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Chapter 283 - Princess, I Will Kill You With My Cuteness! | Re:Library

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Author: Mad FlowerOriginal Source: SFACGWord Count: 2006 charactersTranslator: KeissenEnglish Source: Re:LibraryWord Count: 1283 wordsEditor(s): NeedHydra

This was a room that was completely devoid of feminine touch.

The area was large and the white walls were filled with monitors of various sizes.

Wires on the ground splayed around like spiderwebs, while the messy tables were occupied with all sorts of keyboards, touchscreen tablets, and some glowing components—their functionalities were unknown.

A large bed was located in the center of the room—it was completely white.

On the bed, the silver haired girl sat up and took a few deep breaths.

She eventually managed to calm down and then retrieved her phone from the pillow’s side.

“Number eighteen.

I remember she was on a mission in Cathay.” The young girl unlocked the phone and opened a custom-made software.

Number 18 was the silver-haired girl’s—Vera’s 1 of 18 doppelgängers.

Vera’s original body had 4 Special Abilities: [Split], [Mimicry], [Consume], [Rejuvenate].

It was incredibly rare for a Transcendent like her to have multiple Special Abilities.

Number 18 was another Vera created by [Split]—which was a [Doppelgänger].

a [Doppelgänger] would contain all memories of the host when it was created and they inherited some of her abilities.

A [Doppelgänger] was self-conscious and autonomous.

They would need to periodically absorb lifeforce from the original host in order to continue functioning.

A [Doppelgänger] could never replace the host.

When they returned to the host, the original host would be able to read and selectively absorb their memories.

The original host could never control its [Doppelgänger].

When the [Doppelgänger] died, the original host would be able to detect it and also experience the sensation they felt when they died.

Previously, Vera was awakened by the horror of being decapitated.

“The hunting operation against [Princess] was created by Jin Junmin.

The members included are [Wind Fighter] Jin Junmin, [Gargoyle] Luca, And my Doppelgänger, [E-Fairy].

Aside from number eighteen, the rest of the members are close to A-ranked in strength.

It should not be problematic for them to deal with the A-ranked Master, [Princess].”

“With that said, how could my [Doppelgänger] die Perhaps someone tried to claim the reward for themselves So they killed my [Doppelgänger]… That’s right, that must be it! They killed a [Doppelgänger] that I painstakingly created.

No matter who they are, they will suffer the consequences!” Vera’s face was grim as killing intent flashed in her eyes.

“I wonder if number eighteen left some information for me I hope so.”

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Every time when her [Doppelgänger] was in danger, they would upload important information on her private cloud storage.

“Gabri, activate.” Vera whispered.

The next moment, all the monitors in the room were powered up.

In the mansion’s other rooms, all the rows of massive computer frames were powered up at the same time also.

This was Vera’s supercomputer, [Gabri].

“Enter the [Eternal Garden].” As she spoke, the largest monitor in front of her instantly displayed a private cloud server by itself.

Indeed, there was a new file that was uploaded several minutes ago.

It was a video file.

Opening it, Vera initially felt disappointment and thought that [Princess] had an overexaggerated reputation since she seemed pathetically weak.

However, her jaw almost dislocated and fell to the ground when she saw the following bloodbath.

‘What the hell is this Didn’t you say that she’s A-ranked, [Small Sword Group]’

By the end of the video, Vera already knew who killed Number 18.

[Small Sword Group].

The [CIA].


Although [Princess] was the one who actually killed her, but [Small Sword Group] and [CIA] who provided false information were responsible for it as well.

“I neglected it.

Those damned Americans are truly nefarious!”

Vera didn’t gather any information about [Princess] because she was fed all the latest information from the CIA.

After all, an A-ranked Master was not worth the effort for her to handle it seriously.

“This bounty must be canceled immediately.

Otherwise, the losses will be severe!” Shaking her head, Vera looked at the screen and logged into [Assassin’s Alliance] as an administrator.

Then, she withdrew the bounty and sent a message to all members:

The information is inaccurate.

Everyone, cease your activities immediately.

For more information, please refer to the forum’s public announcement.

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After completing the upcoming announcement and posting it online, Vera suddenly extended her hands and countless semi-transparent threads started appearing from her fingers.

Although these threads were a little similar to Yaeger’s aura tentacles, They were fundamentally different in nature.

Because they were physical objects!

All space inside that room was instantly occupied by those threads.

Clap clap clap clap clap!

These threads suddenly danced wildly, intensely smacking and maneuvering all the keyboards and accessories around her—creating a crisp and intense noise.

At the same time, notification messages continually appeared on the monitor on the wall.

They were all information about [Princess]!

“[Princess], just you wait, I will eventually kill you with my cuteness!” Vera kept moving her gaze and quickly skimmed through these messages that flashed past her eyes.

In Cathay, a certain small forest in Roc City.

“S̲h̲i̲t̲, what is this thing” Yaeger was shocked as Vera’s body and head melted in front of her.

On the ground, two puddles of liquid-gooey substance were seen.

It was semi-transparent.

Yaeger touched it with her fingers and felt some elasticity.

“Is it a jelly What an amazing ability.” Yaeger was finally relieved after sensing no life presence from those things.

“Transcendents are definitely unbelievable.

Each one more so than the last.” She couldn’t help but sigh in realization.

First, there was [Viper] that seemed like a Serpentkind.

Then, it was followed by the ‘Ant Man’—who had immense strength and tracking abilities, and also a genetically engineered man that could harden his flesh.

Finally, there was the silver-haired girl who could create mystical doppelgängers.

“Come to think of it, Mylene told me before that a hacker stole some information from the Immigration Office.

Perhaps she is that hacker in question” Yaeger’s eyes filled with shock as she glanced at the laptop on the ground.

She felt an inexplicable sense of danger.

“She was always trying to protect this laptop back then.

Why is that Perhaps…” A tentacle appeared and grabbed the laptop over.

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After some maneuvering, Yaeger realized that it consumed a bunch of bandwidth by uploading things to the Internet.

“Oh no, this person probably uploaded my combat footage to someplace!” As a flash of inspiration appeared within her, she suddenly recalled that bee-shaped robot that she destroyed before.

“I made a mistake, a massive mistake.

Back then, I should have destroyed this laptop right away.” Yaeger shook her head gently.

“Luckily, I only used less than half of my actual power back then.

I suppose I didn’t expose myself too much.”

She didn’t use any [Ranger] abilities when she killed those people back then.

So, she wasn’t worried that her secrets regarding the game would be exposed.

As for her aura attacks, any Masters proficient in projecting their Internal Strength would be able to do that.

Although their attacks might not be as precise and strong as Yaeger’s, it wouldn’t be a surprise for someone else to achieve that anyway.

“Well… This presence!” Suddenly, Yaeger suddenly felt a powerful presence appearing nearby and instantly looked over.

“Sister, I finally managed to find you!” At this moment, a petite figure approach at high speeds and crackling noises could be heard around them.

“Sister, are you alright” The young girl appeared in a flash and let out a cute expression.

She was none other than Mylene Tian.

She kept saying ‘sister’ naturally, stating it as a matter of fact.

To this, Yaeger felt depression in her heart, she wanted to cry out but couldn’t.

‘Sister my a̲s̲s̲.

I’m your brother!’


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