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Jade City, Layna’s Item Shop.

“Layna, do you have anything to drink” Yaeger walked in and acted like a regular.

“Do you want to drink an Antidote potion” Layna fluttered her bangs on her forehead and spoke in exasperation.

She felt that Yaeger would start annoying her once she showed the slightest hint of goodwill.

‘So annoying…’ Yet, now that she thought about it, she felt weird because she no longer resented Yaeger that much.

With that in mind, she could not help but wonder about the reason as she examined Yaeger.

“Since it’s free, of course I want it.” The beautiful young girl that happened to be thick-skinned sat down and started filling a cup with a kettle on the coffee table.

“You wish.

One hundred gold coins per bottle.” Layna said.

“You are a price-gouger.

Didn’t you sell it for seventy gold coins yesterday” Yaeger took a sip of water and said.

“Thanks to a certain someone, the prices of everything in the city have inflated.

If I don’t raise the prices, how can I afford to feed myself” Layna rolled her eyes.

Hearing that, Yaeger realized that she was the person behind this phenomenon!

“Are there many people who came to buy medical elixirs today” She changed the subject.

“Not too bad.” Layna nodded.

“Oh, then you should do your own thing.” Yaeger retracted her gaze and started deliberating.

Layna glanced at her but didn’t speak.

The relationship between them had not progressed much, it was still as plain as water.

Actually no, it was already a drastic difference when compared to the time when they first met.

At the very least, Layna no longer despised Yaeger that much.

On the way back to Jade City, Mylene Tian had sent Yaeger a lot of messages that generally explained the issue that she was facing.

One hundred million.

[Brotherhood Association].

[Small Sword Group].

[Assassin’s Alliance] Forum.

Eager hitmen.

“One hundred million, a ‘small goal’ for certain wealthy people and a sum that most people can never earn within their lifetime.

My head is surely valuable enough.”

Yaeger caressed her own neck.

“One hundred million, ah, I feel tempted.

It’s a pity that I don’t have three heads and six arms.

Otherwise, I’ll chop off one of them and collect the bounty myself.”

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“Then again, how many people will actually come and try to earn this money”

Based on the information given by Mylene Tian, the bounty was issued quite some time ago.

Hence, those hitmen who were eager should have reached Cathay by now.

In other words, they were already in Cathay and they were closing in on her location.

“The enemy is concealed while I am exposed.

That’s not right, I am concealed as well since it will be difficult for them to find me.”

Suddenly, Yaeger was reminded of [Viper]—that slippery man who used an unknown method and somehow located her temporary hideout.

“If they have an Ability User similar to him, I’ll be in a bad spot.”

Especially if they had suddenly come to her when she was in the game, it would definitely be deadly to her!

“Instead of waiting for them to come, why don’t I take the initiative and attack But the problem is that I don’t know how many hitmen came to Cathay and where they are hidden… Wait a minute, I won’t be able to get any information but Mylene can.”

Now, Yaeger suddenly remembered that her sister was the Chief Captain of the Ability Management Department and had extraordinary power.

Hence, it would be easy for Mylene to launch an investigation on her behalf.

She opened the communication interface and sent a message to Mylene Tian.

Soon, she received a reply.

It turned out that Mylene Tian had already sent her subordinates to collect information, ahead of time.

“What a capable sister.” Yaeger sighed in realization.

As an older brother to such a capable sister, it was quite stressful, to say the least.

However, as the older sister… Ah sike! I am not the sister! Yaeger violently shook her head.

Layna’s eyes twitched as she looked at Yaeger.

‘Seems like this person has some issues.

However, I don’t know why but she seems more and more appealing to me.

Absolutely unbelievable.’

In real life, Roc City.

Jin Junmin and others were having a discussion inside the hotel suite.

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“I have already memorized this woman’s scent.

Once I get to a certain range with her, it will be impossible for her to escape me!” The young man with a blue suit—Bunke—smiled confidently.

“Very well.

As long as [E-Fairy] narrows down the scope to a certain extent, we will begin our operation.” Jin Junmin said.

“I want that woman’s hands.” Orpheum—who had a stout figure and seemed like a black wall—grabbed a handful of peanuts on the coffee table and stuffed it into his mouth.

“Where did the pervert come from” The strong middle-aged man—Luca—stared at Orpheum in displeasure.

He was a racist that despised black people the most.

Orpheum ignored him and continued to eat peanuts by the handful.

“We haven’t even started the operation but you’re already talking about dividing the loot…” Steven Zhou shook his head with a disdainful expression.

“That’s enough, let’s get back to the topic.” Jin Junmin clapped his hands.

“As I said previously, the target of this operation is a Master and an A-ranked individual.

It will be more difficult to deal with her.

After all, our individual combat strength is a little lacking.

However, there is a saying in this country: two fists are no match to four.

We have enough manpower and we are quite capable.

As long as we cooperate well, it will be easy for us to hunt [Princess] down.

Now, what we need to do is to get acquainted with each other and our abilities, in order to avoid any accidents when it happens.”

“Yes, I think that’s necessary.” Luca nodded, he knew that they should exercise extra caution since their target this time was not an ordinary person at all.

“Agreed.” Steven Zhou said.

“I’m fine with it, you all already know about my ability anyway.” Bunke smiled.

As a veteran Transcendent, everything about him was already known to all.

Orpheum stuffed his mouth full of peanuts and nodded vigorously.

He met Jin Junmin in America and they were very friendly with one another.

They often slept on the same bed.

Jin Junmin had made an international call to him about this hunting operation, and he instantly rushed over.

In the suite, a weird noise gradually became louder.

However, it did not spread to the outside since the sound insulation of the room was excellent.

Time passed quietly.

In the game, Yaeger started receiving more and more information.

“There are more than sixty foreigners who are considered people of renown overseas who have entered the country at this period of time.

Most of them are definitely coming for me.

However, it’s not possible for them all to be hitmen.”

Yaeger took a sip of water after turning off the communication interface.

“If I were a hitman, how would I find [Princess] and kill her First of all, I should find a Transcendent that is proficient in tracking people.

Considering the fact that [Princess] is A-ranked, a bothersome full to deal with, and we are at her home turf, I will be bringing a couple more people along.

Assuming that [Princess] only has the strength of a typical A-ranked, then it will be enough for me to encircle and kill her with a team of several A-minus or B-plus people, right Or I could just bring three A-ranked people.

In short, It would be impossible for someone on the Grandmaster Realm to come for me.

It will be utterly ridiculous if they can hire an expert on the Grandmaster Realm with only one hundred million.”

After analyzing the existing information, Yaeger determined that the number of hitmen seeking her were less than 10.

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Of course, that only applied to this current wave of hitmen.

It was impossible to tell how many hitmen would come in the next wave, for now.

“If they can really locate my whereabouts, then their best opportunity to strike will probably be tonight or the next night.

It won’t be good for them if they delay it any longer.” Yaeger’s expression gradually became solemn.

“I’ll have to participate in the deal tomorrow.

So, I must get rid of these annoying vermin by tonight.”


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