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Steven Zhou retracted his fist while glancing at Melvin Lee who was laying on the ground not far away, as if he was looking at a piece of oversized trash.

“Pathetically weak.” He smirked in mockery.

Bunke who stood beside him silently laughed, his eyes filled with disdain.

In his opinion, both Melvin Lee and Steven Zhou were all nothing but idiots.

Steven Zhou’s expression instantly changed and grunted after noticing Bunke’s disdainful gaze.

“How’s it going on your end” At this moment, Jin Junmin’s voice came from the earphone.

“We encountered a person who seems to be affiliated with the Ability Management Department.” Bunke replied.

Since their earphones were constantly open to communication, the people on the other end would instantly hear of it once something happened here.

“Isn’t that guy a patrol officer You guys didn’t kill him, right” Jin Junmin asked nervously.

“No, he’s still alive.” Steven Zhou replied calmly.

He had not exerted too much force in his previous punch, so Melvin Lee only sustained heavy injuries and became unconscious.

Jin Junmin instantly let out a sigh of relief after hearing the response.

In light of the current situation, he knew that they would suffer dire consequences if they had killed someone from the Ability Management Department during their stay in Cathay.

“Get out of there immediately and go to the next spot!” Considering the fact that this person who worked for the Ability Management Department might be conducting a mission, Jin Junmin ordered them to change their position in a hurry—fearing that they might get into more trouble.

Time passed quickly.

In the place near Jade Flower Garden.

Yaeger had switched to another fishing spot.

This time around, she was lingering on the building beside the road.

“A big fish, it must be a big fish.

A tiger shark…” She slouched on the guardrail and spoke in boredom.

For nearly 3 hours, she could not even spot anyone that she suspected to be a hitman.

It was truly a test of her patience.

“Let’s change to another place…” Right after she spoke, she noticed a white SUV that was driving towards her direction.

She could vaguely sense that there were powerful presences in that vehicle.

“Let me see whether you people are tiger sharks or sardines.” Yaeger smiled like a beautiful blooming peony flower while standing up straight.

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The white SUV stopped beside the road and 3 men disembarked.

The first person had blonde hair and blue eyes while wearing a blue suit.

The second person wore an undershirt.

He had a strong physique and white hair.

The third person seemed ordinary while wearing a black suit.

They were Bunke Smith, Luca Hans, and Steven Zhou.

“It’s that woman’s scent! Ah, It’s so strong!” Under the streetlamp, Bunke exclaimed as his eyes were wide open.

“Is she right here” Steven Zhou looked around.

Luca stayed silent, his usually indifferent expression now had an extra tinge of seriousness.

Bunke extended his hand and gestured for them to stop, telling them to be quiet.

Then, he paid attention to smelling the air around him and analyzed it carefully.

The other 2 did not bother him and waited silently.

Within 3 seconds, Bunke suddenly raised his head and glanced in a direction.

Steven Zhou and Luca also did the same.

They saw a woman with immense beauty who stood on the top of a building and waved at them.

In an instant, they all felt chills down their spines as their hearts skipped a beat.

Nobody could expect that their target would proactively show herself.

Moreover, it seemed like she already knew that they would come for her ahead of time and waited here for their arrival!

The fear in their hearts was quickly replaced by ecstatic joy.

They knew that they were about to earn 100 million!

Meanwhile, they were obviously not worried about the possibility that she might have had a trap prepared for them.

It was because this woman had no reliable friends and organizations to back her up at all.

Otherwise, she would not need to conceal herself all this time!

“Her head will be mine!” Bunke grabbed the streetlamp with one hand, his fingers pressed into the steel.

With a raise of his arm, he completely unrooted the dark and thick streetlamp like a carrot.

“Die!” As his eyes were locked onto Yaeger, he launched the streetlamp like a javelin.


The electrical wires snapped instantaneously and electricity sparkled all around.

The robust streetlamp was launched.

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Steven Zhou was stunned for a moment before regaining his focus.

He thought, ‘this guy actually pulled out the streetlamp with his bare hands and used it like a javelin.

As expected of a veteran Transcendent, he is so powerful!’

Bunke’s special ability was [Ant].

Not only did ants have a keen sense of touch and smell, they were also quite strong.

As a veteran Transcendent, Bunke was only one step away from reaching the A-rank.

Yet, his strength, speed, explosive power, and endurance were at the level of an A-ranked Transcendent.

Unfortunately, he was still unable to reach that rank since his special ability was not exceptional enough and it had a short duration.


The streetlamp broke the sound barrier.

The strong wind blew Yaeger’s hair into disarray.

She leaned to the left and dodged the front end of the streetlamp.

Suddenly grabbing it with her slender white hand, she forcefully caught the flying streetlamp and completely stopped it halfway.

“Return to sender.” As she slightly opened her plump lips and spoke, she threw the streetlamp downwards.

Seeing as the thick streetlamp that was quickly enlarging in their field of vision, the trio subconsciously dodged the strike before they could recover from the shock.


The streetlamp fell and landed in its original position.

It was actually slanted and embedded into the ground by dozens of centimeters!

“Goodbye!” Yaeger waved at them from above, and then instantly disappeared from the rooftops.

The street was instantly in a turmoil—many people were shocked by the sudden noise.

On the other side, Jin Junmin’s group—who was standing somewhere close-by—drove to the scene.

As the window rolled down, Jin Junmin asked eagerly, “where is [Princess]”

“Gone.” Steven Zhou looked at Bunke and shook his hands.

“It’s all his fault.”

The next moment, everyone looked at Bunke with an obviously displeased gaze.

“Why are you panicking It is impossible for her to escape my grasp!” As everyone stared at him with blame, Bunke was calm and collected.

Suddenly, he tipped his toes and jumped nearly 3 meters tall.

Immediately after, everyone saw him landing on top of the streetlamp with his body sticking to the lamppost.

He stretched out his tongue and licked all over the place.

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That strange action had lasted for 2 seconds before he stopped.


with this fragrance, I will be able to locate her scent even if it’s ten days old!” Then, he jumped off from the streetlamp and laughed happily.

Everyone was happy after hearing his words.

“We shouldn’t stay here for long, hurry up and get in the car!” Seeing that more and more people were looking at them, Jin Junmin spoke in a hurry.

Bunke’s previous rash action in launching an attack had caused an adverse reaction.

He feared that the Ability Management Department was already alerted by now.

Hence, they could only race with time and strived to kill [Princess] before the Ability Management Department could find them.

By then, they could only flee the country with her head!

Since Bunke had memorized her scent by now, it would be a walk in the park to track her!

Everyone instantly got in the car.

“Open all of the windows.

I want to track her scent along the way!” Bunke shouted as soon as he sat down.

The driver obediently opened all the windows and then started the engine.

The SUVs traveled at high speeds on the streets while it was nighttime.

“Let’s deal with them in this place.” At this moment, a beautiful figure had appeared in Easthill Scrapyard’s parking area.

It was Yaeger.

“That man in a blue suit seems to have some Special Ability that can sense my presence.

I can never allow him to live.”

Yaeger clearly concealed her aura in that building.

However, her opponent still managed to locate her whereabouts within a moment.

Such a Transcendent was definitely a massive threat to her existence!


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