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As she finished speaking, the scene suddenly turned strangely silent.

One second.

It only took one second for Yaeger to make them realize the terrifying difference between their strength.

Everyone’s face was pale as they broke out in cold sweats; their bodies trembled uncontrollably as they thought, ‘the information is wrong.

Terminate the operation immediately!’

By now, everyone could obviously tell that [Princess] was not a so-called ‘Master of Internal Strength’ at all.

She’s actually a Pinnacle-level Master!

In terms of the international ranking, she would be placed on the AA rank—which was only one step below the S rank!

All five of them were close to A-ranked, but not exactly on it.

It was akin to presenting their necks to a chopping block if they tried to challenge an AA-ranked freak!

Within that moment, everyone felt incredible spite towards [Small Sword Group].

Since they posted the bounty before actually figuring out the target’s actual strength, they were practically sending these hitmen to their deaths!

If they had known that [Princess] had the strength of an AA-ranked individual, they would not take action against her even if they were offered 200 million as compensation.

Unfortunately, that excuse would not save them.

Now, they had to pay the highest price as a consequence of their decision!

“Run!” Jin Junmin shouted and then ran away.

Facing an opponent that was much stronger than them, it was a stupid decision to run.

Because their opponent’s speed would be faster than theirs! Run Where could they go

However, it didn’t matter if they ran or not, they would be killed either way.

Hence, it was always better to push their luck and struggle desperately than to wait for their inevitable deaths.

Steven Zhou, Jin Junmin, and Orpheum ran away at the same time—they all chose different directions.

They all hoped that [Princess] would pursue someone else instead of them.

Only Luca—the strong middle-aged man—chose not to escape.

Hush noises could be heard as he moved his lips.

“Removing the limitations on my body.

30%, 35%, 40%…”

On the other hand, Yaeger glanced at everyone with a bloodthirsty glare.

“The hunt begins.” She instantly dashed like a lightning bolt before she could finish speaking.

Jin Junmin sensed a powerful aura approaching from his back.

He was so terrified that his soul almost left his body.

Without looking back, he could already tell that powerful aura behind him belonged to [Princess].

Her first target to hunt was him!

“You’re their leader, right” Hearing her voice all of the sudden, Jin Junmin’s body instantly froze before he could react—as if he was grabbed by a giant mechanical arm.

“Or perhaps, are you the organizer Actually nevermind.

I’m not really interested in that anyway.


Reflect on your mistakes in the afterlife.” As she finished speaking, she instantly raised the arm that was grabbing Jin Junmin and turned around —slamming onto the floor.

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Jin Junmin didn’t even have the time to scream before his head made intimate contact with the hard concrete floor—it exploded like a watermelon and blood sprayed everywhere.

But it was not over yet.

The powerful impact had cracked the concrete flooring and directly punched his body into the ground.

Now, a human-shaped onion was made.

Orpheum turned around and managed to see the scene, he was incredibly angry and saddened.

However, his legs still continue to run forward.

‘Little Minmin, I will definitely avenge you!’ With that thought, Orpheum turned back around and looked in front.

At this moment.

“Why are you running like you’re in a hurry Is my hospitality not good enough for you” A figure appeared in front of Orpheum like a phantom and said.

“¥%¥#@&!” Orpheum instantly did an emergency brake and shouted hysterically the moment he identified the person in question.

Meanwhile, he was probably the only person that understood what he said just now.


Seeing that you’re this terrified, it’s obvious that I showed you poor hospitality.

As an apology, allow me to let you taste something good!

Yaeger took a step forward and jumped up, twisting her body within an instant.

Her long and slender legs whipped Orpheum’s neck like a thunderbolt.


The sound of bone shattering could be heard.

Immediately after, Orpheum’s head nearly separated from his robust body as he was launched away like a cannonball.

Steven Zhou, who was escaping and paying attention to the situation at the same time, realized that Yaeger had instantly killed Jin Junmin and Orpheum within a moment.

His legs started becoming limp, he could no longer escape even if he wanted to!


At this moment, Orpheum slammed onto the ground and was now a corpse.

“It’s your turn.” Yaeger smiled as she instantly flashed and appeared beside Steven Zhou.

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As a man, he would usually be overwhelmed by desire if he saw such a beautiful face—feeling the urge to give her a smooch.

However, in his opinion, her smile at this moment was simply terrifying and demonic.

Absolutely terrifying!

“Prin-… [Princess], I’m a friendly! I’m a descendant of Cathay, I carry the bloodline of our people! I really have nothing to do with this hunting operation! Some evil people swayed me into doing this! [Princess], we all share the same roots, why would you want to kill me Please, just spare me!” Steven Zhou cried out in tears and begged.

As a response, Yaeger let out a meaningful smile.

She then said, “Fine.

In consideration that you’re my fellow countrymen, I will spare you this time.”

Then, she turned around and glanced at Luca, who was standing not far away, as if she was really going to spare Steven Zhou.

At the same time, a hint of ferociousness could be seen in Steven Zhou’s eyes.

With the wave of his arm, a tiny switchblade fell out of his sleeve.

There was an ominous bright red stain on the blade—it seemed to be poisonous!

‘Stupid fool!’

The next moment, Steven Zhou grinned in his heart and moved his body—launching a sneak attack on Yaeger! That blade with an ominous glow was about to step into Yaeger’s back.

He instantly felt the joy of success.

‘One hundred million is mine now!’ No, since he was about to kill an AA-ranked expert, that fact excited him more than earning 100 million!

Just as he was about to succeed in his assassination attempt, a powerful force descended from the sky and slammed onto his body.

“This is now the second time.” Then, Steven Zhou heard Yaeger’s soft voice.

Finally, his entire body merged with the concrete flooring.


On the ground, a huge bright red fist mark appeared.

Numerous cracks originated from the center of that fist mark and spread out in all directions like cobwebs.

“I’m surprised you didn’t take the opportunity to escape.” Yaeger didn’t turn back around.

Instead, she extended her long and slender legs and walked towards Luca.

“Lifting restrictions, 95%…” He did not reply and continued to mumble.

“You don’t actually think that you can defeat me, right” Yaeger tilted her head slightly.

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“Lifting restrictions, 100%!” At this moment, Luca’s eyes became wide open and his skin turned red—letting out steam.

“Thanks for waiting.

This is my strongest form, full power!” Luca—who was always emotionless back then—seemed to have changed completely.

He clenched his fists tightly and raised them highly, laughing as he posed like a Mr.

Olympia candidate.


Then you can die.” Yaeger expression’s did not change at all.

With a push, a powerful impact force radiated from a palm like an air cannon!

Facing the formless attack that came out of nowhere, Luca did not dodge at all.

Instead, he stood still and allowed the attack to land on him.

Wham! A muffled thud was heard.

Luca was completely unmoved with the same smile on his face.

“You didn’t expect it, right Once my limitations are removed, I can breakthrough and attain the power of an AA-ranked expert for a period of time! [Princess], your head will be mine!”

“No wonder you didn’t escape.

You actually are quite capable.” Seeing this, Yaeger was slightly surprised and smiled sweetly, then she extended her arm and beckoned.


Then let me see your so-called AA-ranked power.”


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