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Jin Junmin landed on the ground gracefully.

He stared in front of him with a prideful smile on his face.

Over there, gravel splashed everywhere and the place was covered with dust.

He could vaguely see the shape of a half-destroyed dump truck.

“My plan was really seamless!” Jin Junmin clasped his hands and yelled excitedly.

Although he said it was a plan, it was actually an idea that they came up with on the spot.

The original plan was to gang up on [Princess].

Then, Jin Junmin had a flash of inspiration after noticing many large vehicles in this place.

Why not use Luca’s and Bunke’s powerful strength to eliminate [Princess] in one strike

After all, they were all A-ranked in terms of their combat power.

Compared to using conventional methods in attacking, it was better to use unexpected ways to kill a Master that specialized in Internal Strength.

After all, even if they had the strength of A-ranked Transcendents, it would be useless anyway if they couldn’t be as fast as her.

It was nothing but a waste of energy if they missed their attacks.

They had decided on a plan after some discussion.

Jin Junmin, Steven Zhou, and Orpheum would confront [Princess] directly, while Bunke and Luca would stage a surprise attack on her using the dump truck.

“Die, die, die!” At this moment, Bunke bounced up and down like a spring—the tremendous impact he caused was about to completely flatten the dump truck!

Since a Master of Internal Strength had a robust body, it was possible that the previous strike was not enough to kill [Princess].

However, they knew that she would be seriously injured by now, even if she was still alive.

To sugarcoat it, Bunke did this to confirm his kill.

But to put it boldly, he was disrespecting the dead.

“Mhahahahahahahahahahaha!” He laughed maniacally with a contorted face.

He was beaming with joy.

“Hands, her hands…” [Tank]—Orpheum’s pupils shrunk as he spoke in sorrow.

“Don’t crush her head!” Jin Junmin shouted.

Although [E-Fairy] was recording the fight, it would be a lot more difficult for them when they turned in the bounty if her face was completely smashed as well.

It was something that nobody here wanted to happen.

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Hearing his words, Bunke instantly calmed down, he jumped down from the ruined dump truck.

Steven Zhou and the others approached quickly, they were all joyous.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry!” Orpheum urged.

He hoped that he could relocate the dump truck by himself and check if her pair of immensely beautiful hands were still perfectly intact.

Unfortunately, he was not as strong as Bunke.

Hence, he could only stare at the dump truck and do nothing.

“Open the coffin… No.

I mean, please move it away, Mister Bunke.” Jin Junmin rubbed his hands with eagerness in his eyes.

At the same time, he also felt some disappointment.

Because there were no casualties among them, the money he would earn became less!

Currently, Steven Zhou felt ecstatic—he did nothing much in particular but he was about to earn quite a lot of money as well.

He was absolutely joyous!

In comparison, Luca’s expression was much calmer.

Yet, a hint of fiery passion was seen in his eyes.

Once he earned that amount of money, he would be able to upgrade his equipment.

Under everyone’s expectant gaze, Bunke grabbed the dump truck with both hands, tensed his muscles, and lifted it with all his strength.

Dust scattered everywhere.

Bunke lifted the dump truck high above his head and threw it far away, creating a loud bang.

At this moment, a gust of wind blew over and swept away the lingering dust cloud, revealing a shallow pit.

Everyone looked over and their pupils were instantly narrowed to the size of a pinhole.

Nobody was there! No.

Actually, her corpse could not be seen at all! Not even a strand of her hair was there!

Everyone instantly felt chills down their spines and they broke out in cold sweats; they seemingly felt icicles being shoved up their spines and stirred around violently, causing them so much shock that their soul had trembled.

The scene was so quiet that the sound of the needle dropping could be heard.

The atmosphere was getting increasingly ominous.

They clearly saw [Princess] being smashed by the dump truck.

‘With the impact of such a heavy dump truck, even if it didn’t kill her, it would at least completely render her immobile, right’

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‘Yet, not to mention injuring her.

