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Luca stood still, his body was slumped but it didn’t topple over.

Seeing that, Vera felt chills down her spine.

She could obviously tell that this middle-aged man was already dead.

Her entire body was trembling.

Chills instantly surged from the bottom of her feet until the top of her skull.

Vera could not help but hug her arms and trembled.

At this moment, the video feed changed—An incredibly dazzling young woman was seen.

She looked over and smiled at Vera, then the screen went black.


At this moment, Vera felt like her spine was violently pierced by a long steel needle that was burnt red—she felt an extreme, indescribable reaction.

Someone targeted her! She would be killed! Run quickly!

As her thoughts were clouded with alarm sirens, Vera instantly regained her focus.

“No way, I can’t escape.

I haven’t uploaded this combat footage onto my personal cloud storage!”

She hurriedly deciphered the internet access points around her and uploaded it.

The file size was huge since the resolution of this footage was very high.

Using 4G internet, it would take a few minutes for her to finish the upload!

“What should I do There’s not enough time!” Vera was filled with anxiety.

If she left her laptop here and escaped by herself, all her efforts would be in vain if [Princess] came over and destroyed the laptop after discovering it.

She knew that she had to upload such an important file—even if she had to risk her life!

Vera instantly came to a decision and glanced at the driver’s seat.

Since her short legs could never step on the gas pedal, it was impossible for her to drive the car and escape.

“I can only use my legs to race against time!”

She knew that [Princess] would reach her location at any time.

Hence, Vera instantly set the upload to continue running in the background.

Then, she closed the laptop, carried it in her arms, and disembarked.

All of a sudden, she had no idea if she was seeing things since she suddenly realized that the atmosphere around her head became ominous.

As if there were countless hands that would appear from the darkness at any moment and drag her into the endless abyss!


“I… I’m just scaring myself!” Vera took a deep breath and instantly ran.

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Do not underestimate her short legs, she was actually as fast as the wind when she ran.


Just as Vera ran 100 meters away, a loud noise was heard behind her.

Looking back, she realized that the luxury sedan under the streetlamp was completely flattened! Within the blink of an eye, it became a clump of iron.

The next moment, that clump of iron was lifted up by a figure and was thrown over here!

“Oh my Lady Gaga!” Vera’s face was pale and her eyes were widened to the extreme; Her pupils were constricted as she let out a cute wail of terror.

The black clump of iron sliced through the wind at breakneck speeds, just like a giant blade! Vera’s body trembled and her mind was completely blank.

She instinctively dodged forward.

The moment before she landed, that clump of iron flew over while narrowly avoiding slicing off her scalp.

It completely chopped off a large tree and then smashed onto the ground—sliding across the place and creating countless sparks.

“So close!” Vera climbed up and wiped the cold sweat off her forehead with her tiny hands—her expression was filled with anguish.

In order to protect her laptop, she landed in a bad position and her whole body was now in pain.

“You monster.” After whispering, Vera ran like crazy with her laptop tightly clutched in her arms.

She didn’t dare to look back, because she was convinced that an incredibly beautiful and dazzling and super lovely young woman would be standing there.

No, she was a super monster!

Vera already memorized her surroundings when she first came here.

Not far away, there was a small forest that was overgrown with weeds.

‘Once I’m in there, I should be able to hide for a while and finish the upload!’

Clack clack clack!

She heard a rhythmic sound behind her.

In Vera’s opinion, it sounded like the reaper’s footsteps.

Aside from feeling fear, she only felt terror.

No, the reaper was definitely coming for her!

Around the corner, the trees were sparse but the weeds were grown everywhere—they were actually taller than humans.

This area was one of the rare abandoned areas inside Roc City.

it was virtually unmanaged by anyone.

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Vera simply ran inside without a second thought and wandered around recklessly.

Since her eyesight was weaker than Yaeger’s—she could hardly see anything inside.

Her clothes were torn in no time.

But, it was not the time for her to be concerned about it.

It was because that monster—that Demon King—would come to her at any moment.

“Ah~” People often make mistakes when they are stressed.

Vera accidentally stepped into a ditch and instantly toppled over.

Rustle rustle!

At this moment, a sound was heard in a small forest.

Turning around, Vera instantly saw a beautiful figure illuminated by the moonlight, who had a sweet smile on her face.

“I found you, little cutie!” Her voice was very pleasant to hear.

However, Vera only felt like it came from a demon—utterly terrifying!

“You… Don’t come closer!”

“Hehehe, what an adorable shout.” Yaeger slowly approached with a vague hint of aura that slowly emanated from her.

“You were peeping at me earlier, right” Her aura turned into tentacles that grabbed Vera within an instant and slowly lifted her up.

Before being lifted up, the latter decisively hid the laptop inside the grass.

The footage would be uploaded in just a little longer!

“Little cutie, what are you hiding from me” However, Yaeger obviously noticed that sneaky move.

Using a tentacle, she picked up that laptop.

Seeing that, Vera’s heart skipped a beat and her face was as pale as a tub of cement.

“Since you’re hugging it so carefully, there must be something important in there, right

Let me see.” Seeing that Yeager had opened the laptop, Vera instantly felt hopeless.

However, after a brief inspection, Yaeger couldn’t find anything extraordinary in there.

Although she might not be technologically literate, she was only marginally better than that.

It was impossible for her to find something that a hacker concealed in their personal computers.

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“Since it’s not in there, it must be on you.” She glanced at Vera, whose expression was pale as always but was secretly joyful.

‘[Princess] didn’t notice the file being uploaded in the background!’

“No, there’s nothing at all.

There’s nothing on me!” Vera pretended to be panicked.

“I’ll know it when I search you.” Yaeger smiled.

Several tentacles instantly dug themselves into Vera’s clothes.

Feeling the tentacles squirming around her body, Vera trembled and the delusion where she was being violated.

“You have only lollipops on you” After the search, Yaeger was quite disappointed.

“Little cutie, I think it’s best for you to be honest and confess.

What secrets are you actually hiding”

“I’m… I’m not hiding anything at all! I’m just their IT support staff!” Vera said.

“Indeed, you have such a weak ability, you are definitely suited for that role.” While speaking, Yaeger’s eyes became grim.

“But you think I’ll believe it You won’t confess, huh I have a hundred ways to make you confess!”

Countless tentacles instantly surged and showered Vera with affection.

Within the small forest, adorable screams were constantly heard.

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A few minutes later…

“I… I really didn’t hide anything from you…” Vera’s clothes were tattered and slight blushing could be seen on her pale face.

The edge of her lips even glistened.

“No way!” Her initially haggard expression was suddenly changed.


[Princess], you will regret treating me this way.

You definitely will!”


“I never regret.

As for you, you won’t make me feel regret as well.

Just die.” Yaeger lost patience already.

With the flick of a tentacle, a head was decapitated.

However, oddly enough, blood didn’t gush out from the corpse at all.

“This doesn’t seem like a human.

Are you a body double No, a doppelgänger Or what is it” Yaeger was stunned.

“[Princess], I’ll be back for you soon!” The severed head shouted in mid-air before becoming silent.

At the same time.

On an island overseas.

Inside a certain mansion.

“Ahhhhhh!” A silver-haired girl woke up suddenly.

“Huff… Huff… Huff.

Number eighteen was killed, who did it”


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