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Inner Roc city, Wenyu Finance Ltd.


Wenzel found himself plopped on the sofa with a pale face and a trace of fear in his eyes.

Previously, he was anxious to seek revenge on Princess and forgot to reduce his avatar pain sensory level to the lowest level.

As a result, he experienced the taste of death again, causing his heart to tremble in fear.

In front of Wenzel, a dozen or so pale looking gangsters were sitting on the ground.

Although their [Pain Level] was adjusted to the lowest level: 10%, the horror of death was still fresh in their mind, showing no signs of dissipating.

“Young Master Wenzel, that woman is horrible.

We have better…” Recalling the scene where Princess killed them all with only one blow, those gangsters immediately trembled again, each one collectively feeling a chill rushing upward from the soles of their feet to the top of their skulls.

“Have better what” Wenzels eyelids twitched and he said in a displeased tone.

The gangster stopped immediately.

“What do you want to say That I should give up on revenge, or do you want to persuade me not to be impulsive and accumulate more strength” Wenzel looked at him condescendingly and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

It seemed that as long as the other party said something that he didnt like, he would teach him a lesson.

“…I think we should not act impulsively and accumulate more strength, then enact our revenge!” The gangster bit his lip and finally said what was in his mind.

“Haha.” Wenzel smiled slightly with an ice-cold face.

At this moment, a gangster suddenly opened his eyes and shouted, “Young Master Wenzel, Princess was attacked by the crowd!”

“Really!” Wenzel jolted up suddenly after hearing this.

“Its true! [Princess] abused her beta tester privilege to hoard all the things in the Newbie Village.

Now that all players ended up empty-handed, they were about to explode in tirades!”

“Good, good, good! Brothers, lets go in and add some wood to this fire! Lets burn that b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲ to death!”

Wenzel sat down, held the terminal in his hand, and gave the order.

Everyone entered the game again.

In the white space, Wenzel appeared in the white prison.

“F̲u̲c̲k̲, how come it has become an hour!” Looking at the floating timer, Wenzel couldnt help cursing.

However, no one answered him.

In desperation, Wenzel opened the character info and clicked on [Pain Level] to adjust it.

It turned out that it couldnt be lowered!

“Whats going on” Wenzel frowned and a puzzled expression appeared on his face.

He then saw a small exclamation mark next to the [Pain Level] option.

When he clicked on it, his face immediately turned black in fear!

[Please note that players, once the pain level is adjusted to 100%, it will never be reduced.]

What the hell was this!

“System, please explain it to me!” Wenzel growled hysterically.

However, the system ignored him completely.

“F̲u̲c̲k̲, this is a broken game with a broken system.

Trash, go to hell!”

Wenzel cursed with all his might, but he didnt dare to kick the cage again.

Its a pity that even though he didnt kick the cage, the white electric currents still crackled and rattled.

“Wait, I didnt even attack…Ah!”

Before he could even finish speaking, Wenzel, who was in a panic, was zapped with electricity.

Even his bones were almost electrocuted to crisp.

Right about then, five big words suddenly appeared in his mind:

The system mustnt be humiliated!

In the game.

The players in Resurrection Square were divided into three groups.

The first group was the first to enter the game and was the largest in number.

They had witnessed Yaegers power.

Although they now knew that Yaeger had pocketed everything without leaving anything behind, they dare not speak out.

No one wanted to turn into a departed spirit under Yaegers sword!

The number of people who didnt want to stir up trouble wasnt very high.

There were not many players in the second group.

Some of them were Yaegers fans while others were onlookers, expecting for drama to occur.

No one dared to get too close to Yaeger now.

After all, the other party had already provoked public anger and no one wanted to get involved.

The third group consisted of players who had just entered the game.

Some people had not even seen Yaegers appearance.

They just hated this unscrupulous player.

Even if you wanted to eat the meat, you should have left us some soup! You are such an intolerable bully!!

As they didnt know much about Yaeger, they didnt know how cruel the other party was.

Those players who had ulterior motives sneaked into the crowd of these people, preparing to fish in troubled waters.

The scene looked like a tripartite confrontation.

In fact, two groups of players wereincompetents who only knew how to shoutsick.

Only the new group of players and those with resentment were the main force in the crusade against Yaeger.

Nangong Lin was at a loss.

She was worried that Princess couldnt cope with so many players, but she didnt have the ability to help in her current state.

Rakshasa, however, mourned for these players in her heart.

Kitty Rabbit continued to stream her live broadcast.

Most of the viewers in the live broadcast room were still on the side of Princess.

This was a vain and pretentious world.

Good-looking people were always easily forgiven by others.

As long as someone was beautiful even if it was a heinous demon, someone would defend them, not to mention the existence of such a beautiful fairy-like Yaeger.

Whats wrong with being a black-hearted businessman Whats wrong with being unscrupulous What right do you have to chime in

These small flaws only gave Princess a trace of worldly aura, making her seem more approachable.

On the other hand, S.K.Y.

felt that the time was ripe so he promptly spent 20,000 RMB to send out a message with his photo attached on the public channel.

It was commonly known as a server loudspeaker.

“Im S.K.Y., the Guild Master of the Limitless.

We want to recruit all kinds of heroes.

Everyone who joins the guild will be rewarded with 500 gold coins! 》

Everyone looked at the message that suddenly popped up with a stunned expression.

At the next moment, someone could not help but exclaim: “I remember that one has to pay 3 million establishment fees to found a guild! This person is a real nouveau riche!”

“One will get 500 gold coins for joining the guild.

Its real or not” “I recognize this person.

He is the top esports player, S.K.Y.!” “What, what! Is S.K.Y.

now playing this game ” “Since its a guild of celebrities, its definitely not a fraud pit!” “Yes, yes!”

Soon, S.K.Y.

received more than a thousand applications for joining the guild.

A disdainful smile immediately appeared on his face.

For a mere 500 RMB, these losers were so excited.

Losers would always remain losers!

Although he was filled with contempt, he still had to accept these people.

After all, where could he find such good cannon fodder

After a while, S.K.Y.s Guild was filled up with 1,000 guild members.

Immediately afterward, each guild member received 500 gold coins as a reward.

As a result, everyone immediately had a blooming smile.

Yaeger looked at this public message and her eyes turned ice-cold.

This guy named S.K.Y.

must have ulterior motives in recruiting members at this time!


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