There was absolutely nothing down there at all!’


They were shocked beyond belief! They felt goosebumps.

All of them!


Suddenly, a strange voice was heard.

Followed by the sound of a powerful sonic boom.

Jin Junmin instantly looked back, only to see a scrapped road roller flying towards them.

“Oh ma gawd!” Orpheum shouted loudly.

He instantly left like a rabbit and escaped quickly—it was unimaginable to see a man of massive stature like him run so quickly.

Steven Zhou’s expression instantly changed.

He deployed his movement abilities and dodged around like the wind.

Meanwhile, Luca simply rolled on the ground and rolled away.

Jin Junmin reacted quickly also.

He instantly did a Hail Mary dive.

Bunke was the only person who reacted slightly slower.

Because he had expended quite a lot of energy after relocating that dump truck just now.

Another reason was that this road roller was thrown at him.

It was impossible for him to dodge something that was this quick!

“It wouldn’t be right for me to not return the favor! Taste my road roller!” At this moment, an attractive voice was heard.

Bunke looked at the direction of the voice, only to see Yaeger throwing the road roller towards him—he was so shocked that his soul almost left his body.

The road roller had not arrived yet but a strong gust of wind was already there.

Knowing that he couldn’t dodge it, Bunke gritted his teeth and widened his stance.

He lifted his arms and prepared himself to receive the road roller.

The next moment.


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The roller slammed onto him.

“Augggh!” Bunke’s entire body trembled the moment he caught the road roller—his bones were about to be crushed.

Moreover, his legs had completely pierced through the concrete flooring and sank into the ground.

An invisible shockwave was ejected and it spread out at this moment.

Like a category twelve hurricane, the strong wind devastated the surrounding areas.

Those Hitmen could barely resist the shockwave as they all looked at Bunke.

‘He actually caught that road roller!’


Ant’s Special Ability is simply too terrifying!’

“I am an ant man.

I’m not afraid of a mere road roller!” Bunke shouted with a flushed face.

Just as he was about to lift the road roller and throw it aside.

“Since you seem like you like it very much, then you will merge with it.” A figure fell from the skies and stomped onto the road roller.

Immediately after, Bunke felt like he was now lifting a mountain on his shoulders.

“Oh noes!” It was already difficult for him to catch the road roller.

Now that another mountain was added on top of that, it instantly crushed him!


With a loud bang, Bunke was completely pressed underneath the road roller.

However, he did not die just because of that.

Ants were insects that were incredibly resilient!

“Don’t you think about crushing me to death!” As Bunke exerted force with both hands, his powerful strength pushed the road roller away.

Jin Junmin and the rest were all joyous when they witnessed the scene.

If Bunke was killed right now, it would be difficult for them to deal with [Princess] in the future.

They could somehow feel that [Princess] was actually stronger than a typical Master.

At least in terms of strength, she was actually much stronger!

“It’s too late now, you can’t escape anymore.”

Yaeger’s voice was heard once again.

Everyone lifted their heads, only to see her aggressively punching the road roller while being in the air.

Instantly, fist afterimages enveloped the area.

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Tatatatatata! At the same time, machine gun noises could be heard.

0.2 second passed.

The road roller was crushed as if it was an empty bottle.

Bunke vomited blood.

0.4 second passed.

The road roller was now half as small.

Bunke made intimate contact with the concrete flooring as blood vessels burst throughout his body.

0.6 second passed.

The road roller was transformed into a thick iron ingot.

All bones in Bunke’s body were shattered by now.

He was about to lose his consciousness.

0.8 second passed.

Now, the road roller and Bunke’s body were completely merged.

They could no longer be separated.

1 second passed.

The road roller and Bunke were pressed into the ground at the same time.

“You only lost because of one reason.” Yaeger retracted her fists and stood on top of that clump of iron.

“Because you’re too weak.”


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