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Glug glug.

As the cool liquid slipped down her throat, some of it leaked out of her lips and dripped down onto her thin clothes.

Her cute underwear could be vaguely seen.

“What a disappointment.” Vera moved the bottle of mineral water away from her mouth and sighed.

She felt immense disappointment the moment she saw a dump truck slamming into [Princess] in the video feed.

She thought that [Princess], who claimed to be the strongest person in the world, would surprise her.

Yet, she was instantly killed right away.

Could she not feel disappointment

“Indeed, all of my previous predictions are all wrong.

I’m just overthinking it…” She shook her head and looked at the screen in front again.

Then, she instantly turned silent and extended her eyes widely—her jaw was about to fall out as well.

On the screen, [Princess] was currently fighting Luca—their fists were clashing all over the place!


What happened Why is [Princess] not dead yet Wait a minute, Luca and [Princess] are that strong”

Vera felt like a barrel of glue was poured inside her skull.

Everything seemed to have changed after she took a sip of water.

It was completely unbelievable!

Her adorable tiny hands started tapping on the keyboard.

Soon, Vera saw the replay.

It was a one-sided massacre! After watching it, she became shocked once again.

“What kind of A-ranked expert is this Small Sword Group, I wish a painful death upon you!”

In the scrapyard’s car park.

“What is it, [Princess] Weren’t you very aggressive just now”

Luca’s entire body spewed smoke as if he was a steam engine.

His fists that were bigger than casseroles were launched at high speeds and evenly matched Yaeger…

No, he was gradually gaining the advantage.

He was starting to suppress her!

Luca was a genetically engineered person and a Transcendent also.

His Special Ability was [Harden].

Normally, his strength would be one step away from reaching A rank.

However, at his maximum power, he could reach the AA rank!

This was his trump card.

He could only maintain it for 3 minutes at most and he would suffer severe side effects after the fact.

Once he used it, he would be forced to lie on a bed for 3 months.

Initially, Luca had unlocked the limitations of his body in order to escape.

However, he changed his mind after noticing that Yaeger had continuously exhibited strength that was beyond the limits of a human being.

It was because even AA-ranked experts would not have unlimited energy to expend.

After her previous outbreak of energy, he knew that she had little energy remaining within her.

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‘It’s worth the try! I can claim one hundred million for myself if I succeed.

If I fail… If I fail, I have a special method to escape anyway!’ After analyzing his options, Luca was completely fearless.

In fact, due to the flaws in his genetic engineering, his personality would change when he unleashed his maximum power—he was now immensely confident and courageous.

Of course, Luca was not blindly confident.

He actually had a terrifying card up his sleeve.

However, he could only use this trump card once a year.

He would never use it easily unless he was on the brink of desperation or during an important moment.

But now, that moment was about to appear.

Yaeger was fighting and retreating at the same time.

She seemed to be a little weakened.

However, Luca would instantly become dazed if he could actually read minds.

‘Ah, this Luca’s so-called full power is so weak.

If he doesn’t show anything else, I’m going to squish him.’ Indeed, this was what Yaeger was thinking.

“Yatatatatatata!” Luca’s fighting spirit grew as he attacked.

His tough fists were unleashed like a storm.

“Enough.” On the other side, Yaeger stepped out with an impatient expression—The concrete flooring instantly cracked open.

Then, she punched.

Her aura collapsed like a wave, as if the air around them were vacuumed away and the time was suddenly frozen.

Luca felt like his opponent did not punch out her fist, but the entire world instead!

Facing just a terrifying punch, he didn’t dare to show the slightest hint of neglect.

He instantly retracted his fists and blocked in front of his chest.


The overwhelming punch slammed into Luca’s arm and created a large noise.

Then, Luca instantly flew out like a cannonball.

Ripples of air cascaded from the area and spread rapidly.

“Are you made of iron” Withdrawing her fist, it was the first time for Yaeger to feel disbelief in this event since her previous punch seemed to have hit a thick piece of cast iron.

Not far away, Luca shouted loudly and crash-landed on the ground—crushing the concrete flooring.

“It’s useless, useless, useless.

Your attacks are completely ineffective!” He lowered his hands and smiled confidently.

“My ability is [Harden], my body is as tough as iron.

Moreover, my body has received great Germany’s cutting-edge technology in genetic modification.

My skin has great Germany’s most technologically advanced ‘DNYRD’ impact-resistant coating.

Your impact attacks will never work against me! My country, great Germany, is number one in the world in science and technology!”

Luca’s right eye opened widely as he spoke.

As his eyeball turned, it shot out a red beam of light.

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“[Ray of Destruction]!” He suddenly attacked while Yaeger was occupied in listening to his words.

Moreover, he used a laser attack! The red beam instantly flashed and left a hole in Yeager’s heart.

“I did it! Hahahahahaha!” Luca could not help but laugh loudly after seeing that his trump card was effective.

“You’re just a fool.” However, he stopped laughing soon because he heard a beautiful and familiar voice behind him.

By now, Luca finally realized that the ‘[Princess]’ who stood in front of him just now was only an afterimage! He instantly felt an intense bad premonition from the bottom of his heart.

Turning around, Luca could see Yaeger with a dagger in her hand, it appeared out of nowhere.

Under the moonlight, cold light flashed.

“I, [Princess], have a sword that can pierce all material and slay gods and demons.

The universe shall tremble!”

Hearing that, Luca suddenly realized that the atmosphere around him had changed—as if he was thrown into a world of blades—The endless sword energy was about to eviscerate him.

He couldn’t win! He would absolutely lose! Time to run! Run quickly!

His instincts told him that the person in front of him was not a so-called ‘Master’.

Instead, she was actually a S-ranked freak! Everyone had underestimated her true power!

Luca extended his palms and 2 holes appeared in them.

Immediately after, he ejected gusts of energy that lifted his large body.

Then, another 2 gusts of energy ejected from the bottom of his feet as well.

“Hahaha, our joyous times passed quickly.

Now, it’s time to say goodbye.

[Princess], we will never meet again!”

He dared to risk himself back then because he had the ability to fly away—he could escape whenever he wanted.

Since he could not defeat her, he would escape!

In the sky, his opponents could do nothing even if they were a S-ranked freak! Unless she could manifest a winged unicorn using her aura! Otherwise, she would never manage to catch him—who was currently at full power.

With a boom, Luca ascended to the skies in a spiral.

At the same time, Yaeger slashed with her sword.

No, it was a dagger.

The world became still for a moment and a chilling glow appeared in the void!

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At this moment, time was completely frozen.

Luca felt pain in his chest.

Before he could process what had happened, he could no longer move his body.

“The power generator, it hurts…” Before he could finish speaking, he fell down from the skies.

With a flash, the dagger returned to Yaeger’s hand.

“You… what do you call this move” Luca who fell on the ground climbed up in difficulty and stood straight, then he slowly asked.

Hearing that, Yaeger deliberated slightly and opened her plump lips.

“Big Li Flying Dagger.”

“Didn’t you just say that you have a sword…” While speaking, Luca suddenly rolled his eyes and instantly died.

He died as he stood!

“Next, it is now your turn.” Yaeger glanced away and stared at empty air.

There was a little bee on that spot.


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