files somewhere else…” Jeremy Lin was in deliberation.

Suddenly, he managed to remember something and exclaimed, It’s [E-Fairy].

That’s right, it must be her! Although she did it casually, it still has a familiar pattern!”

The hacker community was incredibly small and [E-Fairy] was a top dog in that community also.

As a hacking enthusiast, Jeremy Lin naturally paid a lot of attention to her.

“Did you find it or not” Mylene Tian was not interested in anything about hackers.

In comparison, her sister’s issue was much more important to her.

“I found it, it’s a video file!” Jeremy Lin suppressed his excitement and spoke solemnly.

Yaeger’s expression changed slightly.

“Play it.”

Jeremy Lin obediently played the video.

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Immediately after, everyone witnessed the display of the art of violence.

They were so shocked that their jaws almost dislocated.

Even Mylene Tian who had mentally prepared beforehand was slightly shocked as well.

Her sister was just too powerful!

She even felt a slight hint of pity towards those hitmen.

Especially the young man in a blue suit who was merged with the road roller.

“The best things will never happen and the worst ones always do.” After watching the video, Yaeger hugged her arms and spoke without any emotion.

At the same time, outside of Roc City’s New Country Airport.

More than a dozen foreigners who just came out simultaneously received a new message: ‘The information is wrong.

Terminate the operation immediately!’


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