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“Ptui! The taste of a stinky man!” The young man with a blue suit—Bunke—spat out the concrete chunks in his mouth after tasting.

Then, he picked up a few more pieces of concrete chunks and continued tasting them.

He had no special fetishes.

This was Bunke’s Special Ability—He could rely on the sense of taste in tracking and to obtain large amounts of information.

“RERORERORERO!” Bunke spat out the chunks of concrete after more stirring.

This time around, he seemed to be a lot gentler.

“It’s the taste of a girl, about the age of eighteen with light weight.

Her stature is too small, she is not the target we’re looking for.” He said while feeling slight regret.

Since this location had been cleaned up by the Ability Management Department already, it would be difficult for him to find any traces left behind by [Princess].

However, it was difficult for him and nothing more.

Even the Ability Management Department won’t be able to remove all traces of her.

The cement chunks and fragments on the scene meant that they were not thorough enough.

When it came to ordinary people, these things meant nothing.

However, they were akin to a massive information repository for Bunke.

He would eventually find something useful if he paid attention.


Slowly stirring the cement chunks with his tongue, Bunke’s expression changed constantly.

About 15 minutes later.

His expression suddenly changed.

“I found it, although it’s not the taste, but that unique scent is definitely a girl’s.

Moreover, she seems to be a top-quality girl!”

Bunke was incredibly excited, this sensation he felt had reminded him of the happy times when he shared a night of debauchery with 5 sexy Italian ladies—He was absolutely ecstatic.


[Princess], I have already remembered your scent, you won’t be able to escape anymore!”

The residual scent of a person would dissipate within a few hours.

Yet, when it came to an individual on the Master Realm—it would remain for at least a few days before disappearing.

Of course, the average person would not be able to sense it even if they still remained.

Only people with Special Abilities like Bunke could easily pick up on these scents.

“Once that Shorty starts narrowing down the scope, it will be much easier for me to find her.”

Bunke closed his eyes and slowly reminisced the special scent left behind by [Princess].

As if he was tasting a glass of wine.

Inside the modified vehicle.

“How amazing, she actually perfectly avoided all surveillance in the area.” Vera ate the lollipop and said expressionlessly.

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She had an easy job—Hacking into Roc City’s surveillance system and using facial recognition software developed by herself to search the database.

So far, she could not find anything about [Princess].

“Jin, the specifications of the computer you prepared for me are terrible.

Next time around, give me a supercomputer.” Vera spoke in dissatisfaction after taking the lollipop out of her mouth.

“You’re just invading Roc City’s surveillance system, why would you need a supercomputer”

Jin Junmin twitched the corners on his lips and felt bitterness in his heart.

He had paid for those laptops with his own money, and they cost 20,000 yuan each!

“If I need to hack into something with such a weak security system like this, I can easily complete that with my mobile phone.

I have no problems invading it.

But, it will take a lot of time to trace someone with the massive amounts of data provided to me.

Only the computing power of a supercomputer is capable enough in allowing my software to operate at full speeds.

With that, I can find [Princess] within a snap.”

“Time… We have a lot of time left.

Don’t be in a hurry.” Jin Junmin changed the topic.

He really had no desire to talk about computers with [E-Fairy] since it was bothersome to him.

‘Do you think supercomputers grow from trees How can I simply buy you one’

“Time is money, and money is youth.

There’s a saying in this country: An inch of time spent is equivalent to a gold bar, and any amount of gold bars can’t buy any amount of time.

Jin, you are wasting my money and my youth.” Vera spoke in dissatisfaction as she crossed her legs and supported her chin with her small hand.

“After this is done, I’ll pay you additional money, is that fine”

“Of course.

As long as you have money, everything goes!” Vera instantly agreed as dollar signs flashed in her eyes.

Seeing this, Jin Junmin could only facepalm.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Vera’s superb hacking skills were currently useful to him, he would have slapped her silly.

“Jin, be honest with me, how confident are you in this hunting operation’s likelihood of success”

Vera asked suddenly.

“It is naturally 100%!” Jin Junmin smiled confidently.

In his opinion, [Princess] was nothing but a master at concealing herself.

Hence, It would be easy for them to kill her.

Indeed, he felt that the most difficult part in this operation was to locate her.

After all, the Ability Management Department had mobilized all manpower, and external factions also used all their resources in Cathay back then, but they couldn’t locate [Princess] at all.

If she wouldn’t take the initiative to show herself, it would be impossible for others to locate her whereabouts.

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“Will it really carry on smoothly”

Vera licked the lollipop.

“I heard that someone on the Grandmaster Realm recently came to Roc City.

What’s more, this person works for the Ability Management Department.” Based on our abilities, we will only end up one way if we met that person: wrecked.

So, I’m a little worried.”

“Hehehe, are you talking about that old coot, Ronald Tian Don’t worry, that old man is already one foot in the coffin.

He won’t take action easily.

Moreover, we will leave Cathay immediately after killing our target anyway.

If he dares to pursue us, the American soldiers stationed in our country will shower him with missiles!” Jin Junmin smiled with a ferocious glare.

Once they had left Cathay, the rest of the world would be Daddy America’s turf! What can Ronald Tian do about that

Vera smirked in disdain after seeing his expression, while letting out a hint of worry in her eyes.

She had a hunch that this hunting operation would not be smooth-sailing for them.

“Miss Vera, do you have an estimate on how long it will take for you to find the approximate location of [Princess]” Jin Junmin asked suddenly.

“With the computing speed of these trashy computers, I suppose I will have the answer by tonight.” Vera said casually.

“Tonight” Jin Junmin squinted while mumbling to himself.

‘In tonight’s operation, it would be great if one or two of them could die at the last minute.’

More people involved meant fewer benefits for everyone.

The simple solution for that problem was to kill some of them, then the remaining people would take a bigger share of the profits!

With that in mind, Jin Junmin’s grim eyes landed on Vera without a trace.

‘Once [Princess] dies, you’ll go along with her as well!”

Among these Hitmen, she had the weakest combat power and therefore the easiest to kill!

In the game, Mylene Tian suddenly received a message from her subordinates.

Opening it, her cute little face was instantly filled with anger.

Then, crackling noises were heard in the air and a dazzling white light appeared.

Within a moment, the surrounding area had turned into a lightning field that would destroy everything around it.

Some time later, Mylene Tian eventually calmed down.

“No way, I must tell my sister as soon as possible!”

She then instantly opened her communication interface and sent a message to Yaeger.

At this moment, Yaeger was moving at breakneck speeds.

Beep Beep!

Suddenly, she heard the notification and opened her communication interface—Realizing that Mylene Tian sent her a message.

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Tapping it with her slender finger, its contents were displayed to her.

“Weird, I have already proved that my strength is equivalent to a Grandmaster.

Why are there still people coming to me as if they don’t value their lives Is everyone in this hitmen organization d̲u̲m̲b̲a̲s̲s̲e̲s̲”

She was confused at first, then she grinned.

“Since you people are intent on walking into your deaths, I won’t mind sending you off.”


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