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At a certain parking spot, in Roc City.

Inside a black luxury sedan.

“I finally found you, your Highness, [Princess].” Vera stretched out her pink tongue and licked the lollipop while staring at a laptop.

Her face was filled with a rare hint of joy.

Although she said that she had found Yaeger, in truth, she only discovered some clues.

“Why should I pay for something that I can get with my own strength I can never understand it.” She bent her head slightly and her slender fingers danced on the keyboard.

The next moment, surveillance footage appeared on the screen—it came from a nearby sporting-goods store.

“It’s fine if you buy female sportswear and shoes, but why would you buy men’s variants Are you a cross-dresser Or perhaps, I have made a mistake.

Perhaps this person is not [Princess] at all”

The surveillance footage did not fully capture Yaeger on the screen.

There was only a shadow in the footage that was barely discerned as a woman.

“Let me look again.” Since the other party had appeared in the vicinity, it was possible that she would also take stuff from other stores.

Vera’s slender fingers quickly tapped the keyboard.

Within a moment, she found similar surveillance videos.

“Food and water are missing… Sticky tape What’s the point of taking that”

That dark shadow also appeared in this video.

“The body shape seems a little similar.” After rewatching it repeatedly, Vera bit her fingers while her eyes glinted ominously.

Time passed.

More than 10 minutes later.

“I can pretty much confirm that this black shadow is [Princess].” Vera’s eyes lit up after seeing that a skirt was taken away in a women’s clothing store.

“This dress can’t be worn if that person is shorter than 175 centimeters.

“Hehe, I finally caught your weaselly little tail!”

She raised her hand and twisted her body while smiling happily.

Her initially emotionless face was now tinged with a rare hint of liveliness.

Such a contrast made her seem very cute.

So adorable.

In the game.

Yeager had no idea that there was a cute little fellow that was slowly tracking her whereabouts in real life—it was already narrowed down to a small area.

“Listen, can you just not sit here” Layna said indifferently.

“I won’t interfere with your business if I sit here anyway.” Yaeger spoke.

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Hearing that, Layna felt an inexplicable hint of anger and felt the urge to beat Yaeger up.

“You have already scared away several customers!”

Layna was a little perplexed why those outsiders feared Yaeger so much.

The moment they saw her, they screamed and escaped as if they had seen a demon.

“It’s fine, they will come back later.” Yaeger said uncaringly.

As time progressed, there would be more players coming into Jade City—There was no need to worry about losing customers at all.

All they had to do was to harvest the leeks one at a time.

“You!” Layna was so angry that she nearly fumed.

“Will you leave or not”

“Not for now.” Yaeger smiled.

“It’s about time.

Layna, you should prepare lunch.

I’m hungry.”

“…” Hearing this, Layna facepalmed while feeling mentally exhausted.

‘This person is an absolute scoundrel!’

“I’m hungry.”


“I’m hungry.”

“There’s only fish and bread for lunch.”

“I see, I guess I’ll have to bear with it.”


Layna felt like all her sense of rationality was now severed.

Just as she was about to throw Yeager out, the latter took out a stack of gleaming banknotes.

“Layna, is this much money enough to buy all of the medical elixirs in your store”

Layna was dazed for a moment, then took the banknotes with a smile.

“It is enough.

Your generosity is absolutely astonishing!”

Before she finished speaking, Yaeger had heard the system’s broadcast—stating that Layna’s Favorability of her had improved from ‘disliked’ to ‘distant’.

‘Indeed, everything can be bought with money.

Ancient wisdom will never lie to me.’

Yaeger went to Layna’s Item Shop right after returning to the city.

Obviously, she didn’t do it for fun—aside from managing her affairs in real life, she also wanted to bring Layna to her side.

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Such an excellent pharmacist would be incredibly popular in the continent.

If she managed to snatch one of them, she would definitely bleed them dry… No, actually, she would absolutely befriend them.

“Then, is this enough money for you to formulate several thousand bottles of medical elixirs for me” Yaeger pulled out another stack of banknotes.

Layna felt dizzy while looking at the banknotes.

It was so much money! She clearly knew that Yaeger was trying to sway her with massive stacks of cash.

Yet, the feeling of being smacked with money was simply ecstatic~

“I… I’m not that kind of person.

Even if you gave me more money…”

Yaeger silently pulled out another stack of banknotes.

“I am yours tonight… I mean, I can consider it.” Layna said while blushing.

Yaeger continued pulling out more money.

“I… I guess I’ll tolerate it and formulate medicine for you! Just as a disclaimer, I must say that I am not a greedy person.

But, but…”

“I understand.” Yaeger patted her on the shoulder.

The latter blushed red.

At the same time, the Favorability had changed once again.

They were now ‘friendly’ to each other.

‘There are no problems that can’t be solved as long as you are rich.’ Yaeger sighed in her heart.

Whether it was in the game or in reality—money was always useful.

Ever since she was scammed by Sister System, Yaeger was thinking about how to deal with those hitmen and also how to re-earn the money that was cheated away from her.

After deep deliberation, Yaeger finally came to a solution: To have a threesome with both the master and apprentice so the flowers could bloom everywhere.

No, it was to dispatch both the master and apprentice and make flowers bloom on the ridge of success.

‘At the earliest stages, selling medical elixirs is the easiest way to earn money.

The profits are crazy.

However, it will be impossible to maximize the profits if I only relied on Yunuen to refine them.

Now that Layna has joined, it will be impossible to not earn boatloads of cash with a double whammy.’

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Once she dealt with Layna, Yaeger contacted Nangong Lin after having her lunch.

First, she asked about Yunuen Lin’s current situation.

Then, she went straight to the point and asked her to buy some clothes.

Yaeger logged out of the game after telling Nangong Lin the measurements of her hip, waist, and bust.

Although Roc City was quite safe since there was a lot of guard patrols in the vicinity, Yaeger was worry that someone might be suicidal and attack her in broad daylight.

Inside the room, the young girl opened her eyes.

“It seems that my aura and perception has grown stronger.” Clutching her fists, the young girl—Yaeger smirked.

“When night falls, it will be my time to hunt.” Laying on the bed, she slowly closed her eyes and mumbled to herself.

There was another few hours before it was night.

On the other end, Nangong Lin was so excited that she was about to explode.

She had finally received the body measurements of [Princess]!

At this moment, she was building an imaginary construct inside her head.

It was human shaped.

Tall and slender.

Immensely beautiful face.

Moreover, it was naked.

“Ah, I’m dying!” Just by thinking about it, Nangong Lin felt dizzy as blood flowed down her nose.

“Little Lin, what’s wrong” At this moment, the door suddenly opened and a young woman entered.

It was Pixie Qin.

Her heart tightened after seeing Nangong Lin who was profusely bleeding from the nose.

“No, I’m fine! I was just too excited… It’s nothing, it’s fine!” Nangong Lin raised her head and heavily smacked her forehead.

“Oh, what is it that made you so excited I am very curious~” Pixie Qin’s gaze suddenly landed on the piece of paper in her hand.

A short while ago, Nangong Lin had written Yaeger’s measurements on that paper.

“No, nothing!” She quickly hid the note after noticing Pixie Qin’s gaze.

Sadly, it was too late.

As a black figure pounced over, a cute but terrified scream was heard in the room.

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It was now nighttime.

“Everything is settled now! [Princess], your highness, we are here to retrieve you.

No, we are here to retrieve your head!”

Vera retracted her hands from the keyboard and let out a meaningful smile.

The hunting operation had officially started.


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